Attacks on Simmer — Star Talent Explained

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When it comes to Star Talents, there are a few that have notoriously unreliable bonuses and effects, Attacks on Simmer being one of them.

This is one of the first Star Talents you will obtain, as it can be dropped by any monster in Blunder Hills, also known as World 1.

You can boost new Star Talent book drop rates by upgrading the talent from the Merit Shop.

Frothy Malk Star Talent Drop from Merit Shop

The talent claims to boost the AFK gains of your attack moves, but this can be pretty confusing as to what the limits are and how does it apply to skilling.

Boosts Fighting AFK rate (Star Talent)Attacks on
Attack moves boost your AFK gains.50+13.33%

The important thing to note is that the Attacks on Simmer talent only affects those attack talents that are placed in your talent-bar using the Assign Attacks button/flag.

Attack bar with attacks assigned

As you can in the above image, only the first four talents will result in boosted AFK kills, as the last two talents in the bar are not attack talents.


Idleon doesn’t clearly specify which talents are attack talents, but you must use common sense or trial and error to find out which ones boost your kill rate. Usually it’s very obvious.

Attacks on Simmer and Skilling AFK gains

While you wouldn’t expect it from the talent description, Attacks on Simmer can in fact improve your skilling gains by A LOT!

The caveat is that it only works with Mining and Fishing, due to two specific talents that don’t exist on any other skills.


Mining Efficiency Boost (Warrior Talent)Big Pick
(Warrior – Tab 2)


Catch fish faster while active (Barbarian Talent)Worming
(Barbarian – Tab 3)

In fact we did testing and these skills DOUBLED the skilling AFK gains when Attacks on Simmer was maxed out at level 50. This happened for both mining and fishing.

You can see an example for mining in the image below.

Boosted mining gains with Attack on Simmer

You just need to remember to put the skills into an attack bar and you will see the difference instantly. The same goes for AFK Fighting with normal attack talents.

Obviously your boost might not be quite as high, as the level of the above talents has been boosted by the Talen Book Library to 185, which will make a big difference in comparison to the normal level 100 talent.