Fairly Odd Damage Quest (Easy Solution!)

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When you get deep into World 3, all the way up to Overpass of Sound, you will find tons of unique quests and one of them is acquired from a freezing steak called Bill Brr (surely no relation to the famous comedian Bill Burr).

Bill Brr World 3 NPC

Most of Bills quests are fairly straightforward except the first one, which requires you to hit enemies with ‘odd’ damage 8 times in a row.

Fairly Odd Damage
(1st quest)
Deal an ‘odd’ amount of damage 8 times in a row.Medium XP Balloonx5
Gem Iconx5

Odd damage means your damage number on a hit must end in an odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) which has a 50-50 chance on it’s own, but when you must do it 8 times in a row, it’s like winning the lottery.

Thankfully there’s a guaranteed simple way to do this and that is through Tower Defence.

World 1 Goblin Tower Defense

The first one, Goblin Gorfest, can be found in World 1 – Forest Outskirts which works perfectly for this quest.

While using towers themselves will do big damage, hitting enemies with your players own talents will always do 1 damage, which is an odd number.

Odd Damage Quest Method

This means you just need to hit tower defense enemies 8 times without having any towers out.

After 8 hits you can forfeit the Tower Defence and teleport back to the Overpass of Sound to finish the quest.