Gem Shop priorities explained in-depth (What to buy first)

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In a game like Idleon, the Gem Shop is the most important factor when it comes to speeding up your progress and making the game much easier to manage.

However, gems are fairly rare to come by unless you pay for them, so it is important to know what items you should buy first and which items are not worth their weight in gems.

This guide will go over each worthwhile item in the shop and also explain why some items are/are not worth getting from the Gem Shop.

This table below also shows all the items in the gem shop alongside their rank and price, which you can easily sort, search and filter through by pressing on the table headers.

A+ and A are items you should certainly buy, while items from D to F are more geared towards high spenders and whales, if worth buying at all.

Gem CostPriority
Helmett Premiumifier IconHat Premiumifier250Terrible, not worth the price
1 hour of AFK GainsJust One, Please40Terrible, not worth the price
2 hours of AFK GainsBaby's First Lolly80Terrible, not worth the price
4 hours of AFK GainsKid in a Candy Store150Terrible, not worth the price
12 hours of AFK GainsAbsolute Sugar Maniac270Terrible, not worth the price
Extra slots to backpackItem Backpack Space+24 Slots200 - 325
Total: 1575
Great value
More slots to default storage chestStorage Chest Space+108 Chest Slots175 - 450
Total: 3750
Amazing value
Increase carry capacityCarry Capacity+250% Carry Capacity150 - 375
Total: 2625
Amazing value
Add extra food slotsFood Slot+2 Food Slots450 - 750
Total: 1200
Amazing value
More slots to Storage ChestMore Storage Space+90 Chest Slots450 - 558
Total: 5040
Great value
More Free TeleportsDaily Teleports+130 Daily Teleports120 - 480
Total: 3000
Great value
More Daily MinigamesDaily Minigame Plays+16 Daily Plays150 - 300
Total: 900
Great value
Reset Talent PointsTalent Point Reset Potion150Terrible, not worth the price
Reset Start TalentsStar Talent Reset Potion200Terrible, not worth the price
Change Class ResetSub Class Swap TokenFirst: 500
Second: 750
No real reason to buy
Reset Post Office BoxesPost Office Box Reseto Magnifico250Not great value
World 1 Card PackNewbie Card Pack200Terrible, not worth the price
World 2 Card PackAncient Card Pack425Terrible, not worth the price
World 3 Card PackEternal Card Pack600Terrible, not worth the price
World 4 Card PackGalaxy Card Pack650No real reason to buy
World 5 Card PackSmolderin Card Pack690No real reason to buy
Dungeon monster cardsDungeon Card Pack475No real reason to buy
More card slotsExtra Card Slot150 - 270
Total: 840
Best of the Best
Card PresetsCard Presets250 - 890
Total: 2850
No real reason to buy
Increase card level4 Star Cardifier290Pretty good value
30 Arcade BallsSmol Arcade Balls100Terrible, not worth the price
100 Arcade BallsMed Arcade Balls275Terrible, not worth the price
500 Arcade BallsBiggy Arcade Balls1250Terrible, not worth the price
Boosted Dungeon RunsWeekly Dungeon Boosters+33 Boosted Runs per Week275 - 675
Total: 5225
Great value
Simple Key ChainTier 1 Keychain90Terrible, not worth the price
Rustic Key ChainTier 2 Keychain200Terrible, not worth the price
Gilded Key ChainTier 3 Keychain340Terrible, not worth the price
Premium Upgrade Stone - WisdomPremium Stones (All)175 - 200No real reason to buy
Premium Upgrade Stone - RefundPremium Stone Refunder30No real reason to buy
More anvil itemsInfinity Hammer300Best of the Best
Faster Forge SlotsBrimstone Forge Slot+16 Forge Slots100 - 325
Total: 3400
Best of the Best
Faster brewing speedIvory Bubble Cauldrons300 - 450
Total: 1500
Great value
More Liquid CauldronsBleach Liquid Cauldrons500
Total: 1500
Best of the Best
More Obol Storage SlotsObol Altar Space250 - 800
Total: 6300
No real reason to buy
Silver Gold ObolsQuality Obol Stack250Terrible, not worth the price
Gold Platinum Dementia ObolsMarvelous Obol Stack550Terrible, not worth the price
Faster Sigil SpeedSigil Supercharge+200% Sigil XP250 - 520
Total: 3850
Pretty good value
Second printer slotCrystal 3D Printer875Best of the Best
More sample slotsMore Sample Spaces+6 Slots275 - 775
Total: 3150
Pretty good value
Better book levelsBurning Bad Books+20 Minimum Level250 - 475
Total: 1700
Not great value
More prayer slotsPrayer Slots250 - 475
Total: 1700
No real reason to buy
Advanced cogsZen Cogs+8 Zen Cogs500 - 1375
Total: 7500
Not great value
More Cog storageCog Inventory Space+80 Cog Storage100 - 860
Total: 9600
Terrible, not worth the price
More building slotsTower Building Slots350 - 650
Total: 2150
Amazing value
Faster flag speedFluorescent Flaggies+300% Flaggy Rate250 - 625
Total: 2875
No real reason to buy
More maximum egg capacityRoyal Egg Cap350 - 550
Total: 1950
Amazing value
Faster kitchensRichelin Kitchen250 - 610
Total: 2860
Best of the Best
Random lab chipConsole Chip385Not great value
A random Lab JewelMainframe Jewel450Amazing value
Faster lab speedsSouped Up Tube480 - 740
Total: 2855
Great value
More pet storage slotsPet Storage+144 Pet Storage325 - 930
Total: 4505
Terrible, not worth the price
More Fenceyard slotsFenceyard Space275 - 500
Total: 1875
Pretty good value
3 to 12 EggsCarton of Eggs270Terrible, not worth the price
Sailing ChestMiracle Chest345Not great value
Sailing Time BottleBottled Wind190No real reason to buy
Increase max sailing chestsChest Sluggo+12 Chests250 - 690
Total: 4950
Great value
Boost divinity progressDivinity Sparkie+150% Divinity Points/XP250 - 500
Total: 2250
Pretty good value
Regrow gaming flowersGolden Sprinkler400 - 625
Total: 2050
No real reason to buy
Boost gaming hoursGaming Fertilizer230Terrible, not worth the price
Increase max gaming flowersLava Sprouts310 - 660
Total: 2910
Great value
Ancient Artifact Gem Shop ItemAncient Artifact790Best of the Best

Best Gem Shop items to buy first in World 1

The first two mechanics you encounter in the game is the anvil and the forge that are used to generate crafting materials, craft items and smelt ores.

These three mechanics are used for the entirety of the game and it is a good idea to boost them as much as possible as soon as possible.

You can do this by buying the Infinity Hammer and a few Brimstone Forge Slots (start with one, buy more as you through World 2 and 3).

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More anvil itemsInfinity HammerProduce 2 different anvil items at once. Applies to all characters.300Early
Faster Forge SlotsBrimstone Forge SlotAdds a forge slot that smelts bars 50% faster and 50% multi-bar chance.First: 100
Last: 325
3,400 for 16 slots
Early & Late Game

Another important gem shop upgrade that is one of the most important upgrades and will be useful for the entirety of the game are extra card slots.

You start the game with 4 card slots and you can buy up to 4 more slots. This means you can have 8 different cards equipped at once and each of them will give amazing bonuses.

You should definitely buy all 4 slots, as you get more, increasingly powerful cards to use, your progress will speed up exponentially.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More card slotsExtra Card SlotUnlocks a new card slot.#1 – 150
#2 – 190
#3 – 230
#4 – 270
Total: 840
Early Game

Once you get a few days or weeks into the game, you will start to notice that your storage space is very limited in comparison to the amount of different items that drop in World 1.

To make the game less frustrating, it’s a good idea to buy some storage and bag slots as well as increased carry capacity.

Storage Chest Slots

However, all these gem shop upgrades have many tiers, so you should only buy a few at first and buy more as you progress and start running out of room once again, towards World 2.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Extra slots to backpackItem Backpack SpaceGives 4 bag slots per level.First: 200
Last: 325
1,575 for 24 slots
As you start running out of bag slots
More slots to default storage chestStorage Chest SpaceGives 9 storage chest slots per level.First: 175
Last: 450
3,750 for 108 storage slots
As you start running out of storage chest room
Increase carry capacityCarry CapacityIncreases bag carry capacity by 25% per level (how many items stack in a slot).First: 150
Last: 375
2,625 for +250% carry capacity
When you start running out of bag slots

It is good to note that the carry capacity increases how many of a single item you can have in one bag slot at a time.

You can eventually craft increased carry capacity upgrades from the anvil for free, so this is not a must buy in the early game, but makes claiming AFK gains a lot easier.

The Storage Chest can have infinite quantity in a single slot and you get 9 new slots for every Storage Chest Space upgrade, which is why it is the best storage upgrade.

Note about ‘More Storage Space’

More slots to Storage Chest

It is good to note that there is also a new ‘More Storage Space’ -upgrade, but it is generally more expensive for less storage slots, so it should be bought later on in the game as you end up needing more slots in World 4 and up.

Finally a few more great upgrades to consider while still in World 1 and starting out the grind are the food slots, teleports and minigames.

First, the food slots are a great way to increase survivability, as you can equip different food stacks and this get 100% AFK gains from areas you wouldn’t survive at without food. You should buy both food slots eventually, but even one helps early on.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Add extra food slotsFood Slot+1 food slot per purchase for every character.#1 – 450
#2 – 750
1,200 for 2 food slots
Early Game

If you run out of food while AFK (because you are in a too high-level area), your AFK Gains are cut drastically and you will lose out on a lot of XP and loot.

Finally the teleport and minigame upgrades are often scrutinized, but especially early game they are game changers.

First off, the Daily Teleports will give +7 free teleports anywhere in the World Map every day and even remain for 4 days if you don’t use them at once.

Map Teleport Counter

Once you notice how slow walking between maps is, you will never move anywhere without teleporting and it will feel painful if you run out of them. This is why you should buy at least one to start off, then more as you unlock more Worlds and maps to teleport between.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More Free TeleportsDaily Teleports+13 daily teleports per level.First: 120
Rest: +60
3000 for 130 daily teleports
1-2 in World 1 & more in World 2 if keeps running out.
More Daily MinigamesDaily Minigame Plays+4 daily minigames per level.First: 150
Rest: +50
900 for 16 daily minigames
A few in early game, more later if needed.

When it comes to minigames, they’re very useful for leveling up skills and gathering resources early on, but they should not be on the top of the gem shop priority list, as the previously mentioned items are more useful.

Also, the Gem Shop items for World 2 are also much more important than teleports or minigame plays, so keep that in mind before buying up too many of these resources.

Best Gem Shop items to get in World 2

Now that you have gotten into the groove and beaten Amarok, you find yourself in World 2 with a lot of new mechanics, which can be fairly overwhelming.

However, World 2 also introduces one of the most important features in Idleon which is Alchemy, as it will end up giving insane bonuses as you keep upgrading it.

Unsurprisingly, Alchemy also has plenty of upgrades to buy from the gem shop, but only one of them is a must buy instantly, which is the first Bleach Liquid Cauldron.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More Liquid CauldronsBleach Liquid Cauldrons1.5x higher liquid cap and faster liquid generation rate.#1 – 500
#2 – 500
#3 – 500
1,500 for 3 cauldrons
Buy 1 as soon as you enter World 2. Buy the rest once you unlock more bubbles.

The reason why it is so important to upgrade this is because you will need A LOT of the first liquid (Water Droplets) for crafting, bubble upgrades, cauldron upgrades, vial upgrades and buying obols.

You unlock the other two cauldrons by reaching level 20 and 75 in alchemy on any character, so you should only buy the upgrades for those once you actually unlock the cauldrons.

Alchemy cauldrons

Other than the cauldron, you should focus on improving the previously mentioned upgrades.

Two other new upgrades you might want to think about in World 2 are the Ivory Bubble Cauldrons and Weekly Dungeon Boosters. These two are not as important, but they speed up progress quite a bit.

The Ivory Bubble Cauldrons make it easier to unlock new bubbles in the Brewing tab in alchemy, but those are only useful once you have tons of materials and liquids to use in upgrading those bubbles.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Faster brewing speedIvory Bubble Cauldrons1.5x brewing speed and bubble chance. Assign 2 extra players to cauldron.First: 300
Rest: +50
1,500 for 4 Ivory Cauldrons
Mid Game, at Alchemy level 20+
Boosted Dungeon RunsWeekly Dungeon Boosters+3 boosted dungeon runs per week.First: 275
Rest: +40
5,225 for +33 boosted runs
Buy 3 for weekly Happy Hour

The weekly dungeon boosters could already be bought in World 1, but they’re not as crucial. However, Party Dungeons give decent buffs and rings eventually, so it is a good idea to take advantage of the weekly 20x multiplier Happy Hour boosted run.

Party Dungeon boosted runs

This means if you buy 3 of the Weekly Dungeon Booster upgrade from the Gem Shop, you will have at least 20 boosted runs each week to be able to use them in a single run once a week, getting tons of Flurbos and dungeon levels.

Once you unlock the Vacuous Tissue prayer in World 3, you will be able to take this even further and use 40 tickets in a single weekly happy hour run.

Vacuous Tissue Prayer Explanation

Finally, it is important to mention that Sigils are unlocked in the Alchemy section of World 2, but only once you reach World 4, so you don’t need to worry about them yet.

High priority Gem Shop items in World 3

Now you’re getting in the deep end, as World 3 unlocks the biggest improvements to your progression with building, cogs, combustion, library, trapping, prayers and the Death Note.

If you thought World 2 was overwhelming, it’s not getting any easier, but all the new functionality makes the rest of the game much easier.

The most useful new feature in World 3 is the 3D printer, which allows you to generate selected resources every hour, so you don’t need to leave a character AFK to collect them.

3D printer interface

This is why it is extremely important to purchase the Crystal 3D Printer gem shop upgrade, which allows you to print 2 different items per character, instead of just one.

This means if you could normally be printing a total of 5 resources on 5 characters, with this upgrade you could now print a total 10 different (or same) resources on those characters.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Second printer slotCrystal 3D PrinterUnlock second printer chamber for all characters.875As soon as you enter World 3

It is also possible to purchase more sample spaces for the printer, but those are not too useful as you can just create a new sample for free and replace any existing ones.

Once you upgraded the printer, there is another useful upgrade to buy from the gem shop which is the Tower Building Slots.

World 3 Building Towers

These slots allow you to upgrade more towers at once and since there are so many towers to upgrade to high levels, it is very useful to be able to build more simultaneously.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More building slotsTower Building Slots+1 new slot to upgrade towers per purchaseFirst: 350
Rest: +100
2,150 for 4 build slots
If you are not close to World 4 or bought important W4 upgrades already.

Even if you unlock all the building slots, you will be upgrading the towers for a looong time, even once you reach World 5 and beyond, so it is definitely worth it if you wish to save time.

However, World 4 comes with many important purchases which are more important to unlock first, so if you don’t have many gems and are about to reach the World 3 boss, it might be better to save gems and buy this one later.

Best Gem Shop items in World 4

World 4 is a cakewalk in terms of the learning curve in comparison to World 2 and 3, but it also comes with a lot of expensive but useless Gem Shop upgrades, so it is important to know what to spend your hard earned gems on.

While the Lab is important, the Kitchen is the most important source of improvements to all stats and factors in Legends of Idleon, which is why it should be upgraded first.

World 4 kitchens

To do that, you can buy the Richelin Kitchen upgrades. However, you should only buy as many of them as you have unlocked kitchens, so start off with just 1 or 2.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Faster kitchensRichelin Kitchen3x Cooking speed, 2x Recipe speed, 40% cheaper upgrades per purchase for 1 kitchenFirst: 250
Rest: +40
2,860 for 10 kitchens
Buy one or two when entering World 4, get the rest once you unlock more kitchens.

After the kitchen, it is necessary to level up your pets as well as the lab. These two features have two gem shop upgrades that are above the rest and should be purchased after the kitchen upgrade.

The first one is the Royal Egg Cap, which give 1.1x new pet breeding chance per purchase, which adds up to 1.5x with all 5 purchases, which is a significant upgrade when it comes to hatching eggs.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
More maximum egg capacityRoyal Egg CapBoosts max eggs by 1 and new pet breeding chance by 1.1x per purchase.First: 350
Rest: +50
1,950 for 1.5x chance and +5 max eggs
Once you start unlocking World 2 & 3 pets
A random Lab JewelMainframe JewelRandom Mainframe Jewel that you don’t have yet450As soon as possible

The other important upgrade is the Mainframe Jewel, which gives you a random Mainframe Jewel until you own all 18 of them.

While you can get one per week ‘for free’, they require so many advanced materials that it will take ages to unlock them all manually.

World 4 Lab Mainframe Jewels

On top of that, the Mainframe Jewels give such massive bonuses that it is extremely beneficial to unlock them via gems as soon as possible.

Finally there are a few more upgrades you might want to consider at this point, once you have acquired the Jewels, which consist of Souped Up Tube, Sigil Supercharge and more storage slots.

The first one being Souped Up Tube, which doubles lab experience and increases line width, making Mainframe Jewels easier to reach. This is not necessary but helps progress with the lab a lot faster.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Faster lab speedsSouped Up Tube2x Lab XP and +30% line width for 2 tubes per purchase.First: 480
Rest: +65
2,855 for 10 tubes
When you have around half of the Mainframe Jewels
Faster Sigil SpeedSigil Supercharge+20% Sigil XP per purchaseFirst: 250
Rest: +30
3,850 for +200% sigil XP
If you have tons of extra gems
More slots to Storage ChestMore Storage Space+9 storage slots per purchaseFirst: 450
Rest: +12
5,040 for 90 storage slots
Once you run out of storage space in World 4 and have all other Storage Upgrades

Sigil Supercharge boosts sigils in the World 2 alchemy section, which take so long to unlock that boosting them by 200% is not a bad idea if you have the extra gems, but it is extremely expensive relative to the value of the boost. This high cost to value ratio is the reason we ranked it to C priority instead of higher.

Finally, since you are not at World 4, you are most likely running out of Storage Chest slots again, so it might be a good idea to finally invest a few gems into ‘More Storage Space’ gem shop upgrade which can provide up to 90 additional storage slots.

This storage upgrade costs more and gives less slots than the original storage slot upgrade, which is why this should be the last one to buy if you need more storage space.

Best way to spend gems in World 5

World 5 is designed to add tons of very helpful boosts to everything, while being very passive in its skills. This means you just need to wait and good things will come.

This is also why there’s nothing new that you really need to be splurging gems on, unless you have tons of extra gems and have nothing left to upgrade from previous worlds.

World 5 Artifacts and Loot pile

Sailing is definitely the most important skill in World 5, as the artifacts you gain from it provide immense bonuses, which is also why it is a good idea to invest in Chest Sluggos, to be able to collect more chests at once, if you don’t always log in to collect them in time.

The more chests you collect, the faster you can upgrade your ships, making you collect chests even faster and getting those precious artifacts faster.

ImageNameExplanationPriceWhen to buy
Increase max sailing chestsChest
+1 max chests in Sailing loot pile per purchaseFirst: 250
Rest: +40
4,950 for +12 max chests
If you keep hitting max chests every time you log in
Boost divinity progressDivinity
+25% Divinity Points & XP per purchaseFirst: 250
Rest: +50
2,250 for +150% Divinity Points & XP
If you have tons of extra gems
Increase max gaming flowersLava
+1 max gaming plants per purchaseFirst: 310
Rest: +70
2,910 for +6 max plants
If you keep hitting max plants for AFK:ing too long
Ancient Artifact Gem Shop ItemAncient
Upgrades an artifact790 (2 per week)After you have the easy artifacts from the first few islands.

Divinity Sparkie and Lava Sprouts help boost Divinity gains and Gaming points, but they’re not that necessary if you don’t have excess gems to spend.

However, if you can afford them, they provide nice permanent bonuses that will speed up your progress in those skills by a significant margin.

The Miracle Chest can help get the ancient artifacts faster, but it’s extremely expensive for the low chance of later artifacts, so it’s really not worth the price due to the new Ancient Artifact item, which is guaranteed to give you an artifact and even upgrade existing ones to Ancient.

While they are very expensive, they’re definitely worth the price as sailing progression gets very slow later on and getting the final artifacts can be a pain.

Low Priorities Explained — What not to buy!

All the Gem Shop items we ranked at A+, A, or B have been explained in detail in the paragraphs above.

However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any lower priority upgrades, it just means they’re not usually worth it for free-to-play players or low-spenders.

If you’re a high-spender, there are only very few upgrades that would not provide any value.

Pretty good value

— Not bad, have their uses

Faster Sigil SpeedSigil
As mentioned earlier, this one is very expensive at nearly 4,000 gems for the maximum +200% boost and is not a very noticeable.
Overall it will still multiply your sigil speed and the time will add up, making this a worthwhile purchase.
More sample slotsMore
Sample spaces are convenient later on when you acquire more combustion powders to generate.
However, before unlocking the last black powder, there are more important gem shop upgrades to buy.
More Fenceyard slotsFenceyard
The fenceyard allows you to increase the pet breedability multiplier, increasing the odds of a new pet.
This becomes more important later, once you unlock rarer pets and gene splicers become less effective.
Increase card level4 Star
These are useful for some difficult cards, like Chaotic Boss cards and dungeon cards that are difficult to farm.
However, using these boosts on normal monster cards is a waste of gems.
Not great value

— Decent, not worth the price

Reset Post Office BoxesPost Office Box
Reseto Magnifico
Resetting your Post Office boxes is a good idea in late game once you have thousands of boxes.
You can get one of these from a W3 quest for free and you can eventually max out every needed box.
This means gems are better spent elsewhere.
Better book levelsBurning
Bad Books
Once you build the automation station in World 3 and the Book Reservation System, this becomes redundant.
You should only buy max level talents for 20 Library Books.
Advanced cogsZen CogsThese cogs speed up early game in World 3, but they’re extremely pricey.
You will replace these cogs with stronger, normally acquired cogs later on anyway.
Random lab chipConsole
Console chips are powerful, but the chances of getting useless ones is extremely high.
Also these are easier to craft for free in comparison to the Mainframe Jewels.
High spenders should probably purchase a few of these to get big boosts early on in World 4.
Sailing ChestMiracle
The cost is very high and the chance to get an artifact is still fairly low.
No real reason to buy

— No real value

Invisible Helmet IconInvisible HatWhile Premium Hats are generally not worth it, this one is the cheapest option for 200 gems.
If you want to use premium gems for early game boosts, this is the hat to buy.
Leafy Gem Shop RingAll Natural
Chat Ring
Same as the hats, this is the cheapest ring, making it the most reasonable one to get.
Premium Upgrade Stone - WisdomPremium
These upgrades will not really be too noticeable, especially since the price will add up fast.
When buying premium hats and stones, they should not be a top priority.
Change Class ResetSub Class
Swap Token
Sadly this is the only choice to change classes, but unless you make too many duplicates, this is not needed.
Note if you get a second class in World 4, this doesn’t work on that character.
More Obol Storage SlotsObol
Altar Space
It is easy to get more obols from the Alchemy tabs, which are all circle obols.
The Altar Space upgrades will only give circle spaces every few purchases, making this one a waste.
The exception is if you are a high spender and buy tons of Obol Stacks.
More prayer slotsPrayer SlotsYou will usually use a maximum of 3 or 4 prayers simultaneously.
You get free slots from your highest Wizard level, so once you unlock more prayers, you will have enough slots.
Faster flag speedFluorescent
These speed up getting more cog spaces, but adding a few more cogs won’t be noticeable.
On top of that, even with the upgrades you will a year unlocking all the cog spaces.
Card PresetsCard PresetsCard presets are convenient when separating fighting, skilling and dungeon builds.
They are not a high priority to spend gems on, but add convenience.
Dungeon monster cardsDungeon
Card Pack
When it comes to Card Packs, most of them are only for high spenders.
However, Dungeon cards are very slow to farm, so a few of these packs will boost early dungeon runs.
World 4 Card PackGalaxy
Card Pack
World 4 cards give much higher bonuses than prior worlds, so it can be worth it get a leg up early on in World 4.
World 5 Card PackSmoldering
Card Pack
Same as World 4, but even better as many of these cards give passive bonuses. However, they’re way too pricy.
Sailing Time BottleBottled
Purely skips time, but better than Candies, as these help you get started up in Sailing, which is a crucial skill.
Regrow gaming flowersGolden
Helps you get more points in Gaming, but you can buy a normal sprinkler with normal points.
This doesn’t add enough value for the price for low spenders.
Terrible, not worth the price

— Only for high spenders

World 1 Card PackOther
Card Packs
In general, World 1-3 cards are easy enough to farm in the late game, so buying packs is not worth it.
If you are a high spender, these will definitely speed up your progress.
Diamon Demon Horns Helmet IconPremium
You will get more value by buying the bundle offers which come with better premium hats.
The Cosmetics section with these hats were recently removed, but you can find hats in the Special Deals from time to time.
Wealth Gem Shop RingChat RingsChat rings only have 3 upgrade slots, so no reason to prioritize them over other gem shop upgrades.
They were recently removed from the general store, but come back in Special Deals section frequently.
24 hours of AFK GainsTime CandyTime candy is very easily obtainable for free from quests and events, so don’t spend your gems on them.
Only high spenders should every buy candies, if you have nothing permanent to spend gems on.
Reset Talent PointsTalent Point
Reset Potion
These are super easy to get for free, by combining 10 Talent point reset fragments.
Reset Start TalentsStar Talent
Reset Potion
These are easy to craft once you reach World 2 and get the alchemy tab for distilled water.
30 Arcade BallsArcade BallsArcade balls are easy to obtain for free and the rewards are mediocre, so these are never worth any gems.
Gilded Key ChainKeychainsKeychains are very easy to obtain from dungeon runs, so never pay gems for these.
Gold Platinum Dementia ObolsObolsObol stacks are only for high spenders, as similar to card packs, the odds of good obols are very low.
More Cog storageCog
You can easily trash terrible cogs as you claim more, so there’s very little reason to buy more slots.
More pet storage slotsPet StoragePet storage only becomes an issue very late in World 4 once you start getting shiny pets.
Even then, you shouldn’t prioritize this upgrade over others.
3 to 12 EggsCarton
of Eggs
Similar to arcade balls, these are very overpriced and easy to obtain for free by just waiting.
Don’t waste your precious gems.
Boost gaming hoursGaming
Skips time in gaming. A waste of gems, same as Candy.