Idle Skilling Event Explained (+ Rewards)

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Idle Skilling is an idle game similar to Idleon and also its predecessor, previously only available on mobile devices.

However, due to its recent Steam launch, a new event was added to Idleon to boost the player base of the newly released Idle Skilling, as well as provide some rewards for doing so.

This article will cover everything you need to know about this Idleon x Idle Skilling crossover event and is it worth the effort.


The red character seen in the images is no longer in-game as he was removed in a later update, but the codes will activate just the same forever!

How the Event Rewards work

In order to complete this event in Idleon, you first need to download and install Idle Skilling from Steam.

Once you’ve started the game up, you need to play through the tutorial first, which will take a while.

Once done, go to the Gym area and click on the Idleon icon on the left.

Idleon Event Icon in Idle Skilling

This will open up the event screen where you need to enter the name of your first character from Idleon.

The first character is the leftmost character in the main character selection screen that pops up when you launch the game.

You should also note that since the name is case-sensitive, you should always check the correct capitalization from your character selection screen, as all names are falsely fully capitalized in the smaller character swap screen in-game.

Once you reach a reward milestone in Idle Skilling, you will be given a random numeric code that you then need to enter in the text chat in the Blunder Hills map in World 1.

NOTE: The red character in the below image is no longer in-game as he was removed in a later update, but the codes will activate just the same forever!

Claim event reward codes in Legends of Idleon

The reward items will drop on the ground, which you must pick up manually or they will be lost forever.

Once claimed, you can move on to the next challenge in Idle Skilling by confirming that you redeemed the code from the button that shows up in the Event Screen.

All codes are randomized

Nobody else can use your codes and you can’t use other peoples reward codes, so there is no other way to get these rewards twice or by other means than playing through the game yourself.

Idle Skilling Event Rewards

There are 10 separate reward codes to obtain and each of these give different rewards, some better than others.

Idle Skilling Event Reward Tracker

All rewards are tied to advancing to the next area in Idle Skilling, which takes an increasingly long time.

However, it is good to figure out if these rewards are worth the time investment needed, as it will take many months, maybe even years to finish this event.

Gem Icon300 Gems$1.50Reach the Desert
World 3 Card Pack2x Eternal Card Pack1200 Gems ($11.00)Reach the Mountains
Funny Hat HelmetFunny Hat (Normal Helmet)
- Weapon Power +3
- Defence +10
- Skill Efficiency +6%
- Upgrade Slots: 5
Reach the Mist
Gold Platinum Dementia Obols1x Quality Obol Stack
1x Marvelous Obol Stack
800 Gems ($4.00)Reach the Dungeon
5 to 500 Hour Time Candy5x Cosmic Time Candy
25x Black Pearl (20% skill XP on skill under level 30)
1,625 Gems ($8.12)Reach Purgatory
Gem Icon550 Gems$2.75Reach the Bog
Dungeon Loot Dice30x Dungeon Loot Dice3,375 Gems ($16.87)Reach Lunar Isle
Gem Icon700 Gems$3.50Reach Maelstrom
500 Arcade Balls750 Arcade Balls1,875 Gems ($9.37)Reach Oblivion
Idle Skiller TrophyIdle Skiller Trophy (Level requirement: 99)
- Weapon Power +3
- STR, AGI, WIS, LUK +20
- Skill Efficiency +15%
Reach Tee Hee 25

As you may have noticed, some rewards are much better than others, but we can’t really put a value estimate on the helmet and title, as they are more for show than value.

As for the dice and cosmic candy, both used to be available in the Gem Shop, so we valued them using the price they had when they were still available for purchase.

The value of the dice is debatable, since once you have are powerful enough in dungeon runs, you can get a total of 35 dice from 5-7 dungeon runs.

For end game players the dice would be pretty much worthless.

In general for most players these rewards are not at all worth the giant time sacrifice required to get to the final reward, but if you enjoy playing Idle Skilling, these are very nice bonuses to get just for playing through the game.

How long does the Idle Skilling Event last?

Since getting all the rewards from the event can take an extremely long time, you might be worried if you will ever be able to get the final trophy.

Thankfully the developer has confirmed that this event is permanent and you can take as much time as you need to finish this event.

This means you can even play through Idle Skilling as a free-to-play player and still reach all the rewards as long as you play for long enough.

At the time of the events’ original launch, the first Blunder Hills map had a red-robed keyholder NPC, which was later removed, but it doesn’t effect completing the event normally.