All Premium Hats Showcased & Explained

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The Cosmetics section has been removed from the Gem Shop until further notice.

This means that you can’t buy the base hats for now. Keep an eye on the Special Deals section, as new hats seem to appear there frequently.

We will update this article once the updated Cosmetics tab is released to the Gem Shop!

When you open up the cosmetics tab in the Gem Shop of Idleon, you will be greeted by six cool hats which cost varying amounts of gems. On top of that there are various bundles that contain premium hats with different bonuses.

The problem is, you can’t really keep track of all of them as the bundles are hidden and you can’t even tell what each hat looks like in-game before buying them, so we bought all of them and showcased their stats as well as what they look like on actual characters.

There are also a few hats that can no longer be obtained as they were a part of special limited-time bundles of which we were able to show only the icons.

We listed all the available hats into a single convenient sortable table below. As for the USD cost, we calculated them with the value of 4,000 Gems for $20 USD as it is the best value out of the gem bundles.

Gem / USD Cost
Strawbiggy Helmet IconStrawbiggy+1 All Stats5250 Gems ($1.25)
Pop Cat Helmet IconPop Cat+1 All Stats5250 Gems ($1.25)
Dairy Dunk Helmet IconDairy Dunk+1 All Stats5250 Gems ($1.25)
Green Beanie Helmet IconGreen Beanie+1 All Stats5250 Gems ($1.25)
The Classic Helmet IconThe Classic+1 All Stats5275 Gems ($1.25)
Invisible Helmet IconInvisible Hat+1 All Stats5200 Gems ($1.00)
Helmett Premiumifier IconHat Premiumifier+1 All Stats5250 Gems ($1.25)
Diamon Demon Horns Helmet IconDiamond Demon Horns+1 All Stats73,000 Gems ($15.00)
Giftmas Tree Helmet IconGiftmas Tree+1 All Stats
+10% XP from Monsters
Big Bunny Helmet IconBig Bunny+1 All Stats
+11% XP from Monsters
Fluffy Ramsy Helmet IconFluffy Ramsy+1 All Stats
+11% XP from Monsters

Premium Gem Shop Hats

Any hats in this article will be equipped on your character while you still get all the stats of your original hat.

These six hats can be bought from the gem shop cosmetics tab directly using gems and each hat gives you +1 into all stats (STR, WIS, AGI, LUK).

Idleon Strawberry Hat
Idleon White Beanie Hat
Idleon Cat Hat
Idleon Green Beanie Hat
Idleon Ice Cream Hat
Idleon Blue Demon Hat

All premium hats bought from the gem shop can be upgraded using premium stones bought from the Bonuses -tab in the gem shop. These stats will stack on top of your originally equipped helmet, so it is a good idea to have a premium helmet with premium gems on all characters, if you can afford it.

Gem Shop Bundle Hats

These hats function the same way as the normal gem shop premium helmets showcased above, but can only be purchased through bundles that cost real money. These hats have the same base stats as the other gem shop hats, except they give some bonus XP while killing monsters.

Idleon Rabbit Hat
Idleon Christmas Hat
Idleon Ram Hat

While these hats alone are not worth the price of the bundles, each bundle contains plenty of other goodies that give each bundle great value for money in comparison to their normal gem prices.

This means if you are planning to get really into the game and spend money on Idleon, the bundles should be the first things to buy, as they’re all provide more value in comparison to just buying gem bundles.

The Invisible Hat

Invisible Helmet Icon

The invisible hat is the cheapest hat in the Gem Shop costing 200 gems and has the same stats as other premium hats, alongside with the ability to use 5 Premium Stones in it.

The catch with this hat is, you will always see your normal hat while the invisible hat is also equipped, giving you the stats from the invisible hat while showing the graphic of the original hat.

If you like to have your hats change in appearance as you progress through the game, the invisible hat is the best choice!

Hat Premiumifier

Helmett Premiumifier Icon

The Hat Premiumifier transforms any normal hat into a premium hat, meaning all it’s stats will be wiped and it will be given +1 to all stats and 5 premium stone slots in it. It will also be equipped in the premium hat slot, so its stats will be added on top of your normal hat.

Royal Turban Normal Stats
Royal Turban Premiun Helmet Stats
Idleon Truban Hat

This means if you find a cool looking hat with bad stats, you can make it into a premium hat, add some upgrade stones to fit your class stats and see it on your head at all times, while still equipping a better helmet underneath as your actual hat.

In the image above you can see a normal Royal Turban hat which is dropped by the Efaunt boss, turned into a premium hat for a Wizard with 5 premium WIS upgrade stones added.


The hat premiumifier does NOT remove the class requirement or the level requirement of the original hat, so make sure you transform a hat that is available for your intended class!

An archer can not equip a premiumified wizard hat. The Royal Turban above is originally usable by all classes, so it is also usable by all classes after using the Hat Premiumifier, but the level limit 70 of the original hat remains.

Premium Hat Swapper

Premium Hat Bonus Swapper

The Premium Hat Swapper also know as the bonus swapper is a cheap new addition to the gem shop which allows you to swap the Misc bonus between 2 Premium Hats, including ones that have been made Premium with the Hat Premiumifier.


Unlike the Invisible Hat and the Hat Premiumifier, you can find the Premium Hat Swapper in the same Gem Shop section with the Premium Upgrade Stones explained in the next section.

The way it works is by placing it between two Premium hats inside your bag, then hold left mouse on the swapper stone.

Premium Hat Bonus Swapper

As you can see in the image above, both premium hats had a few Premium Upgrade Sones applied and the Captain Hat had a 10% Drop Chance on it.

After the Hat Swapper was clicked, the Drop Chance from the Misc stat was transferred to the other hat, but they Premium Stone stats didn’t swap.


The Swap token DOES NOT disappear after the swap, so you can use it unlimited times!

Premium Upgrade Stones

Premium upgrade stones can only be used on Premium Hats (any hat on this page) and they cost 200 gems each except for the Luck stone which costs 175 gems.

Premium Upgrade Stone - Strength Premium Upgrade Stone - Wisdom Premium Upgrade Stone - Agility Premium Upgrade Stone - Luck

Each gem gives +5 to its respective stat, so if you were to put 5 stones into a single premium hat, you would get +25 of that stat in total.

If you end up wishing to give your hat to a different character later, you can refund all your used premium stones from that hat by using the Premium Stone Refunder which costs 30 gems.

Premium Upgrade Stone - Refund

You will get all your used premium stones back and can use them again on any other premium hat. The refund stone is a one-time-use item so you will have to buy a new one if you wish to refund stones from other hats.

The Refunder Stone can not be used on normal hats.

Expired & Limited Special Hats

There are quite a few hats that used to be obtainable in the game, but have since then expired or been removed from the game through other means, meaning new players will no longer be able to acquire them.

There are also limited specials that can be bought for a few weeks and they’re gone again, so there’s no point in adding them to the main list, but make sure to keep an eye out on the Special Deals in the Gem Shop to find some of these unique hats.

Snowman Helmet Icon Smitty's Bubble Blowing Helmet Icon Pardoned Turkey Helmet Icon Parasite Helmet IconSiege Captain Hat IconElemental Sorcerer Helmet

Paper Bag Helmet Icon Hotdog Hero Helmet Icon Halloween Pumpkin Helmet Icon Bandit Bob Mask Helmett IconCorgi Topper Hat Icon

There has also been a Christmas bundle with a ‘Giftmas Snoozy Cap’ helmet with increased AFK gains, which has since been expired, but might come back in later Christmas events, if we’re lucky.

Idleon Night Hat
Giftmas Snoozy Cap Helmet Icon