How to find Baba Yaga (+ Easy kills)

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There are dozens of minibosses in Idleon, but Baba Yaga will be the first one you will encounter. There are also many reasons why you should attempt to kill it as many times as possible.

However, you will not accidentally stumble on him, as you need to know exactly where and when it spawns in order to do the quests related to it.

Thankfully Baba Yaga is very easy to find, however it might be tough to kill if you’re just starting out.

Baba Yaga Idle Icon

Where and when to find Baba Yaga?

The first time you have to find Baba Yaga is after you finish the first class advancement quest from Promotheus, after which he asks you to find the house monster in the Birch Grove.

If you read his quest information, he mentions Birch Grove, which is actually called Birch Enclave on the map. He also mentions the fact that Baba Yaga only spawns once per hour at the top of each hour.

So first you need to figure out where is Birch Enclave? Thankfully it’s right next to the Valley of the Beans map you are already on.

Once you move down on the Beans map, you will see the portal to Baba Yaga on the left of the white Birch tree. It will require quite a few bean kills to open up at first though.

Once you finally activate the portal and enter into the Birch Enclave map, you will see a bunch of Red Mushroom enemies, but no Baba Yaga. Why?

Well now comes the time for you to wait until the clock hits a full hour. Yes this means the clock in real life 🙌

This also means you must be on the map when the clock hits the hour, for example exactly 1PM (13:00). If you are not on the map at the time, Baba Yaga will not appear until the next hour!

Birch Enclave with Baba Yaga Showing up

As you can see from the image, the boss has appeared exactly at 11 o’clock, although sometimes it might take a minute or two after the hour for it to spawn on the map.

You can also climb on some of the trees by clicking on them, if you’re afraid of getting hurt by the monsters.


Promotheus has 2 separate quests related to Baba Yaga, the first one requires you to just see Baba Yaga on the map and the quest after that asks for you to kill it.

Unfortunately these quests can’t be done at the same encounter, so after the first quest, you will have to leave and come back in another hour for the kill quest.
Baba Yaga Death Icon

Tips on killing Baba Yaga easily

Since you are reading this guide, you’re probably pretty early on in your Idleon career, so killing Baba Yaga might be fairly tough.

First off, make sure to equip multiple different types of foods, since once you use one, it will go on a 30-second cooldown and you character will need to use a different food to heal up.

Next, if you are having a tough time surviving, choose a character like a mage or archer that has ranged attacks. Then simply chip away at the boss and if it starts to run at you, get up on one of the 3 climbable birch trees by clicking on them.

Trees to climb on Baba Yaga map

If you keep missing all your hits, that means you need to increase your Accuracy. You can see what your current accuracy is by opening your inventory and checking the accuracy number on the left, inside your Player Info.

How to see your accuracy in Idleon

To have a 100% hit chance on Baba Yaga, your accuracy must be at least 450. The numbers in the above image are ridiculously high (729,000 instead of 450), but the point of it is to show where to find your accuracy number.

If don’t know which stats you should increase to get higher accuracy, check out our subclass guide which also shows the accuracy stats for each class.

Baba Yaga Walking Icon

Why and how to farm Baba Yaga kills

There are three main reasons why you might want to get tons of Baba Yaga kills: the Baba Yaga Card, the Serrated Rex Ring crafting recipe as well as the Frothy Malk star talent.

Baba Yaga Card Icon
Serrated Rex Ring Icon
Boosts Food stats (Star Talent)

When you kill Baba Yaga, it has a 3% chance to drop a card, which will give more money from monsters when equipped in a card slot.

Collecting one card will give a bonus of 10% more money, while a maxed out Baba Yaga card will require 24 card drops and will give a whopping 50% more money from monsters, making it one of the best cards even in the end-game.

Baba Yaga Monster Card

Alongside the card, there is a 6% chance for Baba to drop a crafting recipe for the Serrated Rex Ring, which is extremely useful for anything related to Skilling and is a must have all the way till the very end game.

The recipe allows you to turn a normal Rex Ring into a Serrated Rex Ring, which will improve the original rings +5% skill efficiency buff all the way up to +8% skill efficiency. And the best part is, you can equip two of these rings at the same time, which is a huge boost to any skills efficiency.

Rex Ring IconRex RingFlurbo Shop
(Party Dungeons)
Flurbo Credit Icon (Dungeon Credits) 80+2 STR/AGI/WIS/DEF
+5% Skill Efficiency
Serrated Rex Ring IconSerrated
Rex Ring
(Anvil tab 1)
Rex Ring Icon Rex Ring (x1)
Iron Bar (Smelting) Iron Bar
+8% Skill Efficiency


The Serrated Rex Ring has a level 50 requirement, so there’s no point in grinding Baba Yaga kills for the recipe until you are at least level 50 with some character. At that point the killing process will also be a lot easier.

The third drop is the Forthy Malk star talent, which boosts any food effects, including normal and golden foods. This is especially great for golden foods that boost different skilling efficiencies.

However, you can only get the talent book as a drop once you level up the 7th talent in the World 1 Merit Shop. The more you level it up, the higher the chance for the book to drop.

Frothy Malk Star Talent Drop

Now that we’ve stablished why it is crucial to farm Baba Yaga kills for the cards and the ring recipe, you must be wondering what’s the best way to grind for those drops.

Obviously one way is to just go to the Birch Enclave once per hour and get that kill.

However, you can’t AFK farm Baba Yaga kills more than once per hour!

If you sit in the map, Baba Yaga will spawn once after the hour changes, but once you kill it, you need to leave the map and go back in for him to spawn again. This means you can’t just leave the game running over night and get tons of kills.

This leaves one other alternative, which is the World 1 Colosseum, called the Dewdrop Colosseum. It is located at the top right of the Froggy Fields map.

Baba Yaga at the Colosseum

If you ever attempted to beat the arena, you might have noticed that Baba Yaga is the final boss, spawning at wave 15.

However, seeing him there won’t count for Promotheus’ questline, but will give you the same drops as he would at the Birch Enclave.

The only downside being that every run costs arena tickets so you can’t do these runs endlessly, but as long as you are strong enough beat the whole arena, this will be the fastest way to grind for those drop.