How to get a Subclass + What to choose

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There are three main classes and one secret class in Idleon, but where it becomes complicated is when you need to choose subclasses and the choices multiply.

This article will showcase how to select a new subclass to start with and also how to get the subsequent classes later in World 2 and World 4.

Alongside the class selection quests, we will showcase all the possible classes and how many of which class you should be getting.

Which classes to choose first?

You can make up to 12 characters in Idleon, but each of them starts off as the Beginner class.

Once you reach level 10, you can choose your first class between a Warrior, Archer and a Mage.

In Idleon it is crucial to have at least two of each base class eventually, as they all have two sub-classes and their own unique skills and proficiencies in different areas.

However, there are only the three starter classes mentioned above, so your characters should be evenly distributed among all three.

There is also a special class, the Journeyman which requires a secret questline to obtain, but you should only make one of this class and only after you reach World 3.

ImageClassPathDamage StatAccuracy StatProfession
Warrior Class Big ImageWarrior Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconWarrior IconStrength Stat Icon
Wisdom Stat Icon
Mining Skill Icon
Archer Class Big ImageArcher Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconArcher IconAgility Stat Icon
Strength Stat Icon
Smithing Skill Icon
Mage Class Big ImageMage Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconMage IconWisdom Stat Icon
Agility Stat Icon
Choppin Skill Icon
Journeyman Class Big ImageJourneyman Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconJourneyman IconLuck Stat Icon
Luck Stat Icon
All Skills Icon
All Professions

The tables show what professions each class specialize in, but any class can work on any profession, some classes just have unique talents to boost their mentioned profession.

Class specific profession note!

Technically none of the professions are class specific, some classes just have boosts for specific professions.

Eventually you should get all skills on all characters to level 100 to get stat boosts from the best tools that require level 100 to equip.

However that is a very very late-game goal when you have nothing better to do, so don’t worry about it at this point.

As a good rule of thumb, once you hit level 100+ on all skills with your Journeyman, then you can start leveling all your other characters to 100 in each skill as well.
This will take years 😂

In general you should pick a Warrior, Archer and a Mage as your first three characters, then the same three again as your next three characters.

A warrior is probably the easiest class to start with for fast mob kills and mining early on, while an an archer is important to get your Smithing level up as fast as possible to craft better equipment.

Mages and their chopping skill is not as crucial, so this should be your third class. They become more important in World 2 with their Alchemy boosts and once you get to your second class advancement, a Bubonic Conjurer is great for grinding kills with its huge AoE gas attacks.

Here is a general path you can follow safely to have all the needed professions and classes for optimal progression through the entirety of Idleon:

CharacterClass PathReasoning
#1: First Warrior
(Blood Berserker)
Warrior Icon
Barbarian Icon
Blood Berserker Icon
A warrior is a great first character because they focus on damage and health boosting skills, which will help survivability and get easy kills on early enemies.
Also warriors specialize in Mining which is a crucial skill to start producing bars at the forge and make armor for all your characters.
#2: First Archer
(Beast Master)
Archer Icon
Hunter Icon
Beast Master Icon
Archers get smithing related bonuses, giving more forge progress per kill and more anvil production points, so you can level up smithing fast and craft higher level gear as soon as possible.
#3: First Mage
(Bubonic Conjurer)
Mage Icon
Shaman Icon
Bubonic Conjuror Icon
Mages specialize in chopping which is another important skill early on for gear and quests, but mages start to shine more in World 2 with their alchemy boosting skills.
#4: Second Archer
(Siege Breaker)
Archer Icon
Bowman Icon
Siege Breaker Icon
A bowman subclass gets talents to boost Catching in World 2, which is required in a lot of alchemy related bubbles and vials.
#5: Second Warrior
(Divine Knight)
Warrior Icon
Squire Icon
Divine Knight Icon
The Squire subclass gets bonuses for Refinery and especially Construction which is provides some of the biggest boosts in World 3.
#6: Second Mage
(Elemental Sorcerer)
Mage Icon
Wizard Icon
Elemental Sorcerer Icon
Wizard subclasses get Worship boosting skills which are important in World 3 for many things like alchemy, construction and prayers.
#7: Journeyman
Journeyman Icon
Maestro Icon
Voidwalker Icon
A seventh character is usually a nice sweet-spot to start working on your Journeyman, as it will provide massive boosts to all your other characters skills.
#8: Third Warrior
(Divine Knight)
Warrior Icon
Squire Icon
Divine Knight Icon
At this point you already have every class, so the last three are just bonuses. A Divine Knight is a popular choice as it can boost 3D-Printing output with its King of the Remembered skill.
#9: Third Mage
(Elemental Sorcerer)
Mage Icon
Wizard Icon
Elemental Sorcerer Icon
For a third Mage another Elemental Sorcerer is a popular choice due to its damage boosting talents, Gods Chosen Children which boosts all characters damage per GOD rank in World 5 and Wormhole Emperor which boosts all characters damage for Wormhole Mob kills.
#10: Third Archer
(Siege Breaker)
Archer Icon
Bowman Icon
Siege Breaker Icon
Finally for a third archer, Siege Breaker is the most popular choice as it boosts all characters EXP and Drop Rate for Plunderous Mob kills, through its Archlord of the Pirates skill.
#11Character slot 11 is currently unobtainable.
#12Character slot 12 is currently unobtainable.

The main key is to not have more than 2 of each “third subclass”! So max. 2x Divine Knight, 2x Elemental Sorcerer etc. And remember, only 1 Journeyman!

You will learn more about each class and skill as you keep playing the game, so as long as you have the selected classes, you will eventually find out what each class and subclass excels at and which do not.

The very best part about Idleon is experimenting and finding out fun builds and combinations yourself, so don’t get too stuck up on following guides like a robot, remember to have fun too!

Activating the first subclass

The level requirement for getting your first class advancement or so called subclass is level 10.

On top of that you must also reach the third map in World 1, called Valley of the Beans.

That map contains an NPC called Promotheus who is responsible for promoting a level 10 or above beginner class to any of the three base classes, Warrior, Archer or Mage.

Once you click on Promotheus a few times, you will be prompted to select your new class. Make sure to pick exactly the one you want, as this choice is permanent (unless you purchase a subclass swap token from the Gem Shop).

Now you can set your new class skill points and continue playing as normal until you reach World 2 and are ready for the next class advancement.

Getting the second subclass in World 2

Once you’ve beaten Amarok in World 1 and have tipped your toes in the confusing world of Alchemy, you might be wondering how to get to your next, arguably the most important, class advancement.

The second subclasses specialize in either World 2 or World 3 skills, so make sure to select all the World 2 related classes as your first promotions.

Each base class has two options to choose from during the second subclass selection, detailed in the table below.

Barbarian Class Big ImageBarbarian Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconWarrior IconArrow Right IconBarbarian IconFishing Skill Icon
(World 2)
Squire Class Big ImageSquire Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconWarrior IconArrow Right IconSquire IconConstruction Skill Icon
(World 3)
Bowman Class Big ImageBowman Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconArcher IconArrow Right IconBowman IconCatching Skill Icon
(World 2)
Hunter Class Big ImageHunter Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconArcher IconArrow Right IconHunter IconTrapping Skill Icon
(World 3)
Shaman Class Big ImageShaman Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconMage IconArrow Right IconShaman IconAlchemy Skill Icon
(World 2)
Wizard Class Big ImageWizard Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconMage IconArrow Right IconWizard IconWorship Skill Icon
(World 3)
Maestro Class Big ImageMaestro Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconJourneyman IconArrow Right IconMaestro IconAll Skills Icon
All Professions

The second subclass also has its own NPC, Speccius, you must talk to within World 2, located once again in the third map, Dessert Dunes.

However, different from World 1, this time you must complete a simple quest before you can select your second class advancement.

In order to select your second class, you must bring the following items to Speccius:

Kebab SticksKebab Sticks
130World 2 Shop
(Total cost: Gold Coin (Value 3)2 Silver Coin (Value 2)49 Copper Coin (Value 1)6)
Crabby Cakey IconCrabby Cakey
(Monster Drop)
150Crabcake Monster Animation Crabcake

These will not take too long to acquire, as long as you can afford to buy the Kebabs from the town shop.

The good thing about this quest is that the items are not consumed upon completion, so you can put them in your storage chest and use the same kebabs and cakes to complete the quest for all your characters.

Once you’ve given the items to Speccius by talking to him a few times, you will be prompted to select your secondary class.

Remember to make the World 2 related classes first, so Barbarian, Bowman and Shaman, so you can level those skills up while you progress towards World 3.

It is good to note that the third subclass comes up in World 4, which will take a very long time to reach from World 2, so don’t worry about it too much.

Once you have created at least one copy of each unique secondary class, it might be a good time to create the Journeyman class as your next character, if you haven’t already.

Unlock the third subclass in World 4

If you have reached World 4, you sure need no more introductions to how things work, you just want to find out what classes are available and where to choose them from.

As before, you get unique class choices depending on your second class, but this time you only get one option, so there is no choosing this time.

Blood Berserker Class Big ImageBlood Berserker Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconWarrior IconArrow Right IconBarbarian IconArrow Right IconBlood Berserker IconCooking Skill Icon
(World 4)
Divine Knight Class Big ImageDivine Knight Icon
Divine Knight
Beginner IconArrow Right IconWarrior IconArrow Right IconSquire IconArrow Right IconDivine Knight IconGaming Skill Icon
(World 5)
Siege Breaker Class Big ImageSiege Breaker Icon
Siege Breaker
Beginner IconArrow Right IconArcher IconArrow Right IconBowman IconArrow Right IconSiege Breaker IconSailing Skill Icon
(World 5)
Beast Master Class Big ImageBeast Master Icon
Beast Master
Beginner IconArrow Right IconArcher IconArrow Right IconHunter IconArrow Right IconBeast Master IconBreeding Skill Icon
(World 4)
Bubonic Conjuror Class Big ImageBubonic Conjuror Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconMage IconArrow Right IconShaman IconArrow Right IconBubonic Conjuror IconLaboratory Skill Icon
(World 4)
Elemental Sorcerer Class Big ImageElemental Sorcerer Icon
Beginner IconArrow Right IconMage IconArrow Right IconWizard IconArrow Right IconElemental Sorcerer IconDivinity Skill Icon
(World 5)

As you may notice from the table, half of the new classes specialize in World 4 skills while the rest are meant for World 5 skills, which are not out at the time of this writing.

You are still safe to upgrade all your characters already, as the classes will not change, only more skills will be added to them in later updates.

In order to unlock the third subclass, you must reach the fourth map in World 4, called Outskirts of Fallstar Isle.

There you will find an NPC named Eliteus who will provide you with the third class advancement.

You will need to first kill a few enemies which spawn after you talk to him the first time, but this should be extremely easy and take only a few seconds.

Then, same as before, you will be prompted to select a new class once you talk to Eliteus again.