All Hidden Platform Locations (Wellington Quest)

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Idleon is known for a few infamous quests that always stump newcomers and prompt people to search for solutions to quests as they’re nearly impossible to figure out on your own.

One of these quest givers is Wellington who is located in World 2, Sands of Time, and has two very annoying quests, the first of which is called Platforms in Disguise, Platsformers!

We also made a guide for the last Wellington quest which definitely needs some trickery as well!

Wellington World 2 NPC

This quest needs you to find 3 invisible platforms that you can only find by accidentally clicking on them, which is why this guide is fairly necessary.

Platforms in Disguise,
(1st quest)
Find the 3 invisible platforms hidden throughout the game.
Brainstew Stamp
(+% Alchemy Exp Gain)

Arcane Stamp
(+ Base WIS)

The first of the three platforms is found in World 1, Froggy Fields. Just go to the top left of the map and click on the position in the image.

Hidden Platform - World 1 - Froggy Fields

This will make your character walk onto the platform and make it visible.

The next platform is also in World 1, but this time in The Office where the mini-boss Dr. Defecaus is found.

You can access the map through the sewer in the World 1 town and going past the Poopy Sewers and Rats Nest maps.

Hidden Platform - World 1 - The Office

Once you get there, just click on the area next to the sewer in the top right of the map.

The final map is in World 2, Pincer Plateau. This is the only hidden platform you could technically find on your own, as there are a few hidden arrows in the mountains which point to the location of the platform.

The last platform can be found at the bottom left of the map, but you must click on the location of the rope, as otherwise your character won’t climb onto the platform.

Hidden Platform - World 2 - Pincer Plateau

Once you found the last platform, you can go back to Sands of Time and finish your first quest with Wellington and enjoy the new Stamps to your collection.

However, once you finish the next two easy quests, the fourth (last) quest is extremely annoying as well. Thankfully there is a cool trick that let’s you breeze past it very easily!