Wellington’s Item Dropping Puzzle Quest (Easy solution!)

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Wellington’s last quest is called Puzzles and Math, a Winning Combination! and it’s widely know for being one of the most tedious quests in Idleon (alongside his first hidden platform quest).

This is due to the fact that it gets more difficult depending on the length of of your characters name, leading many people to just ignore it altogether.

Wellington World 2 NPC

The way this ‘puzzle’ quest works is that you must have a certain amount of items on the ground and then click on Wellington to complete the quest.

Puzzles and Math, a Winning Combination!
(4th quest)
Do the puzzle!

(Square the amount of letters in your name. Drop that many items on the ground.)
Wellington Quest Completion Token Wellington Token
Large XP Balloon 3x Large XP Balloon
More Star Talent Points (Star Talent) Stonks! Star Talent

As Wellington explains, you must first figure out how many items you need to drop on the ground. This number is the amount of letters in your characters name squared (any spaces in the name do not count as letters).

Wellington Puzzle Quest Instructions

So for example, if my characters name is IdleonGuide, the name has 11 letters. Then you must get the square of that number so multiply it by itself.

In this case the amount would be 11 * 11 = 121 and I would need 121 items dropped on the map.

A few years ago this quest was a nightmare to complete as the only way to do it was by killing Sand Giants and try to count the dropped items which was impossible with longer character names.

However, nowadays there are awesome methods to do this super easily using the Quick Ref.

Quick Ref Storage and EZ Access Vendors

The easiest way to do this quest is to get items from your Storage Chest, but in order to take items out of your Storage from Quick Ref, you must own the Ram Pet.

If you don’t have the Ram, you should use one of the EZ-Access Vendors instead.

If you can use Storage, simply open it up and start splitting any item into as many stacks of 1 as possible.

Split items into single stacks

The quest only counts single items, so if you drop 1 stack of 100 items, it counts as only one, which is why you must split the items into stacks of 1.

This is also the reason why Storage is so better for this, as using the EZ-Access Vendors doesn’t allow splitting stacks, so you must buy items that take up single slots instead of stacking.

The best vendor for this is the World 3 vendor as he sells Traps that each take one slot and he has over 150 of them in stock which is more than enough for name lengths up to 12.

World 3 Vendor Item Splitting

Once you have filled your inventory with item stacks, then just start dropping them on the ground one by one.

Thankfully you can do it a lot faster by holding down Shift and clicking on the items to drop them instantly.

Press Shift to Quick Drop

Once you dropped enough item stacks, you must click on Wellington to finish the quest.

His question mark bubble will be gray even if you dropped the correct amount of items!

When dropping the items, remember to count how many stacks you dropped as all your dropped items will be destroyed if you drop too many or too few items when clicking on Wellington to finish the quest.

Wellington Puzzle Quest Finished

You can open your inventory or Quick Ref any amount of times during the quest, as long as you don’t leave the map in-between.

You will receive a red pop-up if you failed the count and you have to start dropping items from scratch.