How to Find & Kill King Doot + Rewards

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King Doot is one of the most popular mini bosses in IdleOn, as it is a hidden boss which drops tons of time candies and gems.

Killing it used to require a lot of co-operation between players to accomplish for each run, but now you only need to do one run with other players, then you can solo it forever.

As I quick summary, in order to fight King Doot, you must craft a Dootjat Eye, then drop it on the small statue in the Sands of Time map in World 2 with 2 other players. All these 3 players must include a Warrior, Archer and Mage subclasses to spawn the boss.

Everything you need to know is explained in this guide, but we recommend reading the whole thing first before taking action.

King Doot Boss Monster Idle Animation

Requirements to Access King Doot

The first thing you should note is that King Doot requires you to have 1,500 accuracy for a 100% hit rate, so if you don’t have that yet, you should grind other aspects of the game first or check out our accuracy guide.

Read this before doing anything!

Read until the end of this section first before dropping your Dootjat Eye, as you will need 2 other players to help you with spawning King Doot (for the first time) and if you don’t have them with you when opening the portal, you will lose your eye and need to craft a new one!

The key requirement for summoning King Doot is an item called Dootjat Eye and each kill consumes one, so you will need to craft many of them in order to kill King Doot multiple times.

However, in order to even craft the Dootjat Eye, you must first acquire the crafting recipe for it, which is dropped by Sand Giants in World 2.

MonsterDrop ChanceItem
Sand Giant Monster Animation
Sand Giant
World 2
Sands of Time
1 in 58,800Anvil Tab 2 Recipe
Dootjat Eye

Once you finally find and use the recipe, you will find the Dootjat Eye in your Anvil Tab 2, which requires only 3 ingredients.

Dootjat Eye Anvil Tab Location

The first and easiest requirement is 80 Gold Bars, which is simple enough, just mine some gold ores and smelt them down at the forge in World 1.

The second requirement is 5 Ghosts, which can be obtained from Moonmoons in World 2. These used to be very rare drops but their drop rate has been increased by A LOT in a recent update and you can always use time candies to speed up the process.

MonsterDrop ChanceItem
Moonmoon Monster Animation
World 2
Up Up Down Down
1 in 2,000Ghost Monster Drop

Finally the third ingredient is a Silver Antique which can be purchased from the Encroaching Forest Villas shop in World 1. The main downside to this item is that you can only purchase one per day, which is why it is not too easy to keep killing Doot constantly.

Encroaching Forest Villas Shop
World 1
Encroaching Forest Villas
1 per daySilver Antique Crafting Material

Now that you have acquired the materials, go ahead and craft the Dootjat Eye and bring it to the Sands of Time map in World 2.

Go down to the second platform on the left side of the map which has a rock on it and walk onto the rock.

Finally in order to open the portal to King Doot, you must drag the Dootjat Eye out of your inventory to drop it onto the rock, which will then open a portal.

But don’t actually drop it before reading the section below this screenshot!

Drop the Dootjat Eye on the Rock

Note that if you drop a stack of more than 1 eye on the rock, only one will be consumed but remember to pick the rest of them up before entering the portal.

Now comes the annoying part, as you will need two other players to also drop their own Dootjat Eyes on the rock and go in their own portals in the same server as you.

This is because in order to spawn King Doot inside the portal, three players of different base classes must stand on their respective pillars and say something in chat to activate their pillar.

This means you will need one mage, one archer and one warrior (you being one of those) with you.

Where to Stand at King Doot

Once each of you stand on a corresponding pillar and say anything in chat, King Doot will spawn (each of you will get an individual Doot, so you must be able to kill it alone).

The great part about this is that Doot has a 100% chance to drop an item which allows you to activate the pillars alone from here on out, so the pain of gathering two other players is a one-time-hassle.

The easiest way to find other players to help you is by joining a Guild and asking for help in Discord, but often there are high level players in crowded servers in World 2 town who are willing to help out if you ask in chat.

King Doot Boss Monster Animation

Possible rewards for Killing Doot

Finally we get to the juicy topic of why King Doot is so popular and that’s because of free gems and time candy.

In the table below we listed the more interesting drops and left out uninteresting loot.

Gem Icon
5x Gems
1 in 1.33
1 hour of AFK Gains
1 Hour Time Candy
1 in 5
2 hours of AFK Gains
2 Hour Time Candy
1 in 10
4 hours of AFK Gains
4 Hour Time Candy
1 in 40
12 hours of AFK Gains
12 Hour Time Candy
1 in 200
24 hours of AFK Gains
24 Hour Time Candy
1 in 667
72 hours of AFK Gains
72 Hour Time Candy
1 in 6,670
Trimmed Rune Platelegs Pants
Trimmed Rune Platelegs
1 in 25
Protectors Pride Ring
Protectors Pride
(Crafting recipe only)
1 in 17
Dootophone Icon
(If you don’t have one
in your inventory)

King Doot Card
1 in 25

As you may notice, King Doot is a fantastic source for Time Cany, as you can get up to 6 different candies from a single kill as well as a bundle of 5 gems.

The Trimmed Rune Platelegs and Protectors Pride are not fantastic pieces of armor, but they can be used to craft the Efaunt helmet which is the best helmet that can be crafted in World 2 (however consider how costly it is, it might not be worth crafting more than one).

King Doot Drops

The King Doot Card is also a fantastic card used by many even at the very end game, as it gives up to +36% Total Drop Rate when maxed out at 6 stars.

And of course not forgetting the most important drop, the Dootophone, explained below.

King Doot Boss Monster Death Animation

Best way to Solo Farm King Doot

Finally for the best part of this guide, which is farming King Doot alone with the help of the Dootophone.

This item let’s you spawn King Doot without any other players and it has a 100% chance to drop when you kill Doot for the first time.

Dootophone Icon

All you need to do is have it in your inventory while you enter the portal and hold down on the Dootophone in your inventory. This will instantly activate the pillars and spawn King Doot!

The obvious downside is that you still need to have a Dootjat Eye in order to respawn the boss every time, so this means you need to remember to buy the Silver Antique item every day in order to stack many eyes.

However there is a great new stamp which allows you to buy 2 every day (potentially even more but it is very expensive to level up).

Vendor Stamp
YumYum Grotto Shop
World 2
YumYum Grotto
Cue Tape Icon
Cue Tape
(from World 1
+% Higher
Shop Stocks

Once you level up the Vendor stamp a few times, you will notice everything in all shops that used to have only 1 item per day, will now have 2, which will double your Dootjat Eye crafting!