Companion Pets Explained (Odds, Bonuses, King Doot)

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Idleon has added companions (sometimes referred to as pets or followers) which give various bonuses to many aspects of Idleon, ranging from mediocre to absolutely overpowered boosts.

These companions can be unlocked from World 1 town and you can get one random companion for free every week.

This feature sparked an outrage as other than the single weekly pet, the rest can only be purchased with a separate currency which can only be purchased via real money.

If the system gets updated or improved, we will make sure to keep this article up to date!

So how exactly do these companions work and are they worth the trouble?

Pet Crystal Currency

How Companions actually work

You can open the pet management map by clicking on the Doggy in World 1.

He will transport you into a map where you can see all your pet companions and unlock new ones.

Doggy Location in World 1

There are 11 different companions available to unlock during a certain time-frame, after which new pets are then rotated in, similar to how the Arcade Shop works.

You get one pet for free every week, after which you must pay an increasing amount of Pet Crystals (Green Gems) to unlock new ones.

Each pet has a certain chance to be unlocked depending on the usefulness of their bonuses and the more pets you unlock, the higher the chances of getting better ones becomes.

Companion Park

There are 5 tiers of treats, which increase after a few pet purchases, increasing your next pet odds.

The tiers start off at Tier 1 with x1 odds and maxes out at Tier 5 at x3 odds. You will reach Tier 5 after buying 38 pets for a total of 5,660 pet crystals.


Once you reach Tier 5, you will have a 0% chance to get the white-tier lowest companions, so make sure to keep one of each to get their bonuses.

The cost of unlocking a pet also increases every time you reach a new Tier (but your weekly free unlocks also get those higher odds), going all the way up to 250 Pet Crystals at Tier 5.

The animation at the top doesn’t affect your results, but you do need to wait for it to finish every time you buy a new pet.

Having a single copy of each pet is enough to get their respective bonuses so you can Recycle any duplicates.

Recycle Companion Pets

Recycling a pet will give you back some Pet Crystals depending on that companions rarity, starting from 5 all the way up to 2,000 Pet Crystals if you recycle the rarest pet.

You get 0 Pet Crystals for recycling a free pet, so they can’t be abused by creating many accounts.

You get ALL the bonuses for ALL characters at ALL times for every unique pet that you have unlocked.

Having multiple copies of a single companion has no use, so you can save them to trade with later, or recycle them to get a few gems.

Pet Crystal Currency

All Companion Bonuses and Odds

Companions rotate after certain time periods, so you will have to wait until they come back later if you wish to unlock a certain companion.

You can check the table below to see all the currently available companions and save your gems until the one you want comes into rotation.

Don’t save your weekly unlocks though, as they don’t stack!

You can find all the Tier requirements at the end of this article.

Companion Batch 1

CompanionTier 1
Tier 5
Frog Monster Animation
15.10%0.00%Pet Crystal Currency5+10% Total Damage
Bloque Monster Animation
15.10%0.00%Pet Crystal Currency5+20% Skill EXP
Sandy Pot (Monster)
Sandy Pot
15.10%0.00%Pet Crystal Currency5+15 STR/AGI/WIS/LUK
Slime Monster Animation
15.10%0.00%Pet Crystal Currency5+25% Gold Balls
(Arcade Shop)
Bored Bean Monster Animation
Bored Bean
11.11%27.04%Pet Crystal Currency10+5% AFK Gains
(Fighting + Skills)
Molti Monster Animation
11.11%27.04%Pet Crystal Currency10+5% Skill Efficiency
Sheepie Monster Animation
11.11%27.04%Pet Crystal Currency10All big alchemy bubbles
are active for everyone
Crystal Custard Monster Animation
2.50%7.50%Pet Crystal Currency150+100% Drop Rate and
Monster EXP
Dedotated Ram Monster Animation
2.50%7.50%Pet Crystal Currency150Use Storage Chest
from Quick Ref.
(No longer View Only)
Rift Slug Monster Animation
Rift Slug
1.00%3.00%Pet Crystal Currency450+25 to All Talent levels
King Doot Boss Monster Animation
King Doot
0.28%0.85%Pet Crystal Currency2,000All Divinities from World 5
active for all characters!

(This includes both Major
and Minor bonuses)

As you can see, the rarest pets are extremely rare and their bonuses are extremely powerful, which is why this update has caused a lot of anger among the Idleon community.

Also some players have noted that the Purrmep Divinity doesn’t work properly if you don’t have one character linked to it, even if you have King Doot, so make sure to link one to it just in case.

Guaranteed King Doot

The developer has added a guarantee which gives you a guaranteed King Doot after 200 summons, if you haven’t received one yet.

Considering you get one free pet a week and a year has 52 weeks, this still means you are guaranteed one in about 4 years of free playing, so it’s not a very useful addition, but for unlucky high spenders, it’s surely a welcome addition.

Pet Crystal Currency

Pet Treat Tiers Explained

Buying a pet is referred to as buying a treat, after which a pet comes to eat said treat.

Once you buy enough treats, you upgrade the Treat Tier which gives you higher chances to get a better pet.

Below you can see the requirements for each tier and what odds each tier gives.

Treat TierPet OddsNew Pet
Pet amount
to unlock
Total cost
to unlock
Pet Food #1
(Tier 1)
x1.00Pet Crystal Currency1000Pet Crystal Currency0
Pet Food #2
Canned Fish
(Tier 2)
x1.25Pet Crystal Currency1205Pet Crystal Currency500
Pet Food #3
(Tier 3)
x1.60Pet Crystal Currency15013Pet Crystal Currency1,460
Pet Food #4
Ice Cream
(Tier 4)
x2.00Pet Crystal Currency18023Pet Crystal Currency2,960
Pet Food #5
(Tier 5)
x3.00Pet Crystal Currency25038Pet Crystal Currency5,660

As mentioned earlier in the guide, make sure to get at least one of each low tier pet before going to the highest tier, as you will have 0% chance to get the lowest pets at that tier.