Death Note & Multikill Explained

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The Death Note is a useful addition that activates once you reach World 3 and it boosts your AFK kills depending on how many monsters you have defeated in each world.

The more you kill, the higher your multikill multiplier becomes, meaning you will get through portals faster and get more XP and more monster drops.

There are also a few achievements that will give higher bonuses, depending on your Death Note progress.

BoneJoePickle Update BoneJoePickle Icon

World 6 brought along BoneJoePickle and with it, a whole new page for the Death Note boosting multikill tiers in every world! Scroll to the bottom of the article to find out how it works!

Death Note Structure

How Multikill and Tiers work

Multikill is directly correlated to your characters damage as well as various multikill bonuses you obtain from the Death Note itself and other sources across Idleon.

You can see your current multikill tier in any map by checking the bottom of the Away Info window.

The kill multiplier goes up once your damage reaches the required amount, the first Tier being 2 times the current maps monsters HP.

Every tier requires double the damage of the previous tier, meaning the difficulty rises exponentially. So if your current multikill tier requires 10x the monsters HP worth of damage, the next tier requirement will be 20x the monsters HP.

The progress bar at the bottom of the Away Info screen shows your characters maximum damage on top of it, which you can also find from your characters info screen.

Your multikill rate from the Death Note and the other sources that boost multikill percentage is then multiplied by that number.

In the images above, the characters damage is over 23 billion which is rounded up to 24B, which can be seen in the Away Info screen, hitting the 31x multiplier.

This multiplier is then multiplied by all possible Multikill multipliers, resulting in a Multikill percentage of 10570%, which is seen above the tier progress in purple text.

All of these multipliers are automatically added to the Kills/Hr count at the top of the AFK Screen so you don’t need to calculate anything yourself.


You must have 100% hit rate and your maximum damage must be at least double the enemies health to start getting multikill tiers.

Death Note Structure

How Death Note Works

The Death Note is unlocked in World 3, which rewards you with additional multikill percentage based on how many of each monster you’ve killed in each world.

It is good to note that these percentages are World dependent, so if you reach +150% additional multikill percentage from World 1 mobs, that will only affect your kill count when fighting in World 1.

Below you can see how many times you need to kill a monster to reach the next bonus.

TierTotal Kill
Death Note Skull 125K+1%
Death Note Skull 2100K+2%
Death Note Skull 3250K+3%
Death Note Skull 4500K+4%
Death Note Skull 51M+5%
Death Note Skull 65M+7%
Death Note Skull 7100M+10%
Death Note Skull 81,000M+20%
+5% Total Damage

While the tier bonuses are separated by Worlds, the kill counts and bonuses are shared between all your characters.

Obviously you can also use Time Candy to boost your kill counts in Death Note.

Eclipse Skull

The final black and gold skull or Eclipse Skull is unlocked in World 4, in the Rift, and it requires 1B kills, but also gives additional damage to all characters. Click the link above the see the requirements of unlocking the reward in the Rift.

Death Note Structure

Other ways to increase Multikill

As with every stat in Idleon, you can also increase your multikill percentage through many other means aside from the Death Note.

Obviously the main way to increase it is by simply increasing your damage, but since there are countless ways to boost damage, we will only cover the ways to directly increase the Multikill Count.

Starting off with achievements, there are 3 that will boost your multikill percentage.

Just Passing By Achievement
Just Passing By
Pass 30 rooms in the World 2 Party Dungeon.+2% Multikill for all WorldsWorld 2
Wazzzzam! Achievement
Get ‘Wazam‘ 125 times in the World 2 Party Dungeon.+6% Multikill for all WorldsWorld 2
Too Cute To Live Achievement
Too Cute To Live
Kill all Sheepies within 20 sec of entering the map.+5% Total MultikillWorld 3

Once you reach World 4 and get your hands on Breeding, there are 4 different Shiny Pets that will give you a boost to multikill percentage.

Shiny Pet NameUnlock Order
Baby Boa Monster Animation
Baby Boa
World 1
Pet #8
Rat Monster Animation
World 1
Pet #17
Bloque Monster Animation
World 3
Pet #6
Dedotated Ram Monster Animation
Dedotated Ram
World 3
Pet #16

All of the pets above add +1% to multikill per level, so together they will add up a significant amount once leveled up to 6. Leveling a pet higher than that takes a lot longer in comparison to the early levels.

When it comes to gear, there are a few multikill boosters, but they’re not easy to acquire and in general other bonuses are simply much more useful.

Hallowed Tail Pendant
Hallowed Tail
+30% Multikill
+3 LUK
2 Upgrade Slots
Party Dungeon
Flurbo Shop
Nuget Cake Fedora Hat
Nuget Cake
+15% Multikill
+1 Weapon Power
+10 LUK
6 Upgrade Slots
(Anvil Tab 2)
Pincer Hand Chain
Pincer Hand
First stat: +5%, +7% OR +12% Multikill
Second Stat: Random Tier 2 keychain stat
(can also be more Multikill %)
Party Dungeon

(Tier 2)
Crown of the Gods Icon
Crown of
the Gods
+22% Multikill per Tier
+18 Weapon Power
+15% Drop Chance
+210 Defence
11 Upgrade Slots

(Level Requirement: 510)
(Anvil Tab 6)

(World 6 item,
late game)

The Recipe for the Nuget Cake Fedora is received by completing the World 2 achievement called Nuget Nightmare which requires you to get a Nuget Cake (1 in 20K chance) from a Crabbycake monster without using auto attack, which can take ages.

Crabcake Monster Animation

As you might notice, the Pincer Hand Chain can be acquired by buying chains from the Party Dungeon shop or as a Dice Drop from a Party Dungeon. Only a Tier 2 chain can drop this specific multikill chain, but you can have 2 of the same chain on one character.

The rest of the possible multikill bonuses are spread out the game, so we added them into a single convenient table below.

Multikill Stamp
Multikill Stamp
+% Base Multikill rateMamooth Monster Animation
Many World 3

(1 in 1.23M)
Clammie Card
Clammie Card
0 Star: +1.5% Multikill per Tier
4 Star: +7.5% Multikill per Tier
Ruby Star: +9% Multikill per Tier
Clammie Monster Animation
(World 4)
Suggma Card
Suggma Card
0 Star: +2% Multikill per Tier
4 Star: +10% Multikill per Tier
Ruby Star: +12% Multikill per Tier
Suggma Monster Animation
(World 5)
Woodlin Spirit Card
Woodlin Spirit
0 Star: +3% Multikill per Tier
4 Star: +15% Multikill per Tier
Ruby Star: +18% Multikill per Tier
Woodlin Spirit Monster
Woodlin Spirit
(World 6)
Sovereign Emperor Card
Emperor Card
0 Star: +20% Multikill per Tier
4 Star: +100% Multikill per Tier
Ruby Star: +120% Multikill per Tier

(World 6)
(Not released,
so only
W6 Card Pack)
Hydron Star Sign
Star Sign
+15% Total Multikill
(2nd Constellation, Star #14)
Telescope Constellation NPC
Star Sign
(World 1)
Seraph Star Sign Icon
Killian Maximus
Star Sign
+3% Multikill per Tier
(3rd Constellation, Star F)
Telescope Constellation NPC
Star Sign
(World 1)
Arcade Shop Upgrade 9
Arcade Bonus
When maxed out, gives +5% Multikill per tierArcade Shop Icon
Arcade Shop
(World 2)
Yellow Kazam Bubble 16
Mr Massacre
Alchemy Bubble
+% Multikill per tier
(Level 100 bubble gives +60% multikill)
Alchemy Cauldron Animation
(World 2)
Frigid Soul (Worship)
Slowergy Drink
Alchemy Vial
+1% Multikill per tier per Vial levelAlchemy Cauldron Animation
(World 2)
Utilitarian Capsule
+9.78% Multikill per tier at max level 400Post Office Box
Post Office
(World 2)
Bronze Multikill ObolSilver Multikill Obol
Gold Multikill ObolPlatinum Multikill Obol
Dementia Multikill Obol
Multikill Obols
Bronze Obol: +1% Multikill
Silver Obol: +2% Multikill
Gold Obol: +3% Multikill
Platinum Obol: +5% Multikill
Dementia Obol: +10% Multikill
More Obol Storage Slots
Death Note Structure
Death Note
+2% Multikill per Building LevelConstruction Table Animation
(World 3)
Multikill Prayer
Balance of Pain
Level 1: +8% Multikill per Tier
Level 30: +31.2% Multikill per Tier
World 4 Tower Defense
Wave 21 at
Clash of Cans TD
(World 4)
Purple Salt
Purple Salt
Level 1: +3% Multikill
Level 10: +30% Multikill
Salt Lick NPC
Salt Lick
(World 3)
Multikill Lab Chip
Wood Chip
+15% Multikill per tierLaboratory Skill Icon
(World 4)
Mana Is Life Wizard Talent
Mana Is Life
Level 100: +20% Multikill per Tier
Level 200: +27% Multikill per Tier
Wizard Icon
Wizard Talent
Sailing Artifact 27
Trilobite Rock
Normal: +25% Multikill per Tier
Ancient: +50%
Eldritch: +75% (from The Rift)
Sailing Skill (World 5)
(World 5)

As you might notice there are tons of ways to buff your multikill in each world, many stronger than others. Boosting these is very important as the Tiers you can gain by simply boosting your damage increase exponentially and you will hit a wall fast.

Death Note Structure

World 6 Jade Emporium & BoneJoePickle

Once you reach World 6, the first thing you do is go to the new Vendor and check what he has for sale. The first item is the spooky BoneJoePickle.

BoneJoePickle Icon
Multiplies miniboss HP by 1.1x and stacks with other BoneJoePickles.

Must hold in character inventory while fighting boss to have any effect.
Spirit Village Vendor
Spirit Village Shop
World 6
Spirit Village

Sadly you can only buy 1 per day, but make sure to buy one every day.

Now you might be wondering why you should care about this when it comes to multikills, but that comes to play when you check the Jade Emporium shop where you can buy bonuses with Jade earned from Sneaking.

Jade Emporium
Revenge of the Pickle Upgrade
Revenge of the Pickle
(16th upgrade)
Adds a new miniboss page to the left of
World 1 in the Death Note.

Each BoneJoePickle in your inventory
counts as +1 boss kill in Death Note.
Jade Coin 11.7B

So once you manage to buy the upgrade, you get a whole new page in your Death Note and the best part about it is, that it gives multikill bonuses to every world, unlike the other pages which only affect that specific world.

BoneJoePickle Death Note

On the right you can see how many kills you need per point and each point grants you +1% Multikill per Tier for every World!

You might also notice that stacking the pickles increase the miniboss health, so when you have tons of pickles, your damage needs to be ready for the HP scaling.

Remember to keep the pickles in the inventory of the character you fight the boss with or you get no progress!

Locked BoneJoePickles in Inventory

At the time of writing this, there are 6 different minibosses that count for this Death Note.

Dr Defecaus Monster Animation
Dr Defecaus
World 1
The Office
This boss respawns every day.
Baba Yaga Walking Icon
Baba Yaga
World 1
Birch Enclave
Dewdrop Colosseum
Check out our Baba Yaga guide

Biggie Hours
World 2
The Mimic Hole
Sandstone Colosseum
To spawn this boss in the first map, you must drop Googley Eyes on the broken hourglass. (The crafting recipe drops from Crabcakes)

As for Sandstone Colosseum, Biggie Hours is the final boss.
King Doot Boss Monster Animation
King Doot
World 2
Sands of Time
Check out our Doot guide
Dilapidated Slush Boss Animation
Dilapidated Slush
World 3
Refrigeration Station
Chillsnap Colosseum
To spawn this boss in the first map, drop a Bucket of Slush on the snow pile.
(The crafting recipe for the bucket drops from most W3 mobs like Bloques)

As for Chillsnap Colosseum, Dilapidated Slush is the final boss.
Mutated Mush Monster Animation
Mutated Mush
World 4
Spaceway Raceway
Astro Colosseum
To spawn this boss in the first map, drop a Toxic Sludge on the top platform of the map. (Get as drop from Slime in World 1)

As for Astro Colosseum, Mutated Mush is the final boss.

If more minibosses are added in later updates, we will make sure to add them to this list.