How to get Journeyman, Maestro & Voidwalker (and why you need them!)

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Journeyman and it’s sub-class Maestro is a secret class in Idleon and requires a lot of work to unlock. This class is also commonly referred to as Jman or Mman.

However, it is an extremely crucial class that will boost your skilling efficiency on every other character to new heights.

If you don’t know when is the right time to start working on unlocking Journeyman, check our class priority guide for in-depth information, but in general your 7th or 8th character would be a sweet spot. It really doesn’t matter as long as you end up having one (there’s no need for multiple Journeymen).


We added a section on how to unlock the new Voidwalker class advancement to the end of this guide!
Journeyman Class Big Image

Why you need a Journeyman Class

The reason you need a Journeyman is to get its sub-class Maestro, which has a skill that boosts all your other characters Skilling Efficiency.

Skill Efficiency TalentRight Hand
of Action
Boosts skill efficiency of other characters if their skill level is lower than Maestro’s.Level 100:
+75% Skill Efficiency

Level 200:
+100% Skill Efficiency

This means if your Maestro has a Mining level of 85 and your Warrior has a Mining level of 80, your Warrior will double his Mining Efficiency as long as his Mining level stays below 85. This is also a key factor that is explained in our Mining Build guide.

Maestro also has a Left Hand of Learning skill which has a similar boost for Skill EXP instead, but it shouldn’t really be used as you want to keep your other characters skill levels lower than Maestro’s.

Also now that Voidwalker has been released, it has even more epic skills to boost all your other teammates, but he is covered later in the guide.


This means that you should always aim to have your other characters skills lower level than your Maestro’s, otherwise they don’t receive this bonus!

However, you should still level up all your characters skills up to the level requirement of the highest level tool for that profession.

For example, the current highest Mining Pickaxe is the Destroyer of the Mollo Gomme which requires a Mining level of 100. So once you reach level 100 in mining for your Warriors, make sure to stop leveling and make sure Maestro’s mining stays above level 100.

This way you get the efficiency boost as well as the stats of the highest level pickaxe.

Copper Pickaxe (Mining)
Mining Power: +6
Mining Speed: +3
STR: +3
Upgrade Slots: 2
Destroyer of the Mollo Gomme Pickaxe
of the Mollo
Mining Power: +62
Mining Speed: +8
STR: +55
AGI: +25
Mining Efficiency: +35%
Defence: +35
Upgrade Slots: 7

As you can see from the table above, the stat bonuses from a higher level tool are significant and they boost your efficiency a lot more.

We provided some tips on how to maintain this level balance later on in the guide.

Also don’t focus too much on reaching level 100 in any skill before you reach World 6, as resources in later worlds will always give A LOT more experience to skills.

Rift Update

Rift has been added to World 4 and it has a reward that gives you buffs from your total skill levels across all characters, which has made it worth while to level all characters skills even higher than the maximum tool requirements. However, you should focus on doing that only at very end game when you have nothing better to do.

Read more about The Rift rewards!

How to get the Journeyman Class

Getting Journeyman is fairly easy, but getting Maestro later on can be difficult (definitely tedious).

The Journeyman class can only be acquired by completing a certain questline and you must be a Beginner class while you do the quests. This means you CAN NOT choose any class like Warrior, Archer or Mage from Promotheus at Valley of Beans!


If you accidentally chose a normal class, you will not be able to become a Journeyman on that character and the only way is to wait until you unlock a new character and do the quests on that character!

Another thing to note early on is that you will need the following items from World 1 in order to complete all the Journeyman quests:

(If you already have the Peanut Recipe, you can skip the first 3 items!)

Nomwich (Food)
30Blunder Hills Shop
Blunder Hills
Frog Leg (Monster drop)
200Frog Monster Animation
Froggy Fields
Bean Slices (Monster drop)
100Bored Bean Monster Animation
Bored Bean
Valley of the Beans
Hot Dog (Food)
3,302Blunder Hills Shop Encroaching Forest Villas Shop
Blunder Hills &
Encroaching Forest Villas
Bleach Logs (Chopping)
1,651Birch Tree (Chopping)
Birch Tree
Valley of the Beans
Copper Ore (Mining)
1,651Copper Vein (Mining)
Copper Vein
Tunnels Entrance
Gold Bar (Smelting)
250Forge AnimationGold Ore (Mining)
Smelt in Blunder Hills
Gold Ore from Freefall Caverns

Once you’ve acquired all these items, you need to use some of these items in order to get a crafting recipe for Peanuts.

This can be acquired by completing the first 4 quests from Picnic Stowaway in Froggy Fields.

The first quest will require 30 Nomwiches that you should have ready to go.

The second quest will require you to kill a few Frogs until they drop 3 Ketchup Bottles and 3 Mustard Bottles. This should take only a minute or two and you can throw away any extra bottles you might find.

The third quest needs you to kill a few Green Mushrooms that will be spawned into the Froggy Fields map. The Mushrooms that you need to kill have a fist-icon on top of them.

Finally the fourth quest needs you to turn in 200 Frog Legs and 100 Bean Slices.

After completing these four quests, talk to Picnic Stowaway again and it will drop you a recipe to craft Peanuts!

Now go to your Anvil and craft 651 Peanuts.

Peanut Crafting

Next, move the Peanuts into your Storage chest to split them into your Bag in four separate stacks of 1, 50, 200 and 400.

Make Peanut Stacks

Once you have your nut-stacks looking good, go to the Vegetable Patch map and drop the single peanut onto the bush next to the tree.

Drop Peanut on Bush

After a second or two the bush will eat your Peanut and start giving you quests.

Peanut notice 🥜

The bush will destroy the whole stack when it wakes up, so make sure to only drop 1 peanut on it!

Also note, in the past you had to drop all stacks on the bush separately, but now you only need to drop the first peanut, the rest will be taken from your inventory automatically, so it’s not really necessary to split them into 4 stacks anymore.

Keep clicking on the bush until he has taken all your 650 peanuts and given you a single Stone Peanut in return.

Now you must go back to town and craft 500 more Peanuts, then go the bottom right corner of the Froggy Fields map, where you will find a rock with a small X on it.

Drop Stone Peanut on Rocklyte

Drop your Stone Peanut on the rock, after which it will ask you for your 500 Peanuts.

This in turn will reward you with the Golden Peanut recipe and you must go back to town and make 5 of those Golden Peanuts.

Sadly, in-order to craft them, you will need 500 Peanuts once again, as well as a total of 250 gold bars.

Once you crafted your shiny nuts, go give them to the same rock and you will be rewarded with the Journeyman class advancement!

It is good to note that this questline can be done this far with any class, but unless your character is a Beginner class, meaning you haven’t selected any class yet, you won’t be rewarded anything for turning in the Golden Peanuts.

Maestro Class Big Image

How to unlock the Maestro Class

If you thought gathering Peanuts was a pain, you’re in for a disappointment, as the Maestro class advancement takes a lot more work.

To start off, you will obviously need to be a Journeyman in order to advance to the Maestro class.

Next head to the Shifty Sandbox map in World 2 and talk to Goldric.

Now you need to do 5 quests from Goldric, which are thankfully not very complicated but can take a while.

The first one needs you to run over some copper coins that spawn on the ground on the same map. Easy enough.

The second quest needs you to get a score of 15 OR pass through a total of 90 rings in any Catching minigame (For example the one in the Jar Bridge map). Also simple enough.

The third quest requires you to find 600 paintings by killing monsters. Ugh, not so simple. You can check the table below where to find those paintings:

Casual Confidante Goldric Quest Item
200Mimic Monster Animation
The Mimic Hole
Triumphant Treason Goldric Quest Item
200Mafioso Monster Animation
The Grandioso Canyon
Claiming Cashe Goldric Quest Item
200Sand Castle Monster Animation
Sand Castle
Shifty Sandbox

Note that you need to have the quest active in order for these paintings to drop from the monsters above.

Once you found 200 of each painting, you can turn them in and move onto the fourth quest, which requires you to find one Golden Plop.

Golden Plop (Monster drop)
Golden Plop
11 in 20,000Poop Monster Animation
World 1
Poopy Sewers

As you may notice, it is a very rare drop so if your kills per hour are very low on Poops, it might take a while to find one. You can use time candy to speed these two quests up a lot!

Finally once you found the Golden Plop, you can move onto the final, fifth quest which requires you to dress up in golden gear. So go craft the items below and equip them on your character, then talk to Goldric.

needed to craft
Gold Helmet Icon
Copper Helmet (x1)
Fly (x2,000)
Gold Bar (x250)
Gold Chest Armor Icon
Copper Platebody (x1)
Pocket Sand (x1,500)
Gold Bar (x350)
Gold Platelegs (Pants)
Copper Platelegs (x1)
Goldfish (x500)
Gold Bar (x475)
Gold Pickaxe (Mining)

Gold Pickaxe
Iron Pickaxe (x1)
Megalodon Tooth (x2,500)
Gold Bar (x800)

Golden tools require a skill level of 15, so you can make any one that you have high enough skill level on, for example a Gold Pickaxe if your Mining is 15.

This quest will finally give you a Bag o Nuts as a reward, which is needed to start the actual Maestro questline.

To start the Maestro quests, go to the last map in World 2, Djonnuttown, and drop the Bag o Nuts on top of the cactus in the bottom left corner (the dark character won’t appear if you’re not a Journeyman).

This will start the dreaded skill level quests where you need to reach high levels in most of your main skills.

The skill requirement quests are split into two quests with the following requirements:

Mining Skill Icon
Choppin Skill Icon
Smithing Skill Icon
Fishing Skill Icon
Alchemy Skill Icon
Catching Skill Icon

We added a chapter below this one with some tips on leveling up these skills fairly easily.

Once you’re done with the skilling quests, you are ready to start the final battle to become a Maestro.

For the final quest you will need to defeat the Biggie Hours boss while having the Elderly Peanut in your inventory (you should receive it after the skilling quests).

Elderly Peanut Maestro Quest Item

The catch is, having this peanut in your inventory will reduce your HP to 1 and reduce your damage by 50%. This might sound impossible but we will share a few solutions below.

However, first you need to summon Biggie Hours, which can be done by crafting Googly Eyes. If you don’t have any, you might want to put the peanut into your Storage while you gather the Recipe and resources needed to craft these eyes.

Anvil Tab 2 Recipe
Recipe for
Googley Eyes
1 in 40,000Crabcake Monster Animation
World 2
Dessert Dunes

Once you have the recipe, you will need the following materials to craft a single pair of Googley Eyes (1 Googley Eyes = 1 Biggie Hours spawn).

Woodular Circle (Monster drop)
2Walking Stick Monster Animation
Walking Stick
World 1
The Base of the Bark
Distilled Water Icon
5Alchemy Cauldron Animation
Alchemy Shop
World 2
Yum Yum Grotto
Capitalist Case (Bag)
1Encroaching Forest Villas Shop
World 1
Encroaching Forest Villas

Once you have crafted the Googley Eyes, grab your Elderly Peanut and go to The Mimic Hole, then drop the eyes on the broken hourglass.

This will spawn Biggie Hours and you must defeat it in order to turn the Elderly Peanut young again and finish your Maestro quest!

The obvious question then remains, how can you beat Biggie Hours with 1 HP?

Well the easiest option is to have high enough defense to take 0 damage from it. This would require you to have 594 DEF, which you can check by opening your bag and checking the Defense stat from the Player Info on the left.

The best way to boost your defense is to equip better armor and equip any cards that boost defense and upgrade the orange FMJ bubble in alchemy.

However, an even easier way is to use the Wooden Bow from the first Anvil Tab and just rain arrows at Biggie Hours until he dies.

The reason why you must use the Wooden Bow and not something stronger, is because it’s the only bow that can be used by a non-archer class.

Biggie Hours Bow Strategy

You can click on the rope to hide if he gets too close, then go back up again to keep shooting.

While this is a slow method and can take a long time (10-30 minutes depending on your damage), it is a fairly easy way to get through it even if you have low level gear.

The other obvious downside of the Bow strategy is that you must be really careful as a single missed click might get you killed or you might accidentally enter a portal, requiring you to craft more Googley Eyes to try again.

But once you finally defeat him, the Elderly Peanut will turn into a Pete the Peanut, which you can then give to the Cactus and become a Maestro!

Maestro Class Selection

Fastest way to level up Skills for Maestro

The Maestro class advancement requires you to level up 6 different skills, which is notoriously slow, but you can speed up the process with these tips.

First of all, since you’re already a Journeyman, you should take advantage of the Happy Dude skill from the first Skill Tab.

IconNameSkill Effect
Happy Dude Talent (Beginner)Happy DudeIncreases EXP gain for all skills.
(+1% per level)

As for the other base skills, you should level them up based on which skill you are currently working on. For example, when working on your Mining level, level up your STR to 100, then reset your talent points when moving on to the next skill.

The second easy boost to early skilling XP are mini-games, which you can purchase more of from the Gem Shop.

There are also various consumables that can greatly improve skill leveling speed.

Small XP Balloon
EXP Balloon
Gives XP to currently active skill.Alchemy Cauldron Animation
Alchemy Shop
World 2
Yum Yum Grotto
Black Pearl Item
Black Pearl
Gives +20% XP to currently active skill.Killroy Skull Shop
Killroy Shop
World 2
Yum Yum Grotto
1 hour of AFK Gains
Time Candy
Get some hours of gains on currently active skill.Gem Icon
Gem Shop

The above items apply for all skills, except Time Candy can’t be used for Smithing or Alchemy.

When it comes to gear, make sure to always equip the highest level tools you can as well as the profession specific pants and shoes, which can be equipped by all classes.

Bleached Designer Wode Patch Pants (Pants)
Designer Wode
Patch Pants
Dirty Coal Miner Baggy Soot Pants (Pants)
Dirty Coal
Miner Baggy
Soot Pants
Fishing Overalls (Pants)
Bandito Pantaloon (Pants)
Cavern Trekkers (Shoes)
Angler Boots (Shoes)
Logger Heels (Shoes)
Bandito Boots (Shoes)

Alongside gear, make sure to choose appropriate cards which boost the specific skill you are targeting, they’re pretty obvious so we won’t list them here. You can see a few examples in our Mining Build guide.

Finally for Smithing, the best way to level it up is to buy as many Anvil points to upgrade your capacity and speed, then produce Thread and Nails. This will get your level up in no time.

If you’re in a hurry, high level gear and weapons give the most smithing XP.

Keeping Maestro Skills higher than others

As we explained in the first chapter, it is crucial that your Maestros skill levels are higher than other characters, or those characters won’t receive the Skill Efficiency boost from Maestro, making your new hard-earned class nearly useless.

So how can you keep other classes from leveling higher than Maestro?

The most important factor is the Skilled Dimwit prayer from World 3.

Skill Efficiency Prayer
Skilled Dimwit
Level 1:
+30% Skill Efficiency
-20% Skill XP Gain

Level 50 (Maxed):
+177% Skill Efficiency
-118% Skill XP Gain
World 1 Goblin Tower Defense
Goblin Gorefest
Wave 25

So once you have the highest tools for each class and don’t really need skill levels for your characters anymore, equip the Skilled Dimwit prayer on that character.

It won’t reduce XP below 0 but it will drastically reduce the amount of XP gained, while increasing your Sample Rates for printing. All in all, no downsides.

Also if you equip Skilled Dimwit on your Maestro, you will in fact gain more XP than before due to the combination of Maestro’s Happy Dude talent and the increased Efficiency from the Prayer.

Finally, make sure to reset your class specific Skill Exp Gain Talent to 0 on any class that you don’t wish to gain more skill levels with.

Talent IconEffect
Skilling XP boost (Warrior Talent) Focused Soul Talent (Archer) Inner Peace Talent (Mage)+1% Skilling XP per level

This skill can be found at the bottom row of the second Talent Tab on every class.

Voidwalker Class

How to unlock Voidwalker

A recent update brought a new subclass following Maestro, called Voidwalker, which doesn’t bring in any new special talents, but instead boosts existing stats and talents for all characters.

Thankfully this class advancement is the easiest one to unlock out of all the prior advancements, requiring only some simple monster kills throughout 3 different quests.

To start the Voidwalker class advancement, you first need to reach World 4 and you need to be at least level 150 with your Maestro.

Then walk to the top right corner of the town to find the Nebulyte NPC peeking from behind the wall.

Voidwalker NPC

The first quest is most likely already done, as you simply need 1M kills on each monster from World 1, 2 and 3, which you should have by this point already. That is a total of 40 monsters. You must visit the Death Note in World 3 to get your progress for the quest.

You can read more about the Death Note from our guide.

After that, you must kill a Chaotic Chizoar on your Maestro, meaning the middle difficulty of the World 3 boss.

Chaotic Chizoar Kill

This might take a while as Maestro damage tends to be a lot lower than other classes, but accuracy will not be a problem so bring enough food in multiple slots and you will be fine.

After the Chizoar, the final quest requires you to kill 12M Green Mushrooms.

The problem is, these kills must be done solely with your Maestro, but the good part is, you can use Time Candy to finish this very fast.

You can see the current amount of Green Mushroom kills you have on your Maestro by opening up your cards and clicking on the Green Mushroom card.

Voidwalker Mushroom Kills

Use as many candies as you need and once you reach 12M kills, you are ready to get your new Voidwalker class from the Nebulyte!

Voidwalker Class Description