Complete Sailing Guide (with best strategies)

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Sailing is currently one of the most important skills in Idleon, as the artifacts give insane bonuses to all aspects of the game.

However, finding those artifacts can be extremely slow and confusing, so we will attempt to give you all the information you need to get those ancient artifacts as fast as possible.

This guide will also go over the various different captains, how to unlock new artifacts and islands as well as the artifact priorities to know what you should focus on first.

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Sailing Islands Explained

There are a total of 15 different islands in Legends of Idleon and each of them drop different treasures and artifacts.

In order to unlock a new island, you must travel to it multiple times until the required Cloud Discovery amount is reached. It is also good to note that discovering islands doesn’t give experience to a captain.

It is recommended to unlock the Islands in order as their distance and cloud unlocking requirements rise exponentially.

You can see the island numbers (thus also the recommended unlock order) from the map below.

Map of Sailing Island and Treasures

Next you should check out the table below to see what materials you will get by sailing to each island and which artifacts can be unlocked from each island.

Note: The artifacts are explained in more depth later in the guide.

Island 1 Normal LootIsland 1 Rare Loot2510Sailing Artifact 1Sailing Artifact 2Sailing Artifact 3Sailing Artifact 4
Island 2 Normal LootIsland 2 Rare Loot100200Sailing Artifact 5Sailing Artifact 6Sailing Artifact 7
Island 3 Normal LootIsland 3 Rare Loot250800Sailing Artifact 8Sailing Artifact 9
Island 4 Normal LootIsland 4 Rare Loot1K6KSailing Artifact 10Sailing Artifact 11Sailing Artifact 12
Island 5 Normal LootIsland 5 Rare Loot3K30KSailing Artifact 13Sailing Artifact 14Sailing Artifact 15
Island 6 Normal LootIsland 6 Rare Loot10K120KSailing Artifact 16Sailing Artifact 17
Bay Inc
Island 7 Normal LootIsland 7 Rare Loot25K400KSailing Artifact 18Sailing Artifact 19
Island 8 Normal LootIsland 8 Rare Loot100K2MSailing Artifact 20Sailing Artifact 21
Island 9 Normal LootIsland 9 Rare Loot300K8MSailing Artifact 22
Island 10 Normal LootIsland 10 Rare Loot1M30MSailing Artifact 23Sailing Artifact 24
Island 11 Normal LootIsland 11 Rare Loot2M60MSailing Artifact 25
Island 12 Normal LootIsland 12 Rare Loot5M120MSailing Artifact 26
Island 13 Normal LootIsland 13 Rare Loot15M400MSailing Artifact 27
14Isle of
Island 14 Normal LootIsland 14 Rare Loot40M1.2BSailing Artifact 28Sailing Artifact 29
Island 15 Normal LootIsland 15 Rare Loot100M2BSailing Artifact 30

As you can see, each island has normal and rare loot, which you can unlock from chests received form those islands.

When you click on an unlocked island, it will show you a minimum travel time. This is a time it takes for a one-way trip and no matter how fast your ship is, it can’t go faster than the shown time.

Sailing Boats Separator

Sailing Captains and Ships Explained

There are currently 6 different captain types and 6 different boat types in Legends of Idleon.

You can also buy a total of 20 separate ships and captains to be used at the same time using gold bars gained from chests.

Gold Bar Treasure

Aside from the basic ship you start with, they can be upgraded with gold bars and island treasures gained from chests and once you reach a high enough total level of a ship, it upgrades its looks.

Boat Level:12550100200300
Image:Ship 1 (Sailing)Ship 2 (Sailing)Ship 3 (Sailing)Ship 4 (Sailing)Ship 5 (Sailing)Ship 6 (Sailing)

Reaching the new tiers wont give any new upgrades, but it does make it easier to see your high level boats on the map.

Captains on the other hand have some more depth to them, as you can get better base stats on new captains as well as level up existing ones.

First of all, you must have an empty boat in order to use a new captain, but once you do, you can purchase captains from the very right of the docks.

Captain Recruitment

You will start with the leftmost pedestal, so you can only choose a single captain per day, but you will unlock the other 3 choices at sailing level 12, 25 and 35.

A captain can be one of the following 6 types, ranked from worst to best:

Image:Captain 0 (Sailing)Captain 1 (Sailing)Captain 2 (Sailing)Captain 3 (Sailing)Captain 4 (Sailing)Captain 5 (Sailing)

Each captain type can have one or two different bonus effects and a higher tier captain can have a higher maximum base stat.

The different effects and their minimum and maximum values per captain Tier are shown below. (We didn’t add tier 0 to the list as they should be replaced as soon as possible!)

IconEffectMax %
Tier 1
Max %
Tier 2
Max %
Tier 3
Max %
Tier 4
Max %
Tier 5
Boat Speed (Sailing)Boat Speed
(Min. 1%)
Loot Value (Sailing)Loot Value
(Min. 4%)
Cloud Discover Rate (Sailing)Cloud Discover
(Min. 4%)
Artifact Find Chance (Sailing)Artifact Find
(Min. 1%)
Rare Chest Chance (Sailing)Rare Chest
(Min. 1%)

To explain this concept further, the minimum % is the same for all 6 captain tiers, but each captain in the recruitment gets a random roll for two of the above stats.

So let’s say you have a tier 3 captain available for purchase, he can have two of any of the above effects (some have only one stat if you’re unlucky), and those stats will be between the Min % and that tiers Max %.

So for example if you have a Tier 3 captain, he can only have a Boat Speed stat between 1% or 26% to start off with.

Sailing Captain Management Screen

The stats will then increase higher than the numbers seen in the table as your captains gain levels, but levels become very slow to gain around level 13, so having higher base stats will make your captain have higher stats when he is a higher level.

This means you should always check if you have captains for sale that have nearly maxed stats.


Since all captain tiers have the same minimum % for all effects, this means even a Tier 1 captain can have better stat rolls than a Tier 5 captain.
Keep this table handy when checking your captain recruitment, to find the best ones!
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Sailing Artifacts and Priorities

Artifacts are the most important thing in Sailing and in World 5 altogether. They give massive bonuses which are often double by their Ancient counterpart.

Artifacts can only be unlocked by opening Chests and the higher the chest quality is, the more likely it is to give you an artifact.

Ancient Artifacts in World 5

Once you have the base version of an artifact, you can get an Ancient version of it, but they have an even lower chance to drop from a chest.

You can check the table below what each artifact does and which island you can unlock them from.

The table also shows an estimate priority, meaning which artifact is the most important to unlock in terms of difficulty and usefulness.

Rift Bonus 6

The Rift has been added to World 4 and it brings along Eldritch Artifacts, so once you unlock the bonus from the rifts, you can upgrade any Ancient Artifact into a Eldritch Artifact which will boost the bonus even further, usually tripling instead of just doubling the bonus.
IconNameIslandMain BonusAncient BonusPriority
Sailing Artifact 1Moai
Island 1 Normal Loot
Get bonuses from all shrines on any mapShrines level up +100% fasterBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 2Maneki
Island 1 Normal Loot
+2% money from all monsters per level of highest level characterMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 3Ruble
Island 1 Normal Loot
+1% Total Damage per 10 items found after 500Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 4Fauxory
Island 1 Normal Loot
+1% Artifact Find Chance per sailing levelMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 5Gold
Island 2 Normal Loot
All printer samples grow by 1% per day for 40 days. Resets on new samples.Samples grow by 1.5% for 60 days insteadBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 6Genie
Island 2 Normal Loot
+2% Loot Value from chests per sailing levelMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 7Silver
Island 2 Normal Loot
Unlocks Sailing Crate in Post Office+25% chance for +1 box when completing orders in Post OfficeBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 8Emerald
Island 3 Normal Loot
Ability to trade loot for gold barsGet 1.3x more gold bars from tradesBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 9Fun
Island 3 Normal Loot
+6% Total Damage per power of 10 Construction Build RateMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 10Arrow-
Island 4 Normal Loot
Set minimum rarity for delivered sailing chests1.25x higher chance for better chestsBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 1110 AD
Island 4 Normal Loot
+4% Sailing Speed per 10 items found after 500Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 12Ashen
Island 4 Normal Loot
+1% Divinity points per class level of your highest level character (up to level 200)Main bonus can go up to level 400 insteadBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 13Amberite#5
Island 5 Normal Loot
Lab bonus 'No Bubble Left Behind' affects 1 extra bubbleMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 14Triagulon#5
Island 5 Normal Loot
+15% Cooking Speed per power of 10 Turkeys ownedMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 15Billcye
Island 5 Normal Loot
Unlocks Divinity Crate in Post Office+25% chance for +1 box when completing orders in Post OfficeBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 16Frost
Island 6 Normal Loot
+30% Skill Efficiency in World 1, 2 & 3 skillsMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 17Chilled
Island 6 Normal Loot
Alchemy Sigils give 2x higher bonusesMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 18Causti-
Island 7 Normal Loot
+10 Max Level for all cooking mealsMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 19Jade
Island 7 Normal Loot
+3% Divinity points per 10 items found after 500Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 20Dream-
Island 8 Normal Loot
Sailing loot pile can hold 2 more chestsMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 21Gummy
Island 8 Normal Loot
+15% Gaming bits per 10 items found after 500Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 22Fury
Island 9 Normal Loot
+25 max level for Library Talent BooksMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 23Cloud
Island 10 Normal Loot
Unlocks Gaming Crate in Post Office+25% chance for +1 box when completing orders in Post OfficeBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 24Weather-
Island 10 Normal Loot
+10% Gaming bits per gaming levelMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 25Giants
Island 11 Normal Loot
+25% Shiny Pet breed chance per day. Resets on successful hatch.Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 26Crystal
Island 12 Normal Loot
+2% Total Damage per 100 class main stat (STR, AGI, WIS or LUK)Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 27Trilobite
Island 13 Normal Loot
+25% Multikill per damage tierMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 28Opera
Island 14 Normal Loot
+1% Total Damage per power of 10 Gold Bars owned in SailingMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 29Socrates#14
Island 14 Normal Loot
+10% All Stats (STR, AGI WIS and LUK)Main bonus is doubledBest of the Best
Sailing Artifact 30The True
Island 15 Normal Loot
+15% Total Damage per power of 10 Particles in Atom ColliderMain bonus is doubledBest of the Best

To explain the lower priorities that might be surprising, it’s all relative and depends on which point you are in the game. Most artifacts are extremely powerful which is why most of them have a high priority.

Most notably Ruble Cuble gives a lot less total damage % than other damage boosting artifacts.

Also Causticolumn gives more max levels to cooking, but you will only reach those levels at extreme late game, so it is definitely not a high priority.

Cloud Urn is also ranked fairly low as it unlocks the Gaming Post Office box, which is not a very important box in comparison to most others, so you will only need it if you have tons of points left over.

Gaming Post Office Crate

Finally the Giants Eye artifact is completely useless at the time of writing this guide, as Shiny Pets give no bonuses yet. This will probably become very useful later on if Shiny Pets are updated to give significant boosts, similar to Artifacts.

Sailing Boats Separator

Ways to boost Sailing Speed and Gains

Same as every other skill in Legends of Idleon, Sailing has tons of ways to boost its efficiency.

Obviously as mentioned before, leveling up captains and boats will give you more speed and loot gains for those entities, however other aspects will boost all of them at the same time.

The most important way to boost sailing is to acquire a Siege Breaker class, which is the second job advancement of an Archer and then Bowman. You can find more information about acquiring this class in our Subclass guide.

The significant skills you will get with this class are as follows:

IconNameDescriptionEffect Scaling
Unending Loot Search TalentUnending
When loot pile is full, ships can upgrade previous chests instead of filling the pile.
Also boosts Loot Value from Chests!
Level 100:
+36% Chest Loot
Level 200:
+50% Chest Loot
Expertly Sailed TalentExpertly
More Sailing EXP for all characters.Level 100:
+30% Sailing EXP
Level 200:
+40% Sailing EXP
Captain Peptalk TalentCaptain
All Captains gain more EXP.Level 100:
+40% EXP
Level 200:
+53% EXP
Higher family bonuses (Blood Berserker & Divine Knight Talent)The
Boosts Family Bonus given by this character.

Siege Breakers Family Bonus is less Minimum Boat Travel time!
Level 100:
+20% Higher Family Bonus
Level 200:
+27% Higher Family Bonus

As you can see the Unending Loot Search is the most crucial skill as it will prevent your Loot Pile from filling up and it will upgrade your existing chests instead. On top of that it will boost the amount of loot you get from all chests, so make sure to max it out as soon as possible!

More Sailing EXP is important due to artifacts boosting your sailing speed according to your Sailing level, and Captain EXP helps level up captains faster, boosting their bonuses.

Minimum Sail Time Family Bonus

The Family Guy talent can be used to increase the characters own Family Bonus, which in this case is Siege Breakers buff to shorten the minimum travel time to Islands.

Aside from talents, Alchemy is once again one of the big difference makers when it comes to sailing buffs. Here’s the three bubbles and one alchemy vial you should level up:

ItemEffectMaterial Source
Green Quicc Bubble 23
at Heart

Chance to get Sailing Progress from normal AFK Gains.
(This bubble must be equipped to a character)
Island 6 Normal Loot
Sailing Treasure
(Island #6)
Yellow Kazam Bubble 22
Big P
Higher Minor Link Bonus from a linked God.
(This bubble must be equipped to a character)
Island 1 Normal Loot
Sailing Treasure
(Island #1)
Yellow Kazam Bubble 21

More sailing Speed for all boats.Gaming Skill (World 5)
Gaming Bits
(W5 – Town)
Orange Slice (Monster Drop)
OJ Jooce
More sailing Speed for all boats.Citringe Monster Animation
(W5 – OJ Bay)

For once these are fairly self explanatory, except for the Big P Bubble. It becomes important once you unlock the 7th God from Divinity, called Purrmep.

GodMain Link
Minor Link
Tiger Cat God
(God #7)
All characters produce 2x more Divinity Points and Divinity XP.+% Boat Sailing Speed
+% Gaming Plant Grow Speed
+% Sailing Speed

This means that any (one) character should be linked to Purrmep, after which it’s Minor Link Bonus (Sailing Speed) will be applied to all boats.

Then you must equip the Big P bubble to ANY character, then always claim your Sailing gains with the character that has Big P equipped.

This means the you don’t necessarily need to have Purrmep and Big P on the same character (although you can), but you must collect sailing gains with the Big P-owner to get the boosted sailing speeds.

Alongside Purrmep, there are 3 other useful Gods you can utilize to boost your Sailing gains.

GodMain Link
Minor Link
Goat God
(God #5)
Being connected to Lab gains Divinity points & XP
(Not Needed)
+% AFK Gains
(Not Needed)
+% Sailing Speed
Elephant God
(God #6)
Claiming AFK gains might count for Sailing time+% Class EXP
(Not Needed)
+% Divinity Gain
(Not Needed)
Badger God
(God #10)
Nothing yet.Nothing yet.+% Sailing Speed

Out of these 3 gods, you should only connect characters to Omniphau as only only Linked characters will receive the Main Link Bonus. There’s a 1 in 6 chance to get Sailing AFK Gains (the other 5 chances are Refinery, Printing, Cooking, Breeding and Gaming gains).

The reason why you shouldn’t connect characters to Goharut or Bagur is because Blessings are passive and given to all characters, even if nobody is linked to them!

This also means you should upgrade all Gods blessings as soon as possible.

Next up are the Artifacts which we have already gone through, but let’s recap the ones that will have a major impact in your Sailing gains.

Sailing Artifact 4
Fauxory Tusk
+1% Artifact Find per sailing levelIsland 1 Normal Loot
Island #1
Sailing Artifact 6
Genie Lamp
+2% Loot Value from chests per sailing levelIsland 2 Normal Loot
Island #2
Sailing Artifact 7
Silver Ankh
Unlocks Sailing Post Office BoxIsland 2 Normal Loot
Island #2
Sailing Artifact 8
Emerald Relic
Trade loot for Gold BarsIsland 3 Normal Loot
Island #3
Sailing Artifact 10
Set minimum chest quality
(Don’t use if you have Siege Breaker)
Island 4 Normal Loot
Island #4
Sailing Artifact 11
10 AD Tablet
+4% Sailing Speed per 10 items after 500Island 4 Normal Loot
Island #4
Sailing Artifact 20
Loot Pile can hold more chestsIsland 8 Normal Loot
Island #8

The only ones that might warrant an explanation is Silver Ankh which allows you to trade treasures for Gold Bars, which you should do as often as possible, as it will allow you to boost the first ships to high levels very fast.

As for the Arrowhead, it can be useful early on if you can’t claim your Sailing gains often enough. However, once you get Siege Breaker and its Unending Loot Search Talent, you should always have the lowest chest selected.

Finally there are a few various items that should be considered across many categories, so we listed them into a convenient table below.

ItemDescriptionMain Source
Sailing AFK Gold Food
Golden Hampter
Gummy Candy
Chance to convert AFK Gains
into Sailing Gains
Stiltmole Monster Animation
World 5
The Great Molehill
Increase Sailing Speed
+% Sailing SpeedPirate Porkchop NPC
Pirate Porkchop
World 5
Cracker Jack Lake
Sailing Speed Statue
Boat Statue
+% Sailing SpeedCitringe Monster Animation
World 5
OJ Bay
Popped Corn Meal
Popped Corn
+% Sailing SpeedCooking Table Animation
World 4
Crawler Card
Crawler Card
+% Sailing Speed
(Passive Card)
Crawler Monster Animation
World 5
Crawly Catacombs
Kattlecruk W5 Boss Card
Kattlecruk Card
+% Sailing Speed
(Passive Card)
World 5 Card Pack
W5 Card Pack
Gem Shop

You buy some useful Gem Shop items like the Chest Sluggo as well as Bottled Wind and Miracle Chests, but they’re expensive. You can learn more about them in our Gem Shop Priority guide.

Rift Gate Animation

A fresh update has brought as Rifts (read our Rift guide), which can be accessed from the top right corner of the World 4 map called The Untraveled Octopath.

Once you reach Rift 16, you will unlock the Skill Mastery bonuses which will give various boosts to all skills depending on their total level.

Rift Skill Mastery Sailing Bonus

This means also you Sailing will be improved, receiving more Sailing EXP and Sailing Speed alongside the skilling boosts from all the other skills besides Sailing as well.

Sailing Boats Separator

Sailing strategy for early and late game

Thankfully after figuring out all the factors that speed up your Sailing Speed and increase your Loot Value, there’s nothing much else you need to think about except boosting those factors.

However, when you’re first starting out in World 5, there are a few things you need to aim for first.

The first priority should be to buy as many boats and then captains for those boats, as soon as possible, as more boats will exponentially increase your earned loot and island discovery rate.

And in order to get more gold to buy those boats and captains, you need to get the Emerald Relic artifact from Island #3 to trade Treasure for Gold Bars.

Sailing Gold Bar Trading

You should spend most of the Gold Bars upgrading the first ships’ speed as much as possible, then use that ship to unlock new islands. Use the rest of the Gold Bars to buy more boats.

Separate your boats between your islands to get a good spread of upgrade materials for your ships and put the slowest ones on the early islands.

When you’re buying new Captains, make sure to check the table from the start of this guide to see which has great stats.

Loot Value (Sailing) Rare Chest Chance (Sailing) Boat Speed (Sailing) Artifact Find Chance (Sailing) Cloud Discover Rate (Sailing)

When it comes to best Captain stats, you should prioritize Boat Speed, Loot Value and Artifact Chance in the early game until you find all the Artifacts.

Towards the end game you should focus only on Loot Value and Rare Chest Chance, you can ignore Sailing Speed completely as you should already have enough upgrades.

Finally a last thing to think about is the ever-important Unending Loot Search talent, as if you’re collecting chests from multiple islands, the lower islands can easily replace higher level chests as you gain way more of them.

Set Boats to One Island

This means once you reach the end-game and need specific materials, it is often a good idea to direct all your ships to that same island to ensure you only get that specific type of Loot Chest.