Complete Arcade Guide

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The Arcade is a fun addition to World 2 of Idleon which allows you to get various rewards and upgrade bonuses by launching balls into the Arcade machine.

There are tons of random rewards to be gained and rotating upgrades to use your points on, however they’re not as game-changing as most other aspects of the game.

We will cover all the possible rewards and upgrades as well as all the ways to increase your Arcade Ball production speed.

World 6 Update

The release of World 6 also added 10 new upgrades to the Arcade Shop, so check them out from the Arcade Shop Upgrade Priorities (the last 10 rows of the table)!

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How Arcade actually works

The Arcade logic is extremely simple, as all you need to do is launch your balls and hope for them to land into further buckets for better rewards.

The most common rewards are the Golden Balls, which can be used in the Arcade Shop to buy various permanent upgrades. We explained those upgrades at the end of the article.

They way you get more Arcade balls is simply by waiting for the timer at the top to go down and then clicking the Claim-button.

Claim Arcade Balls

Once you click the button, the timer will reset to the highest value, so if you’re close to the next ball, it would be smart to wait for it first.

You can see your current maximum claim amount by clicking the green Info button on the right side of the Arcade view, then look under the Other Stuff -title.

Ball Claim Time

You can see that once you reach the Max Claim amount, you will no longer get more balls until you claim them. The Max Claim amount will increase if you increase the Max Time or Recharge rate.

If you move the Speed slider at the far right to it’s highest setting, the balls will launch faster.

Arcade Launch Speed

This is always recommended, as the speed has no effect on where the balls will land, it will only speed up your process.

Finally, if you receive a Red Dice as a bucket reward, you need to click on it and hope it stops at a 6, which will give you access to the Bonus Cade.

Lavas Ballpit of Fire and Fury

The bonus cade gives you a few red balls which will reward you with either more red balls or normal arcade balls.

Once you run out of red balls, you will return to the normal screen with all the balls you won.

Bonus Cade Note!

It is recommended to select the Right Tilt option, as it has been confirmed by the developer that it has a higher chance for better rewards, even though you start with less red balls.

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Every possible Arcade Reward

Most of the rewards below are self explanatory, but we will explain a few of them after the tables to make sure there’s no confusion left.

Yes, the 3 Stamps in the Gold Bucket are extremely rare on purpose!

Arcade Slot 1

White Bucket

Portal 1
Copper Portal
Arcade Shop Icon
3x Shop Points
Copper Coin (Value 1)
Arcade Slot 2

Copper Bucket

Portal 2
Silver Portal
Arcade Shop Icon
6x Shop Points
Obol Fragment Icon
Obol Fragment
Gem Icon
1x Gem
Gold Food Coupon Icon
Gold Food Coupon
1 hour of AFK Gains
1 Hour Time Candy
Arcade Slot 3

Silver Bucket

Portal 3
Gold Portal
Arcade Shop Icon
12x Shop Points
Gem Icon
4x Gems
Arcade Ball Icon
8x Arcade Balls
Red Die
Red Die
Obol Fragment Icon
Obol Fragment
Resource Coupon Icon
Resource Coupon
2 hours of AFK Gains
2 Hour
Time Candy
Arcade Slot 4

Gold Bucket

Portal 4
Dementia Portal
Arcade Shop Icon
75x Shop Points
Gem Icon
16x Gems
Arcade Ball Icon
20x Arcade Balls
Red Die
Red Die
Medium XP Balloon
Medium Experience
4 hours of AFK Gains
4 Hour
Time Candy
Arcade Ball Stamp
Arcade Ball Stamp
Gold Ball Stamp
Gold Ball Stamp
Ball Timer Stamp
Ball Timer Stamp
Arcade Slot 5

Dementia Bucket

Arcade Shop Icon
200x Shop Points
Arcade Ball Icon
40x Arcade Balls
Gem Icon
50x Gems
Red Die
Red Die
Really Really Resource Coupon Icon
Really Really
Resource Coupon
Silver Gold Obols
Obol Stack
Premium Upgrade Stone - StrengthPremium Upgrade Stone - Wisdom
Premium Upgrade Stone - AgilityPremium Upgrade Stone - Luck
Premium Stone
12 hours of AFK Gains
12 Hour
Time Candy
Ball Joe Pickle
Arcade Slot 6

Dreadlo Bucket

Arcade Ball Icon
100x Arcade Balls
Arcade Shop Icon
500x Shop Points
Gem Icon
250x Gems
Gold Platinum Dementia Obols
Obol Stack
Large XP Balloon
3x Large Experience
72 hours of AFK Gains
72 Hour
Time Candy
World 2 Card Pack
Ancient Card Pack
World 3 Card Pack
Eternal Card Pack
The Red Boaty Helmet
The Red Boaty
Arcade Slot 7

Godshard Bucket

Gem Icon
2,000x Gems
Arcade Shop Icon
3,000x Shop Points
Arcade Ball Icon
250x Arcade Balls

For further explain a few items, starting off with the Copper Bucket, the Obol Fragments are the same pieces you would get when you trash any obol at the Altar.

The Resource Coupons will drop various resources on your feet once you hold down on them. However, when you get a coupon for the first time, drop it on the ground first and pick it up, as the game doesn’t recognize it as a picked-up item otherwise. (This will be needed for the item Slab in World 5, which will give bonuses depending on how many different items you have picked up!)

Resource Coupons in Slab

Next up, in the Dementia Bucket you have a 1% chance to receive the BallJoePickle item and its only use is to be dropped on the Alchemy cauldron so you can receive the Vial which will increase your Arcade Ball Gain Rate by +25% per level.

The Dreadlo Bucket has a rare Red Boaty hat reward, which is in fact a Premium Hat, so you can equip it over any normal Helmet and place premium upgrade stones on it.

Finally, the Godshard Bucket will give you all of the 3 rewards mentioned in the table, if you somehow manage to hit it.

Arcade Separator

All the ways to get more Arcade Balls

The most common way to speed up Arcade Ball generation are various Achievements, in fact a whopping 25 of them for a total of 50% more Arcade Balls per hour.

Heyo! Achievement
Say ‘Hi’ to 250 different people, without closing the game.+1%1
Decked Out in Gold Achievement
Decked Out in Gold
Equip a Golden Helmet, Chestplate, Pants, Shoes, 2x Gold Tools and Defenders Dignity Ring.+3%1
Lucky 7s Achievement
Lucky 7s
Punch a monster for 777 damage.+1%1
What a View! Achievement
What a View!
Climb THIS TREE and say “Great view, 1 star” in chat.+1%1
Seriousleaf-ast! Achievement
Score a point in the Chopping Minigame on maximum speed.
(Wait 20+ minutes without scoring, then hit a point)
Wassup Yo! Achievement
Wassup Yo!
Say ‘Hi’ to 100 different people, without changing server.+2%2
Gold School Achievement
Gold School
Make a stack of 1,500 Goldfish in the Storage Chest.+1%2
Hybernation Achievement
Claim 168 hour AFK gains on one character at once.+3%2
Obols Oh Boy! Achievement
Obols Oh Boy!
Equip 10 Silver Obols at once.+2%2
Trial by Time Achievement
Trial by Time
Run from Town to Efaunt’s Tomb in under 2 minutes with less than 132% move speed and no map teleports.

– Use speed potions and Blink talent on a Mage.
– Go to Town with one character, then swap to one that is at Efaunt’s Tomb.
– Open and close the Gem Shop on some maps to move closer to then portal
Sweet Victory Achievement
Sweet Victory
Get a Score of 200K in World 2 Colosseum+2%2
WAAAAAAAHH! Achievement
Complete all Treasure Hunts.+3%2
Bobjoepicklejar Achievement
Drop a BobJoePickle on the Cauldron.+1%2
Sad Souls Achievement
Sad Souls
Make a stack of 1,000 Forest Souls in the Storage Chest.+1%3
Yawning Cogs Achievement
Yawning Cogs
Have 4 unclaimed Yellow Cogs at once.+2%3
Soulslike Achievement
Unlock 4 Prayers from Tower Defences.+2%3
I Create... Achievement
I Create…
Upgrade buildings in Construction 50 times.+1%3
Borrowed Pens Achievement
Borrowed Pens
Kill all Penguins in the map in 13 seconds of entering. They must all be spawned in first.
(Signature Slopes map in World 3)
Cogs Be Waitin' Achievement
Cogs Be Waitin’
Have 16 unclaimed Gray Cogs at once.+4%3
Knock on Wood Achievement
Knock on Wood
Beat wave 50 of Acord Assault with only 4 towers.+3%3
Space Party!!! Achievement
Space Party
Dance with at least 5 other people in World 4 town.
(Type “/dance” in chat to dance)
WOAH That's Fast Achievement
WOAH That’s Fast
Have a speed of ‘Too Fast‘ while cooking an Eggplant.+2%4
Chippin' Away Achievement
Chippin’ Away
Claim 25 chips from the Chip Repository.+2%4
Great Plate Achievement
Great Plate
Upgrade any meal to level 16.+2%4
Too Many Tentacles Achievement
Too Many Tentacles
Make a stack of 10M Wriggly Balls from Octodars in the Storage Chest.+3%4

Alongside the achievements, there are a few more ways to boost the arcade ball generation speed, the best of which is the BallJoePickle alchemy vial, which you can get as a reward from the Dementia Bucket in Arcade.

BallJoePickle Alchemy Vial

The image above includes various Vial boosting effects, so yours wont be so high at first.

Another easy way to boost the gain rate is by purchasing the Weighted Marbles bribe from the last tab at the Stamp NPC.

Weighted Marbles Bribe

It will give a whopping +10% boost for a fairly cheap price.

There are also the 2 stamps you can get from the Gold Bucket if you are extremely lucky:

Arcade Ball Stamp
Arcade Ball Stamp
+% Arcade Ball recharge rate
Ball Timer Stamp
Ball Timer Stamp
Higher maximum claim time to get more balls

Finally, the last way to increase the arcade ball gain rate is from the World 2 Merit shop.

World 2 Merit Shop Arcade

As you can see, it is also a very significant boost and worth upgrading once you get enough points from Achievements.

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Arcade Shop Rewards Showcase

There are a total of 18 upgrades you can buy from the Arcade Shop, but 9 of them are visible at one time and they rotate every time the game is updated.

All the upgrades cost the same to level up and everything maxes out at level 100. It costs a total of 32,457 Shop Points to fully max out one upgrade, so it’s better to boost everything a little at first, since the cost scales up fast.

IconMax BonusPriority
Arcade Shop Upgrade 1+100 Base DamageNo real reason to buy
Arcade Shop Upgrade 2+20 DefenceNo real reason to buy
Arcade Shop Upgrade 3+30% Total AccuracyAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 4+30% Mining EXPTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 5+30% Fishing EXPTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 6+2% Printer Sample SizeBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 7+2% AFK Gains RateBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 8+12.5 Cap for all Alchemy LiquidsNot great value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 9+5% Multikill per TierBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 10+5% Catching EXP GainTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 11+5% Cash from MobsAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 12+10% Cash from MobsBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 13+8% Class EXPNo real reason to buy
Arcade Shop Upgrade 14+50% Shiny Critter ChanceBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 15+25% Trapping EXPGreat value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 16+25% Starting TD PointsGreat value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 17+10 Tab 1 Talent PointsPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 18+7 Weapon PowerAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 19+10% Skill EXP GainPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 20+100 Base STRGreat value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 21+100 Base AGIGreat value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 22+100 Base WISGreat value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 23+100 Base LUKTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 24+15% Critters from TrappingBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 25+15% Souls from WorshipAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 26+15% Refinery SpeedBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 27+50% Forge CapacityTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 28+15% Drop RateBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 29+20% Cooking SpeedBest of the Best
Arcade Shop Upgrade 30+15% Lab EXPTerrible, not worth the price
Arcade Shop Upgrade 31+20% Pet Damage in BreedingPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 32+15% Nugget Regen SpeedNot great value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 33+25% Artifact Find in SailingAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 34+15% Loot in SailingPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 35+20% White Essence GainPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 36+25% Jade GainAmazing value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 37+15% Farming EXPPretty good value
Arcade Shop Upgrade 38+20% Divinity EXPNo real reason to buy

It is good to note that the Tab 1 Talent Point upgrade gives 0.1 points per level, so you will only see new points every 10 levels.

You can reduce the cost of these upgrades by up to 40% if you are lucky enough to get the Gold Ball Stamp as a reward from the Gold Bucket.

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Buying Arcade Balls from the Gem Shop

If you haven’t read our Gem Shop Priority guide yet, give it a read as you will soon find out why there are many things to use your gems on instead.

You should never spend gems on Arcade Balls, as you get them for free every day and there are so many ways to boost your ball gain rate that spending copious amounts of gems on them would be a mistake.

The permanent upgrades are nice, but they cost a lot and are definitely worth wasting gems on.

The bucket rewards are great, but they are so rare that you will end up mad at yourself when you realize you spent thousands of gems on balls and ended up with a few shop points and useless resource coupons.

Save your gems for better things and keep the Arcade as a daily, passive slow burn!