Best Mining Build (Gear/Cards/Everything!)

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You’ve surely stumbled upon a few outdated reddit posts about how to make the best possible mining build or how to increase your mining efficiency to the max, but so many things affect skilling, that there’s no short way to explain it.

That’s why this guide was made, to showcase all the equipment, skills, cards, alchemy bubbles and whatever else you might need to get the highest mining sample rates for your printer and bars for crafting.

The one good thing about mining is that most of the best mining related gear have fairly low level requirements, so you can get started quick! However, the biggest gains in efficiency come in later worlds, so you priority should always be to get the the latest World before trying to perfect your builds.

All pickaxes in Legends of Idleon

Mining efficiency, power and speed explained

Before you can get on your way to building the best miner Idleon has ever seen, you must understand how mining works and what factors increase mining efficiency.

In its basic form mining efficiency means how good you are at mining. The higher your mining efficiency is, the better ores you can mine and the more ores you get.

Mining efficiency increases through mining related stats and talents, including your STR points, mining power and mining skill level.

Mining speed increases your active mining speed as well as AFK ore and XP gains.

When you’re first starting out, when you mine a new rock and go to check your AFK Information at the bottom right, you might see a percentage from 0% to 100% and your progress bar somewhere in between.

Mining Efficiency Requirements

For example in the image above, the characters mining efficiency is 235K, but a Dementia ore requires 400K for a 100% hit chance. This means the character will have an 80% chance to gain ores per hit, as shown by the ‘Mine Chance‘ text.

It is recommended that you only mine ores that you have 100% or higher efficiency on, as that way you will get more ores and more exp per hour.

Once you gain more efficiency, you will gain more multipliers and eventually reach numbers multipliers like this:

High mining efficiency multipliers

As you might notice, the mine chance will not go over 100%, but you will start to gain efficiency multipliers, meaning all your gains will be multiplied by the shown number.


Once you start reaching multipliers on ores, only full numbers will affect your gains. This means if your efficiency bar is in the middle of 5x and 6x for example, you will only get 5x gains, not 5.5x for example.

Summarized, your end goal is to get as much Mining Efficiency as possible by getting as much strength, mining power and mining speed as possible.

Copper Vein (Mining)

Class and talents for Mining in Idleon

Starting off with the obvious, which class should you pick? The obvious choice here is a Warrior, as it is the only class that has all the necessary mining related talents as well as the only class that can equip proper mining gear.

Squire Class Big Image

The second subclass doesn’t really matter too much, as all warrior sub-classes will get the needed mining statue boost and skill efficiency talents.

However, a squire also gets the Super Samples -talent, which will give a slight boost in your future samplings, so just for that, a Squire will be the best choice.

When it comes to talents, there are a few important ones that you should max out to boost your mining efficiency as much as possible.

Beginner Icon First Talent Tab (Beginner Skills)

Starting off with the first talent tab, the table below shows you what you need to level up and why. Put points in higher priority talents first and fill out the rest as you level up.

HP Boost (Basic Talent)Health
Increases Max HPThe Hearty Diggy alchemy bubble gives more mining efficiency based on your HP.Great value
Star Talent Points (Basic Talent)Star
Gives more
Star Talent points
If you maxed out everything else, there are useful star talents to max out.Pretty good value
Strength Stat IconFist of
Increases STRMore STR = Better mining power = Better mining🙌Best of the Best
Mining and Fishing Efficiency (Basic Talent)Brute
Increases Skill EfficiencySelf explanatory, huge boost to mining efficiency.Best of the Best
AFK Mining and Fishing (Basic Talent)Idle
Higher Skilling
AFK gains
Get more ores and mining XP while you sleep. Higher sampling too.Best of the Best

Warrior Icon Second Talent Tab (Warrior Talents)

Next up comes the second talent tab with Warrior specific skills, which are the main source of your mining efficiency. Some give more boosts than others, but together they make the biggest impact alongside alchemy bubbles.

Health boost by percentage (Warrior Talent)Health
Boosts max HP by A LOT.The Hearty Diggy alchemy bubble gives more mining efficiency based on your HP.Amazing value
More damage and HP (Warrior Talent)Strength in
Boosts max HP based on STR.Same as above, but this one gives less HP.Great value
More strength from gear (Warrior Talent)‘STR’ess
Tested Garb
Equipment gives more STR.STR gives more mining power. Better with late game gear.Great value
Strength Boost (Warrior Talent)Absolute
Straight up more STR 💪Same as above.Amazing value
Gold food booster (Warrior Talent)Haungry
for Gold
Boosts golden food bonuses.Golden peanuts give more mining efficiency and this boosts them.Pretty good value
Mining Efficiency Boost (Warrior Talent)Big PickBoosts mining gains when equipped.Gives massive bonuses once you have the Attacks on Simmer star talent and a few alchemy bubbles!Best of the Best
Mining Efficiency for Copper (Warrior Talent)Copper
Boosts mining efficiency based on your Copper Ores in storage.The biggest, best and most important talent for Mining Efficiency! MAX OUT FIRST!Best of the Best
Multi-ore drop chance (Warrior Talent)Motherlode
Boosts mining gains when equipped.Similar to Big Pick, sounds good but only slight increase to AFK mining gains.Best of the Best
More Mining Power (Warrior Talent)Tool
More mining power per mining level.Increases mining power which increases mining efficiency.Best of the Best
Skilling XP boost (Warrior Talent)Tempestuous
Gives more Skill EXP.Useful when starting out and need levels for new pickaxes.Terrible, not worth the price

Here it is important to note that the usefulness of the max HP boosting talents depend completely on your Hearty Diggy alchemy bubble level, so if you haven’t levelled it up yet, you should prioritize other talents first.

The golden food bonus boost from Haungry for Gold bears a similar issue, as Golden Peanuts are very difficult to make and the talent gives a fairly low boost, so unless you have tons of peanuts, don’t prioritize it first.

As for the skill experience increase, while it’s prioritized the lowest, if you need quick mining levels, you can always reset your talent points later once you have enough levels.

Barbarian IconSquire Icon Third Talent Tab (Barbarian / Squire)

Next up is the third talent tab, so either Barbarian or Squire depending on your choice. The important talents are pretty much the same for both classes aside from the printer talent of Squire that we mentioned in the beginning.

Strength from Obols (Barbarian and Squire Talent)Fistful
of Obol
Obols give more STR.If you don’t have pure mining obols yet, these will give more STR from STR obols.Terrible, not worth the price
Higher statue boosts (Squire Talent)
More bonuses from statues (Barbarian Talent)


Mining statue gives a higher bonus.Get more mining efficiency from your Mining statues.Best of the Best
More strength (Barbarian and Squire Talent)STR
Higher max level for Fist of Rage in 1st talent tab. (Gives more STR)Get summore STR 👌Best of the Best
Higher sample rates (Squire Talent)Super
Gives higher sample size for 3D Printer.
(Squire only)
If you reached World 3, samples are important and this helps with ore samples.Great value
More talent points for Tab 2 (Barbarian and Squire Talent)Back to
Transfer talent points from third to second tab.This tab doesn’t have that much use in skilling, so might as well use the points to fill up the crucial second tab!Pretty good value

The third tab is the least important one when it comes to a beastly mining build, but getting more STR helps and the small boost from the statues in mining efficiency is decent once you get collect statues.

The obols boost is only useful if you use many STR obols, as they are easy to come by.

Blood Berserker IconDivine Knight Icon Fourth Talent Tab (Blood Berserker / Divine Knight)

Finally the newest addition to the table, the third sub-classes. They came with one extremely important talent to boost skill efficiency, but there are a few that can be useful overall.

Higher skill efficiency from Strength (Blood Berserker & Divine Knight Talent)Skill
STR has higher impact on Mining Efficiency. Also adds some STR.Fantastic skill, one of the best boosts to Mining Efficiency.Best of the Best
More strength and Fist Of Rage levels (Blood Berserker & Divine Knight Talent)Overblown
Gives more total STR and higher max level for Fist of Rage.Huge increase to STR 💪Best of the Best
Higher family bonuses (Blood Berserker & Divine Knight Talent)The Family
Boosts Family BonusesGives decent increase to all family bonuses which include HP, Skill Efficiency, STR and more.
Needs high level characters.
Great value
Higher talent max levels (Blood Berserker & Divine Knight Talent)Symbols
of Beyond
Every 20 levels of this boosts all other skills by 1 level.Needs tons of points for very little boost, so not great but not useless like most others in this tab.Pretty good value

There are two obvious winners in this tab, but The Family Guy talent has great potential. When you reach end game, you can gain huge bonuses from your family stats, so once you reach those numbers, this talent will have a huge impact. Below you can see some useful family boosts on an end game account.

Family Bonuses for Mining Efficiency

Star Talent Tab Icon Best Star Talents for Skill Efficiency

Most of the useful star talents will already be familiar to you as they are the same for every class. However a few of them are very important for increasing your Mining Efficiency as well.

Increase all stats based on your highest level  (Star Talent)Will of
the Eldest
+1 to all stats per 10 levels of your highest character level.Gives more STR.Pretty good value
Higher AFK gains (Star Talent)Tick TockBoosts AFK Gains rates.Boosts AFK gains directly, very important!Best of the Best
Boosts Fighting AFK rate (Star Talent)Attacks on
Boosts AFK Gains
from Big Pick Talent
Big impact on AFK gains, once Big Pick is equipped in attack bar.Best of the Best
More Skill Efficiency from Stamps (Star Talent)Toilet
Skill Efficiency stamps give higher bonuses.Good if you have high level stamps, otherwise unnoticeable.Great value
Boosts Food stats (Star Talent)Frothy
Foods give higher bonuses.Boosts foods like Golden Peanuts and health potions, giving more Efficiency and HP.Amazing value
Sampling for 3D Printer (Star Talent)Printer
Higher sample rates.Doesn’t affect mining efficiency or gains, but higher printing rates are always good.Pretty good value
Base Skill Efficiency (Star Talent)SupersourceHigher base Efficiency to all skills.Base efficiency is great as all % based boosts are calculated from it.Best of the Best
Increased skill speed (Star Talent)Action
Higher speed for all skills.Better mining speed = better gains!Best of the Best
More base HP (Star Talent)Ubercharged
Increase base HP.Base HP is great, but this talent gives very little of it.Great value

Supersource and Action Frenzy affect your Mining Efficiency and speed directly, making them fantastic additions. You can buy both of the talents from the Party Dungeon Flurbo shop.

Frothy Malk is the third major buff which gives bigger bonuses when you have more Golden Peanuts and equip all the different HP potions in separate slots, which will all be boosted by this talent. This talent is dropped by Baba Yaga or Dr Defecaus minibosses, once you have at least one point in the 7th merit in the Blunder Hills (World 1) Merit Shop.

Silver Vein (Mining)

Best Mining Gear in Legends of Idleon

Once you’ve read through the talent explanations, you should start to understand what stats you are looking for and why they are useful when it comes to mining efficiency.

When it comes to equipment, there are tons of things you need to craft, but thankfully must of the important mining gear is quite easy to make and the rest can be made on the way while you get stronger.

Let’s first check out the first equipment tab with the basic gear from your helmet to the shoes, as well as the rings and pendant.

Viking Cap (Helmet)Viking Cap
STR: +13
Mining Efficiency: +10%
Anvil Tab 2
Dirty Coal Miner Baggy Soot Pants (Pants)Dirty Coal Miner
Baggy Soot Pants

STR: +7
Mining Efficiency: +5%
Anvil Tab 1
Cavern Trekkers (Shoes)Cavern Trekkers
STR: +5
Mining Efficiency: +20%
Anvil Tab 2
Rough Rockers (Shoes)Rough Rockers
(Better Shoes
at Level 110)
STR: +13
Mining Efficiency: +35%
Anvil Tab 4
Persephones Bouquet (Pendant)Persephones

STR: +1
Skill AFK Gain: +15%
Flurbo Shop
Serrated Rex Ring IconSerrated Rex Ring
STR: +5
Skill Efficiency: +8%
Anvil Tab 1
(Recipe from
Baba Yaga)

There are is no mining specific chest armor or weapon, so for those just get the highest level equipment you can wear that gives the most STR for optimal efficiency.

There are two different shoes purely so you have something to wear until you reach level 110 and can start using the Rough Rockers instead.

Now let’s check out the second equipment tab by clicking the left arrow at the bottom of the current equipment tab, to see your special chains, trophy and wings.

Helmett Premiumifier IconPremium Upgrade Stone - StrengthAny premium hat
with STR stones
STR: +25
(with 5 stones)
Gem Shop
Blunder Hero (Trophy Title)Blunder Hero
STR: +5
Skill AFK Gain: +3%
Last Scripticus
quest in World 1
King of Food (Trophy Title)King of Food
(Better Trophy)
STR: +10
Food Effect: +20%
Picninc Stowaway
(30 times)
Gilded Efaunt Dislodged Tusks (Cape)Gilded Efaunt
Dislodged Tusks

STR: +15
Skill Efficiency: +10%
Angel Wings (Premium Cape)Angel Wings
(Better Cape)
All AFK Gain: +11%Gem Shop
($20 USD Pack)
Time Candy Chain (Tier 3 Keychain)Time Candy Chain
(Tier 3 Keychain)
All AFK Gain: +2-5%Dungeon Loot
or Flurbo Shop
Wealth Gem Shop RingPremium Upgrade Stone - StrengthAny premium ring
with STR stones
STR: +15
(with 3 stones)
Gem Shop

As you can see, the second equipment tab relies a lot on the Gem Shop and rare drops. Especially the capes, you will most likely not have any for a long time as the Efaunt Cape is an extremely rare drop.

As for the trophies, the King of Food trophy is very slow to get as you need to do the Picnic Stowaway quest to completion 30 times, which can only be done once a day. However the trophy is great as it boosts your Golden Peanuts as well as any health potions.

The Time Candy Chain can be obtained just by playing Party Dungeons, or bought from the Keychain Pile. Just remember you must buy a tier 3 chain to have a chance at the Time Candy keychain.

Keychain Pile in Party DUngeon

The reason why these chains are so great, is because you will boost their bonus even higher from the Lab chips in World 4.

Gold Vein (Mining)

Best Cards for a Mining Build in Idleon

Cards will give the most significant boost to your mining efficiency, especially with added lab boosts from chips.

Thankfully it is easy to get good base cards to start out with, then you can keep improving them as you go.

We split the cards to two section, the best and optimal cards first, then good replacements for any cards you don’t have in the second table.

World 4 Rift!

Now that the Rift has been released, you can get most of the Card bonuses here as Passives bonuses without equipping the card.
This means you should focus on cards that don’t give direct mining bonuses, like Skill Efficiency or HP bonuses.
Read more about it in our Rift guide!

Best Cards for a Mining Build

CardNameMaxed Card Stats
Amarok Skill AFK Gains CardAmarok
(Bosses &
+12% Skill AFK Gain Rate
Skill Efficiency Boost CardChaotic Troll
(Bosses &
+50% All Skill Efficiency
Higher Mining Speed CardLustre
+25% Mining Speed
More mining speed cardDementia
+20% Mining Speed
Higher Mining AFK Gains CardPlat
+10% Mining AFK Gains
Food Effect Booster CardChocco Box
+20% Boost Food Effects

You can clearly see why these cards are amazing for Mining Efficiency and why they’re better than the cards below.

Some of them are very hard to level up without paying for card bundles, like the Chaotic Troll Card, which is why you can pick any of the cards below to fill in.

Good alternatives

CardNameMaxed Card Stats
Total Mining Efficiency cardVoid
+30% Total Mining Efficiency
+25% Total Mining Efficiency
Higher Skill AFK Gain Rate CardBunny
+5% Skill AFK Gain Rate
More STR cardOctodar
+60 Base STR
More HP CardLoveulyte
+25% Total HP
Little STR CardFrost Flake
+35 Base STR
Easy Resources Card Set Bonus

Also remember to activate the Skill Efficiency card set bonus for a huge boost in mining efficiency.

Alternatively you can use the Food Effect bonus if you gain a bigger bonus from that.

Platinum Vein (Mining)

Alchemy Bubbles and Vials for Mining

Alongside cards and skills, Alchemy Bubbles are the biggest difference maker in your mining efficiency and they are also the hardest ones to upgrade, requiring tons of materials and liquids to upgrade.

In fact many late game upgrades from Lab, Atom Collider and Sailing will make upgrading bubbles a lot easier, but even then they will be an endless grind as there are no max levels for alchemy bubbles.

The crucial bubbles that are optimal for you mining efficiency are as follows:

Yellow Kazam Bubble 5
Fourth Luck Cauldron Animation
Lowers Efficiency needed for skilling drop multipliers.
This means more skill AFK gains!
Potty Rolls (Chopping)
Best of the Best
Purple High IQ Bubble 10
All for
Third WIS Cauldron
Attack talents give more AFK gains than normal.
Same as Attacks on Simmer.
Veiny Logs (Chopping)
Best of the Best
Orange Power Bubble 1
First STR Cauldron
More Total STR, so % bonuses don’t affect this. Cost also rises quickly so focus on this later.Oak Logs (Chopping)
Pretty good value
Orange Power Bubble 2
First STR Cauldron
Orange passive bubbles (ones you don’t equip) give higher bonuses.Spore Cap (Monster drop)
Amazing value
Orange Power Bubble 3
First STR Cauldron
More mining efficiency per max HP.Jungle Logs (Chopping)
Best of the Best
Orange Power Bubble 4
First STR Cauldron
Multi-ore chance is increased.
Huge bonus with with All for Kill bubble and Attacks on Shimmer talent.
Remember to equip this one!
Fly (Catching)
Best of the Best
Orange Power Bubble 8
First STR Cauldron
Pickaxes give more Skilling Power, aka more Mining Efficiency.Platinum Ore (Mining)
Best of the Best
Orange Power Bubble 17
First STR Cauldron
Increases bonuses from bubbles #1 and #3. Level this after Warriors Rule bubble is high.Half Eaten Donut (Monster drop)
Great value
Orange Power Bubble 18
Dream of
First STR Cauldron
Higher mining AFK gains.
Very hard to level up without tons of smithing points to make Tangled Cords fast.
Tangled Cords (Smithing)
Amazing value
Orange Power Bubble 19
First STR Cauldron
Higher Gold Food bonuses. Also very hard to level up but gives high % bonuses.PVC Pipe (Smithing)
Great value
Orange Power Bubble 22
First STR Cauldron
More Mining Power per 100 items found in W5 slab.Oozie Soul (Worship)
Best of the Best
Orange Power Bubble 24
First STR Cauldron
More Base STR per 100 items found in W5 slab. Very hard to level up as OJ Juice is a rare drop.OJ Juice (Monster Drop)
Amazing value

As you might have noticed, some bonuses are A LOT better than others, but they all end up stacking up and every single one of these bubbles will end up improving your mining efficiency.

Start with the easy materials and once the costs get too high, focus on progression first as you will end up getting millions of materials a lot easier later in the game.

As for the vials there are only two important ones you really should focus on. You can check the effects of the other vials from our complete Vial guide.

Void Ore (Mining)
Void Ore
Increase Mining Efficiency
(1% per level)
Pearler Shell (Monster drop)
Pearler Shell
Increase all stats
(0.5% per level)

You can more than double these effects through Lab chips, which makes these vials worth maxing out once you start getting enough excess materials.

Void Vein (Mining)

Optimal Obols for a Mining Build

Obols are probably the most painstaking way to increase mining efficiency, due to the fact that mining obols can only be obtained by luck from the alchemy store, from the shop items below:

Alchemy Shop Bronze Obol Stack
Alchemy Shop Silver Obol Stack
Alchemy Shop Gold Obol Stack

However they’re crucial in squeezing the juices out of all the alchemy bubbles you spent ages leveling up, so here’s how you should set up your obols for your miner.

Square Mining ObolHexagon Mining ObolSquare Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Square Mining ObolSparkle Mining ObolSquare Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Circle Silver Mining ObolCircle Silver Mining Obol
Square Mining ObolHexagon Mining ObolSquare Mining Obol

It will take a long time before you can get this many mining obols from alchemy, so replace the ones you don’t have with STR or Dice (drop rate) obols.

You should also add the same obols to the Family Obols at least right before you take a printer sample to get the maximum boost.

Lustre Vein (Mining)

Mining Efficiency from Cooking & Lab

When you reach World 4, you should be sitting most of your characters in the lab to get the massive bonuses from it, but once you get to World 5, you will be able to take them out thanks to the new Divinity skill.

Cooking certain meals will also give you grand skilling efficiency bonuses, but they will take a while to reach at first. Below are all the meals that will improve your Mining Efficiency:

Corn Meal
More skill efficiency.
(+2% per level)
Jungle Cooking Spice
Encroaching Forest Cooking Spice
Tree Interior Cooking Spice
Riceball Meal
More skill efficiency.
(+3% per level)
Frosty Peaks Cooking Spice
Leek Meal
More skilling prowess, same as Prowesessary alchemy bubble.
This means less efficiency needed for skilling AFK gain multipliers.
(+2% per level)
Crystal Caverns Cooking Spice
Whipped Cocoa Meal

More skill efficiency.
(+4% per level)
Nebulon Mantle Cooking Spice

As you might notice the meal bonuses end up being huge, but the Corn meal will be the first one you can level up for quite a while, being the seventh meal you unlock.

The lab bonuses and gems on the other hand are a lot easier to unlock, but the Jewels can take a long time without spending gems in the gem shop.

Below are the main Lab Jewels and Lab Mainframe Bonuses that will help you the most with your Mining Build:

Bonus /
Boosts all stats
+3% All Stats
Boosts stamp bonuses
Stamp Book
Doubles all stamp bonuses.
Boosts all active lab jewels
Spelunker Obol
1.5x higher effects from all active Jewels.
Boosts skilling efficiency and speed
+200 base mining efficiency and +10% skill speed.
This bonus doubles if all 5 green jewels are active!
Doubles all vials
My 1st
Chemistry Set
Doubles all Vials from alchemy.
Boosts meal bonuses
Black Diamond
All meals give 1.16x higher bonuses.

While the lab bonuses and jewels give out nice boosts to your mining efficiency and overall skilling, the chips are where the big difference is made.

Chips boost you cards, afk gains, skilling efficiency and much more, so it is crucial to get the most optimal chips as soon as possible.

Chip NameEffect
Higher Skilling AFK Gains
+15% Skilling AFK Gain rate
Higher skilling efficiency
+20% Total Skilling Efficiency
Higher base skill efficiency
+250 Base Skilling Efficiency
Doubles star sign bonuses
Doubles bonuses of active Star Signs
Doubles keychain bobus
Doubles Misc bonuses of upper Keychain slot
Double pendant bonuses
Doubles Misc bonuses of Pendant
Doubles top left Card bonus
Doubles card bonus in top left slot
Doubles bottom right Card bonus
Doubles card bonus in bottom right slot

The most important Lab Chips are the last two omega chips, as they double two of you cards, giving massive boosts in Mining Efficiency.

Higher skilling efficiency
Higher base skill efficiency

Galvanic Motherboards and Galvanic Processors are great replacements for any of the above chips and you can equip more than 1 of those on one character.

Starfire Vein (Mining)

Stamps and Post Office for Mining Stats

While there are tons of stamps, you should focus on the mining efficiency related ones the most, as they will be the biggest difference makers for your mining build, while the STR bonuses are a nice buff but won’t have a huge difference early on.

Increases base HP
Heart Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More base HPOak Logs (Chopping)
Oak Logs
Increases base HP
Vitality Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More base HPSnake Skin (Monster drop)
Snake Skin
Increases base HP
Blackheart Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More base HPPurple Screw (Smithing)
Purple Screw
Increases base STR
Fist Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More STRBleach Logs (Chopping)
Bleach Logs
Increases base STR
Violence Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More STRDementia Ore (Mining)
Dementia Ore
Increases base STR
Maxo Slappo Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More STRMaple Logs (Chopping)
Maple Logs
Increases all stats
Stat Graph Stamp
(Combat Tab)
More all stats
(so also more STR 💪)

Mystery Upgrade Stone I Icon
Stone I
Increases base mining efficiency
Pickaxe Stamp
(Skills Tab)
More base Mining EfficiencyOak Logs (Chopping)
Oak Logs
Increases multi-ore chance
Twin Ores Stamp
(Skills Tab)
Higher Multi-Ore ChanceThief Hood Helmet
Thief Hood
Increases mining efficiency
Cool Diggy Tool Stamp
(Skills Tab)
More base Mining EfficiencyIron Hatchet (Chopping)
Iron Hatchet
Increases all skills efficiency
Multitool Stamp
(Skills Tab)
More efficiency for all skills.Dust Mote (Catching)
Dust Mote
Increases food bonuses
Potion Stamp
(Misc Tab)
More bonuses from normal foods.
(Eg. health potions)
Icing Ironbite (Food)
Icing Ironbite
Increases golden food bonuses
Golden Apple Stamp
(Misc Tab)
More bonuses from Gold foods.Golden Nomwich (Gold Food)
Golden Nomwich

Alongside stamps, the Post Office in World 2 will give nice bonuses once you have 400 points to put into a few boxes that will increase your mining efficiency, HP, food effects and other important stats.

Below are the Post Office boxes that you should focus on maxing out.

BoxMax Bonuses
(at level 400)
Mining Shipment
Dwarven Supplies
+33% Mining Efficiency
+29% Prowess Effect
+9.47% Mining AFK Gains
Best of the Best
Health Shipment
Locally Sourced Organs
+201 Base Max HP
+37.5% Max HP
+18% Faster Respawns
Amazing value
Food Shipment
Carepack From Mum
+15.3% No consume food chance
+19.6% Health Food Effect
+18% Power Food Effect
Great value
All Stats Shipment
Myriad Crate
This crate has max level of 100,000!

At level 400 you get:
+7.84 Base All Stats
+14.78 Base All Efficiency
+0.5% All Skills EXP

At level 100,000 you get:
+333.33 Base All Stats
+833.10 Base All Efficiency
+83.29% All Skills EXP
Pretty good value
Gaming Shipment
Gaming Lootcrate
+7 % afk counts for gaming
+60 STR
+5 % Total Damage
Not great value

It is good to note that you only unlock the Gaming Lootcrate from the Cloud Urn Sailing artifact, meaning it is an extremely late game unlockable.

On top of that it only gives quite a limited amount of extra STR, so it shouldn’t be a first priority.

Dreadlo Vein (Mining)

Prayers, Shrines and Statues

There are a two important things that unlock when you reach World 3, including prayers and shrines. You shouldn’t confuse shrines with statues which are fairly similar to be fair.

First off there are two prayers that can be unlocked by reaching high waves in the Goblin Gorefest tower-defese mode.

Those prayers have a huge impact on skilling efficiency, but only one of them is easy to unlock, the other is extremely difficult to reach.

Skill Efficiency Prayer
Skilled Dimwit
Level 1:
+30% Skill Efficiency
-20% Skill XP Gain

Level 50 (Maxed):
+177% Skill Efficiency
-118% Skill XP Gain
World 1 Goblin Tower Defense
Goblin Gorefest
Wave 25
AFK Gain Rate Prayer
Zerg Rushogen
Level 1:
+5% AFK Gain Rate
-12% Carry Capacity

Level 20 (Maxed):
+14.5 AFK Gain Rate
-34.8% Carry Capacity
World 1 Goblin Tower Defense
Goblin Gorefest
Wave 121

As you can see, reaching wave 25 is very easy, but reaching wave 121 requires almost maxed out towers and various other bonuses.

Thankfully the Skilled Dimwit prayer is the important one, but leveling it up to reasonable levels is going to require a lot of Forest Souls.

Alongside Prayers, you should definitely equip two of your shrines as well. You can build all the shrines from the World 3 construction table.

Max HP Shrine
Isaccian Shrine
+12% Max HP and Total Defence
Level up:
+3% per level
AFK Gain Rate Shrine
Primordial Shrine
+1% AFK Gain Rate
Level up:
+0.1% per level

Once you reach World 5, the first Sailing artifact you gain allows you to place shrines on any World or map and still gain all the benefits with every character.

Moai Head Shrine Boost Artifact

Finally, statues, one of the first bonuses you get in World 1, also end up being important for the rest of the game and the same goes for Mining Efficiency.

There are 3 obvious favorites when it comes to mining:

Best farming
Mining Power Statue
More Mining PowerLevel 1:
0.3 Mining Power
Level 50:
15 Mining Power
World 1 Trees
Oak Logs (Chopping)Bleach Logs (Chopping)Jungle Logs (Chopping)
Forest Fibres (Chopping)Veiny Logs (Chopping)Potty Rolls (Chopping)
Base Health Statue
More base HPLevel 1:
+3 HP
Level 50:
+150 HP
Some World 1 monsters
(Amarok, Baba Yaga,
Gigafrog, Wode Board,
Walking Stick, Poop)
Food Bonus Statue
Higher bonuses from foodLevel 1:
+1% Food Effect
Level 50:
+50% Food Effect
Some World 3 monsters
(Dedotated Ram, Neyeptune)

Health and Feasty statues can be acquired from some other monsters as well, but the ones mentioned above are the most common farming locations.

It is good to note that a statue level 50 requires you to collect 437 statues and the bonuses aren’t massive, so you shouldn’t focus on farming statues too much.

There is no max level to statues and 50 was just a reasonable example, as the level up requirements increase exponentially. In fact, a level 100 statue needs a whopping 4400 statues collected.

Godshard Vein (Made up)

Golden Foods and Potions for Mining

As you might have guessed from the amount of various food bonus increases and golden food mentions in the previous sections, there are a few foods you should consider equipping on your miner.

Increases Mining Efficiency
Increases Mining EfficiencySmithing
Increases Max HP
Increases Max HealthWorld 1 Colosseum,
Picnic Stowaway Quest
Increases Mining Speed
Increases Mining Speed by 15%Smithing
Increases HP by 30
Life Potion
Increases base HP by 30Blunder Hills Vendor
(World 1)
Increases HP by 120
Life Potion
Increases base HP by 120YumYum Grotto Vendor
(World 2)
Increases HP by 250
Life Potion
Increases base HP by 250Frostbite Towndra Vendor
(World 3)
Increases HP by 700
Life Potion
Increases base HP by 700Outer World Town Vendor
(World 4)
Increases Mining Speed
Increases Mining Speed by 25%Christmas Events
(Giftmas Box)

The reason why you need so many, even lesser potions is because you can only equip a single type of potion in one slot simultaneously.

If you have all slots filled, start by taking out the smallest life potions as they give the least bonuses.

Sailing Boats Separator

Sailing Bonuses and Sigils

When you reach World 5, you will be shocked at how powerful the Sailing artifacts are, as they will give insane bonuses to all aspects of the game, skilling included.

We made a complete Sailing Guide which explains everything you need to know about unlocking these Artifacts!

Skill Efficiency Artifact
Frost Relic
+30% Skill EfficiencyDouble main bonus#6
Sigil Bonus Increase Artifact
Chilled Yarn
Double Sigil bonusesDouble main bonus#6
Talent Book Increase Artifact
Fury Relic
+25 Max Talent Book LevelDouble main bonus#9
Gaming Crate Artifact
Cloud Urn
Unlocks the gaming box which gives +60 STR at max level.Chance for double PO box#10
All stats increase Artifact
+10% All StatsDouble main bonus#14

Thankfully you will have the easiest time unlocking Frost Relic which has the biggest increase in Mining Efficiency out of all of the artifacts.

Chilled Yarn doubles sigil bonuses which is also a great deal if you have progressed far enough with Alchemy Sigils.

When it comes to World 2 Sigils, they’re extremely slow to progress through, but there are two significant ones especially once quadrupled by Chilled Yarn.

Chilled Yarn
Increase base STR
+10 Base STR+20Normal: +40 STR
Ancient: +60 STR
Boost golden food bonuses
+10% Golden Food Bonus+25%Normal: +50%
Ancient: +75%
Boost Skill AFK gains
+1% Skill AFK Gain Rate+2%Normal: +4%
Ancient: +6%
Rift Ripper World 4 NPC

Rift Bonus to Skilling

Rifts give various bonuses to all aspects of the game and the on that has a massive effect on all skills, including Mining, can be unlocked by reaching Rift 11.

This will unlock the Skill Mastery bonus, from which you will receive massive boosts to all skill efficiency as well as XP and other buffs.

Your characters combined Mining Level will boost the Mining Mastery and as you can see from the image below, the bonuses are great.

Mining Skill Mastery Rift Bonus

The biggest booster is making all the Mining Cards passive, which means you don’t need to worry about equipping them, just focus on leveling the cards up.

Remember lab!

Even though your mining cards will be passive, you should still make sure to align the best two cards to top left and bottom right corners, so you will receive the Lab Chip bonuses from those two cards!
Maestro Class Big Image

Maestro is the icing on the cake!

Finally, after everything you’ve read through, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the second Journeyman advancement, Maestro.

If you don’t have one yet, we made a complete guide on how to unlock Maestro!

Maestro comes equipped with one extremely crucial talent, the Right Hand of Action, more commonly known as the right claw.

Skill Efficiency Talent
The Right Hand of
Higher skill efficiency for all other characters, if their skill level is lower than Maestro’s.Talent Level 100:
+75% Skilling Efficiency

Talent Level 200:
+100% Skilling Efficiency

As you might notice from the skills description, it is in your best interest to always keep every characters skill levels below your Maestro’s, as otherwise they won’t be receiving this massive efficiency boost.

In general, once you have the highest possible skill specific gear, refrain from leveling up your skills on other characters and only take printer samples with them.

If you must do a lot of skilling before unlocking the 3D Printer, make sure to always use the Skilled Dimwit prayer to minimize XP gains at later levels.