Best ways to get Gems for FREE in Idleon

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While Idleon is a free-to-play game, it heavily relies on the Gem shop and the upgrades that you can buy from there make the game A LOT easier.

Thankfully it is technically possible to buy every single thing from the gem shop for free, but getting free gems is very slow and time consuming.

In this guide we gathered a few of the best ways to grind some gems for free to get the most important upgrades. Check out our gem shop priorities guide!

Developer Update

Recently a limit has been added to boss gem rewards, so that only the first 300 bosses you kill each day have a chance to drop gems, so you must spread out your boss farming across more days now (the daily limit is shared across all World Bosses).

You can use the Gold Pocketwatch (reward from World 2 weekly battle shop) to reset the 300 boss gem drop limit.

The developer has also reduced the amount of gems you can get from mini-bosses like King Doot and Colosseum chests as drops, trying to make users spend more money instead.

The developer has also hidden these changes from the patch notes in an attempt to reduce the amount of backlash, so we don’t have exact numbers on how much exactly the drop rates have been nerfed.

While these nerfs are a pain for free-to-play players, all the methods in this guide are still viable.

Gem Icon

Farming World Bosses for Gems

The most common way to gain many guaranteed gems for free is by continuously fighting World Bosses, which have a high chance of dropping a gem or two.

Before you get too excited, you must first buy the ability for bosses to drop gems in the first place.

This can be acquired from from the World 2 Merit Shop and it can be purchased 8 times, giving 7% gem drop chance per purchase.

World 2 Merit Upgrade

The reason why this method is so effective is when you reach World 4 and World 5, those boss keys are dropped by normal mobs which can then be easily farmed, especially once you get stronger and have huge multi-kill tiers to get more drops.

KeyMonsterKey Drop
World 4 Boss Key
Troll’s Enclave Key
Stilted Seeker Monster Animation
Stilted Seeker
World 4
Enclave of Eyes
1 in 15K
World 5 Boss Key
Kruk’s Volcano Key
Biggole Mole Monster
Biggole Mole
World 5
Miner Mole Outskirts
1 in 75K
World 5 Boss Key
Kruk’s Volcano Key
Crawler Monster Animation
World 5
Crawly Catacombs
1 in 50K
World 5 Boss Key
Kruk’s Volcano Key
Tremor Wurm Monster Animation
Tremor Wurm
World 5
The Worm Nest
1 in 25K

Getting boss keys for Worlds 1-3 is only possible through Colosseums and mini-bosses. Also you can purchase a merit from the World 1 Merit Shop which increases the chance of bosses dropping boss keys up to a 40% chance at level 10.

As a final tip once you start your boss farming, it’s a good idea to do the runs with a Journeyman as long as you have enough damage to kill them in one hit (for speed purposes) as Journeyman has two great talents that increase drop rate and thus the chance for gem drops.

Gimme Gimme Journeyman Talent
Gimme Gimme
Monsters have % chance to
drop 2x loot for x minutes.
Level 1:
+1.31% for 3 minutes
Level 100:
+50% for 8 minutes
Rares Everywhere Journeyman Talent
Rares Everywhere!
Items in all Rare Drop Tables
are % more likely to drop.
Level 1:
+0.37% chance
Level 100:
+16.67% chance
Curse Of Mr Looty Booty Journeyman Talent
Curse Of Mr
Looty Booty
+% Drop Rate
-% Total Damage
Level 1:
+0.69% Drop Rate
-1.19% Total Damage
Level 100:
+35% Drop Rate
-60% Total Damage

As you can see Gimme Gimme and Rares Everywhere are fantastic talents, but Curse of Looty Booty is only good if you have tons of extra damage left over so you can still kill the boss in one hit to farm as fast as possible.

Also the -% damage from the curse is bad for AFK gains so you might want to just ignore that talent unless you have a separate boss build that you don’t use for AFK gains.

Gem Icon

Killing King Doot for Gems and Candies

King Doot is a legendary mini-boss due to the fact that he drops bundles of 5 gems and plenty of time candies.

King Doot Boss Monster Death Animation

The main downside is that each kill consumes a Dootjat Eye which needs an Antique Silver to craft and only one of those can be purchased per 24 hours.

Most people tend to gather tons of eyes first, then do tons of runs in a single day as Doot has a ‘rerun’ button to keep fighting him.

King Doot Rerun Button

If you haven’t encountered Doot yet or don’t know how to get more than 1 Antique Silver per day, check out our King Doot guide for everything you need to know!

Gem Icon

Colosseum Rewards

Colosseum runs are also great for getting a bunch of free gems, especially once you’re strong enough to run through them fast. Thankfully colosseum tickets stack, so you don’t need to use them every day, as long as you remember to claim them daily.

The most important thing to remember is that all colosseums use the same tickets. This is important because different colosseums have different costs and drop rates for gems.

All colosseums give the same amount of chests when fully completed, 3 bronze, 2 Silver and 3 Gold chests, but their gem drop rates are different! (If you didn’t get 8 chests, your score wasn’t high enough)

Here’s a small table showcasing how many gems you can get from each colosseum run:

Bronze Chest
Gem Chance
Silver Chest
Gem Chance
Gold Chest
Gem Chance
World 1 Colosseum
1x Colosseum Ticket1 in 201 in 8.331 in 1.25
1 in 3.33
World 2 Colosseum
2x Colosseum Ticket1 in 91 in 51 in 2.5
World 3 Colosseum
3x Colosseum Ticket1 in 8.331 in 4.351 in 2.22
World 4 Colosseum
6x Colosseum Ticket1 in 8.331 in 4.351 in 2.22

As you can see, the World 1 colosseum is the only one that can drop more than 1 gem from a single Gold Chest and it is multiple times cheaper to enter than the other ones.

The main downside of the Dewdrop Colosseum in World 1 is the lower gem chances from the bronze and silver chests, however we do think it’s the best Colosseum to grind when it comes to pure gem farming.

Gem Icon

Daily Spiketrap Minigame

The Spiketrap minigame is a secret map located in World 1, which you can access through a portal in the top left corner of Vegetable Patch.

You can also directly teleport there by typing If u love me let me go into the chat (first letter must be capitalized).

The minigame activates every hour but you can only do it once per day, unless you die to the first round of spikes, then you can retry during the same day.

Spiketrap Surprise Map

The further in rounds you get, the more gems you get, up to 40 gems.

The spike spawns are purely random, so you can technically reach 40 gems by never moving at all after the game starts.

The only thing you should never do is stand on the small side platforms as they spawn the most spikes.

Gem Icon

Achievement Rewards

There are tons of achievements in Idleon and a lot of them give gems as a reward, especially early on. A lot of them are exclusive to Steam, so if you happen to be playing on mobile, you won’t be able to get the rewards.

AchievementDescriptionGem Icon

Learn 2 Forge
Get the Mining Certificate from Gumlee.
(W1 - Tunnels Entrance)

Sleepy Gamer
Claim 100 hours of AFK gains.5

Another Me!
Create a second character.8

Choose a class from Promotheus.
(W1 - Valley of the Beans)

Learn 2 Entertain
Do Picnic Stowaway's questline.
(W1 - Froggy Fields)

Rookie Player
Reach level 20 on any character.8

Small Savings
Get 10,000 coins.8

The Sculpture Within
Buy the Sculpting Tools from the W1 vendor.
(W1 - Blunder Hills)

Card Collector
Collect 10 unique cards.8

Do What You're Told
Complete 25 unique quests.8

Learn 2 Translate
Get the Scouting Report from Stilzcho.
(W1 - Jungle Perimeter)

Average Player
Reach level 40 on any character.12

Crystal Beatdown
Defeat a Crystal Monster.8

Spike Minigame Master
Get a score of 13 in the spike minigame.20

Anvil Expansion
Craft the Anvil Tab 2 expander.10

Tree Top Dropout
Reach the W1 - Where the Branches End map.15

Guild Member
Claim 500 GP for your Guild.14

Boss Buster
Baba Yaga (W1 - Birch Enclave) and
Dr. Defecaus (W1 - The Office)

Minecart Master
Get a score of 103 in the Mining minigame.25

Choppin' to the Beat
Get a score of 141 in the Chopping Minigame.25

Anothervil Expansion
Craft the Anvil Tab 3 expander30

Bad Doggy!
Defeat Chaotic Amarok.
(W1 - Encroaching Forest Villas)
Lucky 7s Achievement
Lucky 7s
Hit a monster for exactly 777 damage.15

Peanut Pioneer
Become a Journeyman.25

Meel Time!
Find Meel by going to W1 - The Office and dropping Bolt Cutters (a rare drop from Green Mushrooms) onto the sewer grate at the top right corner.25

Pro Gamer Move
Have Glumlee's Special Tutorial Oil in your inventory while starting Glumlee's third quest.10

Meet the Dev
Be in the same map as the developer. Best way to get this done is follow lava_flame2 on twitch and join his maps when he streams.40

Down by the Desert
Reach world 2.18

More and More Me!
Create your 4th character.16

Elite Player
Reach level 60 on any character.16

Retirement Fund
Save up 1 million coins15

B-o-B to Help
Complete 75 unique quests on a single character.16

Card Enthusiast
Collect 30 unique cards.16

Fishing Finesse
Get a score of 67 or more in the Fishing Minigame.25

Catching Coronation
Get a score of 128 or more in the Catching Minigame.25

Crystal Superslam
Defeat 100 Crystal Mobs.20

Slumbering Gamer
Claim 2,000 hours of AFK gains.12

My First Trophy!
Equip any trophy.25

Demon Demolisher
Biggie Hours (W2 Colosseum Boss) and
King Doot (W2 - Sands of Time)

Dumbo Destroyer
Defeat Chaotic Efaunt.
(W2 - Djonnuttown)

Snowy Wonderland
Reach World 3.25

Veteran Gamer
Reach level 80 on any character20

A Family of Me!
Create your 8th character.25

Big Mobs Eek
Defeat 5 Giant Monsters.15

Powdered Neutronium
Rank up the second Refinery slot to Rank 2.15

Large Fortune
Save up 100M coins.25

Guild Higher-Up
Contribute 3,000 GP to your guild.22

Legendary Gamer
Reach level 100 on any character!23

There Can Be Only 1
Beat wave 50 of Wakawaka War without using more than 1 of each tower.
(W2 - Up Up Down Down)

Blurple Skull
Get a Dementia Skull (purple skull) or higher on all W3 monsters on the Deathnote.30

Simpin' for NPC's
Complete 150 unique quests on a single character.24

Card Dude
Collect 120 unique cards.24

Crystal Champ
Defeat 2,000 Crystal Monsters.30

Comatosed Gamer
Claim 30K hours of AFK gains.25

A Most Nice Sale
Sell a stack of 69 gems to the World 3 shop.
(Gives you a 24 hour time candy)

Milky Wayfarer
Reach World 4.25

Mythical Gamer
Reach level 125 on any character.30

Trash 2,500 pets.50

Hibernating Gamer
Claim 110K hours of AFK gains.100

Lv.5 Nothing
Upgrade the 'No Upgrade Selected' to level 5 in World 4 Breeding menu.30

Mutant Massacrer
Dilapidated Slush (W3 - Refigeration Station)
Mutated Mush (W4 - Spaceway Raceway)
You must defeat Slush first!
Gem Icon

Alchemy Liquid Shop

A great way to get 6-10 free gems per day is to buy them directly from the World 2 alchemy shop.

A single Gem can be purchased from the first shop section for 5 gems, which then increases greatly for every subsequent purchase so you will most likely be able to only afford 2-3 purchases per day as the fourth gem costs already over 2,000 liquid and the fifth costs around 16K.

Alchemy Gem Purchases

The other shop tab contains another gem purchase which gives out 2 gems per purchase and functions the same way as the first tab when it comes to price scaling, making it very expensive to buy more than twice a day.

Still, 6 or more gems is a great deal for such a simple procedure, considering Alchemy can be quickly accessed from the Quick Ref tab.

Gem Icon

Level Up Gift Bubble

Alongside the liquid shop, Alchemy has another great boost when it comes to getting free gems and that is the Level Up Gift bubble. It is the fourth bubble in the yellow cauldron.

Level Up Gift Alchemy Bubble

First of all, the bubble is an ‘active’ bubble (instead of passive), meaning that you must equip it on a character for it to take effect (unless you get the Sheepie companion which makes all bubbles passive).

Then depending on the level of the bubble, you get a chance to get a random gift for every level you gain, including all skill levels and character levels. And since there are 10 characters with thousands of different levels, there’s tons of chances for this gift to occur.

Bubble LevelApprox. Gift Chance

Finally, when the level up gift does occur, the chance to get a gem as a gift out of it is around 30% which is very high!

You can also get things like time candy or experience balloons which are not too bad either.

Gem Icon

Quest Rewards

Quests are generally pretty low on the scale when it comes to earning free gems, especially in comparison to the massive list of gem rewarding Achievements.

However the difference arises when you realize that achievements can only be completed once on one account, but most quests can be completed once with each character, which multiplies the gem gains tenfold and that adds up fast.

NPCLocationQuest NameGem Reward
Scripticus World 1 NPC
World 1
Blunder Hills
Can't somebody else do it?150
Mutton World 1 NPC
World 1
Freefall Caverns
Cross Platform Promotion3
Picnic Stowaway World 1 NPC
Picnic Stowaway
World 1
Froggy Fields
Early Evening Eating Endeavor
Don't Desert the Dessert
A Midnight Snack
Funguy World 1 NPC
World 1
Winding Willows
Party Crashin'4
Papua Piggea World 1 NPC
Papua Piggea
World 1
Tucked Away
Oinko Boinko2
Dazey World 1 NPC
World 1
Hollowed Trunk
Dressing like a Dork1
Telescope World 1 NPC
World 1
Where the Branches End
I'm Seeing Stars!10
TP Pete World 1 NPC
TP Pete
World 1
Rat's Nest
Roll of Anger2
Cowbo Jones World 1 NPC
Cowbo Jones
World 2
YumYum Grotto
The Grind Begins...?
Say Goodbye to your Dubloon!
The Notorious B.O.B
The Worst Trade Deal in History
Children? What'd they ever do for Me...
Desert Davey World 2 NPC
Desert Davey
World 2
YumYum Desert
U cool?50
Post Office Box
Postboy Pablob
World 2
YumYum Desert
Signed, Sealed and Lost in the Post75
Centurion World 2 NPC
World 2
The Mimic Hole
Colosseum GDQ30
Snake Jar World 2 NPC
Snake Jar
Lookin' Like a Snack
PSA. You Are Being Eaten!
A Noob, served Medium Rare!
Bandit Bob World 2 NPC
Bandit Bob
World 2
Bandit Bob's Hideout
Bringing Bob's Boxes2
Goldric World 2 NPC
World 2
Trickle Down Economics
Trickle Down Economics
Only Winners have Portraits
Criminal Code of Conduct
Carpetiem World 2 NPC
World 2
Slamabam Straightaway
Darn Lazy Gamers!
Be like Buster!
Loominadi World 2 NPC
World 2
Up Up Down Down
Rhyming is Key!
Uh, Something About Vials?
Journey to the Center of the Blundermines
Wellington World 2 NPC
World 2
Sands of Time
Findin' Fingerprints5
Whattso World 2 NPC
World 2
Salty Shores
The Whaley Hard Minigame3
Scubidew World 2 NPC
World 2
Faraway Piers
Don't Step to Me, Bro!3
Hoggindaz World 3 NPC
World 3
Frostbite Towndra
Turn ON for what???
Trapping with the Lord
Constructing a Tower
Monke Tower Time!
Taking Samples
Iceland Irwin World 3 NPC
Iceland Irwin
World 3
Frostbite Towndra
Crikey, it's cold out!25
Lord of the Hunt World 3 NPC
Lord of the Hunt
World 3
Trappers Folly
The Mouse n the Molerat
Noot Noot!
Lonely Hunter World 3 NPC
Lonely Hunter
World 3
Snowfield Outskirts
Leaf Him Alone!5
Bill Brr World 3 NPC
Bill Brr
World 3
Overpass of Sound
Fairly Odd Damage
Laughin' Amphibian

Sadly newer world quests don’t have gem rewards, so once you reach the end-game, you must stick to the other more repeatable actions like grinding World Bosses.

Gem Icon

Killing Giants for Gems and Candies

Once you reach prayers in World 3, you can finally start spawning giant monsters by activating the Tachion of the Titans prayer.

A giant monster has a chance of 1 in 150 to spawn and each time you kill one, the chance to spawn one becomes smaller. Thankfully the chance resets every week.

The reason why Giants are so great is because they not only drop 250x more loot than a normal monster of that type, but they also have the following drop possibilities:

ItemDrop Chance
Gem Icon 4 Gems100%
1 hour of AFK Gains 1 Hour Time Candy1 in 2.5
2 hours of AFK Gains 2 Hour Time Candy1 in 5
4 hours of AFK Gains 4 Hour Time Candy1 in 20
12 hours of AFK Gains 12 Hour Time Candy1 in 100
24 hours of AFK Gains 24 Hour Time Candy1 in 333
72 hours of AFK Gains 72 Hour Time Candy1 in 3,330
Small XP Balloon Small EXP Balloon1 in 2
Gem Icon

Guild Gifts

Once you join a guild, you start receiving Guild Gifts every week. The amount of gifts you receive is dependent on the level of your guilds Guild Gifts bonus.

Just being in a guild will give you 2 gifts per week and at level 1, the Guild Gifts bonus has a 7% chance to give you a third gift.

However, this bonus can be levelled up all the way to level 100, which provides a 350% chance to receive a guild gift, meaning you are guaranteed the 2 base gifts, 3 extra gifts and 50% chance to get a fourth, so up to 6 gifts every week.

Guild Gift Bonus Skill Location

The reason why these gifts are so great, is because there is a high chance of getting 25 or 69 gems per box (multiplied by 5 or 6 gift boxes).

Below are the best possible rewards you can receive from a Guild Gift, but remember that you can only get one reward from a single Guild Gift.

RewardDrop Chance
Gem Icon 25 Gems27%
Gem Icon 69 Gems15%
1 hour of AFK Gains 1 Hour Time Candy6%
2 hours of AFK Gains 2 Hour Time Candy5%
4 hours of AFK Gains 4 Hour Time Candy2.5%
12 hours of AFK Gains 12 Hour Time Candy1.5%
Premium Upgrade Stone - Luck Premium LUK Stone0.3%
Ultra Unboxer Trophy Ultra Unboxer Trophy

+3 Defence
+3% Drop Chance
Gem Icon

Arcade Rewards

The Arcade can be a nice source of gems if you are lucky, but as you get a lot of free arcade balls every day, there’s no downside to it.

You should check out our complete Arcade guide to see everything the Arcade has to offer and what you should spend your points on, but we listed the chances of getting free gems from the arcade below as well.

BucketGem AmountChance if
bucket is hit
Arcade Slot 2 Copper112%
Arcade Slot 3 Silver416.5%
Arcade Slot 4 Gold1616.6%
Arcade Slot 5 Dementia5018%
Arcade Slot 6 Dreadlo25017%
Arcade Slot 7 Godshard2,000100%
Gem Icon

Holiday Events

A final way to get hundreds if not thousands of free gems is by participating in all the seasonal and holiday events that are time-limited.

There is no way to know in advance when these events take place, but they tend to happen during halloween, valentines, easter, summer holidays and Christmas holidays.

Summer Cooler Event Drop Falloween Event Drop Spring Baggie Event Drop Choco Box Event Drop Egg Capsule Event Drop

These events tend to add 50 gift box drops to monsters each day which drop cards, gems, candies and other rewards.

These events also have a big reward like a nametag or cape which can be unlocked by opening enough gifts during the event, so it’s definitely worth it to keep an eye out for such events and play every day during them.