Perfect Cranium Cooking Bubo Build (Easy >100K seconds)

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Cranium Cooking is an extremely useful talent to expedite your alchemy progress, which is crucial as Alchemy is a crucial part of Idleon all the way to the very end game.

Cranium Cooking (also known by the acronym CC) is a talent of the Bubonic Conjuror class and while the talent is active, each monster kill gives multiple seconds of Alchemy progress.

If you follow this guide, you will eventually be able to get over 80 hours of alchemy progress every time you do a Cranium Cooking run, which allows you to max out your bubble generation speeds and get insane gains to alchemy liquid generation.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Cranium Cooking Explained

Cranium Cooking is a very simple talent to understand, more kills equals more alchemy progress.

This means that the more mobs a map has and the faster you can respawn and kill them, the more progress you will gain.

However, the Cranium Cooking talent has a very long cooldown of over 22 hours, so without any enhancements you can only do one Cranium Cooking run per day which is not great.

Cranium Cooking Talent
Killing a monster gives X seconds of instant alchemy progress.
Lasts for Y seconds.
Level 1:
Kills give 0.5 seconds of Alchemy Progress. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Level 250:
Kills give 29 seconds of Alchemy Progress. Lasts for 135 seconds.

Thankfully, the Bubonic Conjuror class (also known as Bubo) has a very important key talent that can reduce this cooldown for every monster killed during active gameplay.

This means once you have an optimal build after following this guide, you will be able to re-cast Cranium Cooking every 15-20 minutes, gaining you 80+ hours of alchemy progress multiple times per hour.

Cranium Cooking Talent Final Score

As you might infer from those numbers, that is an absolutely mind blowing boost to alchemy and you will have all your bubbles unlocked in no time at all.

Also the reason why Cranium Cooking has been in discussion more as of late, is because Equinox in World 3 has a Dream Cloud where you must get 100,000 seconds of Cranium Cooking progress from a single use.

Equinox Upgrade 5

The reward for completing that cloud is +5 Max Levels for the Matching Scims Equinox upgrade, which in turn boosts your overall damage.

Thankfully this will be extremely easy to accomplish with this guide.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Best Talents to Maximize Cranium Cooking Progress

Let’s start out with all the important talents you must max out and their priorities for the optimal Bubo CC build.

After you understand these talents, the next section will explain how to set them up properly for them to work in the first place, which is crucial for optimal gains.

Starting off with the first tab, it only contains talents to boost overall damage.

Weapon Power (Basic Talent)
Sharpened Axe
Increases Base Weapon PowerBoost to overall damage, max this out.
Damage Boost (Basic Talent)
Gilded Sword
Boosts Damage dealt to all monstersSame as above.
Wisdom Stat Icon
Book of the Wise
Increases your Base WISIncreases damage of other Mage talents, max this out.
Overclocked Energy Talent Icon
Overclocked Energy
Damage dealt is increased for every power of 10 Max MP you haveHuge damage boost, max this out.
MP Boost (Basic Talent)
Mana Booster
Increases Max MPThis increases damage of Overclocked Energy, put any leftover points here.
Farsight Talent Icon
Increases Crit Chance and Crit DmgCan be nice for general damage boost, but you shouldn’t need to rely on critical hits.
Star Talent Points (Basic Talent)
Star Player
Gives Star Talent PointsIf you don’t have enough Star Talent Points for all useful Star Talents, put leftover points here.

Moving on to the second tab, or Mage talents, they are also mainly just to increase your damage and not as important for Cranium Cooking as the upcoming tabs.

Knowledge Is Power Talent Icon
Knowledge is Power
The effect of your WIS stat on Damage is increasedGreat damage booster, max this out.
Power Overwhelming Talent Icon
Power Overwhelming
The effect of Weapon Power on Damage Dealt is increasedSame as above.
Individual Insight Talent Icon
Individual Insight
Increase base WISMore WIS is always good, max this out as well.
Unt'WIS'ted Robes Talent Icon
UntWISted Robes
All Equipment gives more WIS than what’s listedNot as good as Individual Insight in early game, but with end-game gear, this will give more WIS. Max out eventually.
Mana Overdrive Talent Icon
Mana Overdrive
Increase max MPThis increases damage of Overclocked Energy, put any leftover points here.
Choppin It Up Ez Talent Icon
Choppin It Up EZ
More DMG per 25 points of your Chopping Minigame HighscoreNot a big damage boost, but any leftover points can be put here.

Finally we get to the meat and potatoes of the build, which is the third talent tab, Shaman talents.

Auspicious Aura Talent Icon
Auspicious Aura
Casts an aura which heals you and damages monstersThis is a crucial damage dealing attack for this build, max this out, damages faster than gas clouds
Tenteyecle Talent Icon
Killing a monster has a chance to reduce attack cooldowns by X secondsMost important talent of this build. Make sure it is at least level 200, as normally it reduces cooldowns by 2 seconds per kill, but after 200 it increases to 3 seconds per kill, which is a huge difference!
Virile Vials Talent Icon
Virile Vials
More DMG for every alchemy vial upgraded to at least Green (level 4 vial)Great damage boost as long as you have many level 4 vials
WIS Wumbo Wizard Talent
Wis Wumbo
Higher Max Level for ‘Book of the Wise‘ from Tab 1Decent to drop extra points into if you also have extra points in Tab 1
Cranium Cooking Talent
Cranium Cooking
Killing a monster gives instant alchemy progressObviously max this one out to get more alchemy progress per kill and you get more time to kill
Busy Brewin Talent Icon
Busy Brewin’
Boosts brew speed for this characterThis is great as long as you keep this character in one of the cauldrons to speed it up
Bubble Breakthrough Talent Icon
Bubble Breakthrough
More Alchemy EXP and higher odds of New Bubble when brewing on this playerFantastic if you’re unlocking bubbles, but only if you have extra points, since you can max this in a separate build
Sharing Some Smarts Talent Icon
Sharing Some Smarts
All characters in the same cauldron as this one gain more Alchemy EXPAlso good for extra points, especially if you want to level up your Journeyman in the same cauldron
Fantasia Flasks Talent Icon
Fantasia Flasks
Each Lv of ‘Mage is Best‘ Bubble raises max level of ‘Farsight‘ talentIf you have plenty of extra points here and in Tab 1, no downside in leveling this one for more crit chance and crit damage.

Finally the the tab that helps you fill up and empty every map of enemies, the Bubonic Conjuror.

Chemical Warfare Talent Icon
Chemical Warfare
Drop poison clouds around you, poison does X DMGThis will determine the damage of Flatulent Spirit, so max this out. We won’t use this as an attack though.
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit
Moves around and drops poison clouds. Does same damage as Chemical WarfareThis will be the main attack alongside Auspicious Aura, so max this out.
Raise Dead Talent Icon
Raise Dead
Respawns all dead monsters within an X pixel radiusSuper important, constantly respawns dead enemies. Max this one too.
Wired In Power Talent Icon
Wired In Power
More Weapon Power for every 10 Lab levelsDecent damage boost, put any leftover points here.
Utmost Intellect Talent Icon
Utmost Intellect
More WIS and higher Max Level for ‘Book of the Wise‘ in Tab 1Great boost to WIS, put points after the first 3 talents are maxed out.
Symbols Of Beyond Mage Talent Icon
Symbols of Beyond
+1 level to all talents for every 20 points invested in this talentGood to boost all talents by a few levels, but wont make a massive difference even with tons of points invested.
Skill Wiz Talent Icon
Skill Wiz
Get +1 WIS every 2 talent points invested in this talentAnother talent to throw extra points in to get some more WIS.
Memorial Skulls Talent Icon
Memorial Skulls
More Multikill per 1000 WISIf you’re pushing for portals while grinding Cranium Cooking, this will help you hit those portal limits.

There are also Star Talents that boost damage, drop rate and cash drops, but they’re not that crucial so just read up on our Star Talent guide to find the useful ones.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Important Talents explained and setting up your Attack Bar

Now that you have an overview of the necessary talents, you need to know why and how these talents work together as well as how to set them up properly to get the most out of them.

First let’s go over our three main attack talents, Auspicious Aura, Flatulent Spirit and Chemical Warfare.

Auspicious Aura Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Chemical Warfare Talent Icon

As we overviewed them slightly in the previous chapter, Auspicious Aura will be your main attack talent as it hits all enemies in a wide area and stays on the ground for a fairly long time.

Auspicious Aura Showcase

The reason it is better than a toxic cloud is because it deals its damage more times per second than the toxic cloud, killing enemies faster after they spawn.

Flatulent Spirit will be the secondary attack talent as the Spirit will roam around the map casting toxic clouds that kill enemies. The reason why this talent is needed is because those toxic clouds stay on the map for over 60 seconds and eventually will cover the entire map, so any monsters that you don’t reach with the Aura, the gas will finish off.

Flatulent Spirit Talent Showcase

Chemical Warfare needs to be leveled up because it determines the damage of Flatulent Spirit, but we don’t use it in our attack bar, as it takes time to cast and we want our other talents to be cast as soon as possible instead.

One important thing to note about the Aura is that you need to stand right next to an enemy for Auto-Attack to cast it, which is why you need to use a close-range weapon.

There is only one of those that work for Mages early on and those are The Stingers boxing gloves.

Bubo Close-Range Weapon Showcase

Once you reach World 6, you will be able to craft the amazing Magnifique Godcaster staff which has short-enough attack range to work for the Aura as well, but crafting it is a very costly endeavor due to the slow generation of Godshard bars (and the fact that you must reach World 6).

WeaponStatsCrafting Requirements
The Stingers Weapon
The Stingers
Level Requirement: 6
Attack Range:
+5 STR
+5 LUK
2 Upgrade Slots
Copper Bar (Smelting)20 Copper Bars
Oak Logs (Chopping)75 Oak Logs
Trusty Nails (Smithing)20 Trusty Nails
Magnifique Godcaster Staff
Magnifique Godcaster
Level Requirement: 525
Attack Range: 80
+125 Weapon Power
+40 AGI
+80 WIS
+60% Total Damage
+20% Drop Chance
7 Upgrade Slots
Sparky Marble StaffSparky Marble Staff
Effervescent Logs Chopping 10M Effervescent Logs
Godshard Bar (Smelting)150K Godshard Bars

Finally let’s cover the two crucial talents that let us spawn monsters extremely fast and cast Cranium Cooking more frequently than just once a day, Tenteyecle and Raise Dead.

Tenteyecle Talent Icon
Raise Dead Talent Icon

Tenteyecle is the most important talent, as it reduces every talent cooldown by two seconds for every kill you get. This means you can raise the dead monsters faster, cast your attacks faster and speed up Cranium Cooking cooldown, all from a single talent.

As mentioned in the talent table description, it is very important to level this talent up to at least 200, as this is the breaking point where you will start to receive 3 seconds of cooldowns per kill instead of just 2 seconds.

Raise Dead Showcase

Finally, Raise Dead will let you respawn monsters as soon as they die, as long as there are enough monsters on the map to reduce the talents cooldown to zero nearly instantly.

Now that you know why these talents are important, you need to know how to place them into your talent bar.

Due to the fact that every talent takes some time to cast and Idleon prioritizes the attack bar from left to right, you must place your talents in the order below:

Raise Dead Talent IconCranium Cooking TalentAuspicious Aura Talent IconFlatulent Spirit Talent IconDeposit inventory to storage chest (Star Talent)

As you can see Raise Dead is always prioritized first to keep the enemies spawning as fast as possible and Cranium Cooking itself as second so it is re-cast as soon as possible as well not to waste any time.

Aura is usually optimal in the third slot if you are in a compact map like World 5 Worm Nest, as the aura will hit most of the enemies.

However, if you’re in a larger map like World 6 Emperor’s Castle Doorstep, then you might want to swap places between Aura and Spirit, to make sure the whole map is always covered in gas as the Aura will never touch most of the map.

Cranium Cooking Talent Organization

Finally in the last slot, you might want to use Telekinetic Storage just to be able to clear your inventory and the map of loot easily, in case you are planning to farm actively for long periods of time.

As you might notice, we don’t want to equip the Chemical Warfare talent into the attack bar, as it takes a while to cast and doesn’t add any value, since the Spirit will already cover the entire map in gas.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Best Maps for Cranium Cooking in all Worlds

The most optimal maps to grind Cranium Cooking are the ones with the most enemies.

However, you must choose a map where you can instantly kill an enemy with a single hit of your toxic gas, otherwise you will not get optimal progress (obviously you will also need 100% accuracy).

So for example, if you can’t quite kill World 5 Wurms in one hit, you should go to the best World 4 map instead.

Below are the best maps for each world with the best mob densities or map layouts.

MapMonsterMain Attack
World 1
Froggy Fields
Frog Monster Animation
25 Health
2 Accuracy
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit
World 2
The Mimic Hole
Mimic Monster Animation
4K Health
120 Accuracy
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit
World 3
Wam Wonderland
Dedotated Ram Monster Animation
Dedotated Ram
1.2M Health
2.25K Accuracy
Auspicious Aura Talent Icon
Auspicious Aura
World 4
Flamboyant Bayou
Flombeige Monster Animation
15M Health
15.75K Accuracy
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit
World 5
The Worm Nest
Tremor Wurm Monster Animation
Tremor Wurm
1.5B Health
75K Accuracy
Auspicious Aura Talent Icon
Auspicious Aura
World 6
Emperor’s Castle Doorstep
Samurai Guardian Monster
Samurai Guardian
10T Health
3.8M Accuracy
Flatulent Spirit Talent Icon
Flatulent Spirit

Overall, The Worm Nest in World 5 is the best map for simply grinding Alchemy progress, but if are able, you should grind Samurais in World 6 instead, as it is nearly as fast but also gives way more XP, money and useful drops.

Obviously if you don’t have all maps unlocked for a certain world yet, Cranium Cooking is a great incentive to grind open those portals as well.

Finally, if you’re just going for a single best time instead of grinding for longer, it might be a good idea to ‘prime’ the map by manually placing gas around the map with Spirit and Chemical Warfare before activating Cranium Cooking.

An even better option would be to do two runs in a row as the map will be completely full of gas when your second run starts.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Optimal Gear, Stamps and Cards for Cranium Cooking

Now that we have the technicalities out of the way, let’s move on to all the methods you can use to get the most out of your damage.

Starting off with gear, there is not so much to think about as we already covered the weapons earlier, but there are a few useful ones you can aim for.

For general armor, including helmet, chest, legs and shoes, simply use the ones that give you the most damage, which in most cases are just the best set you can currently craft and are high enough level to use.

The table below is generally sorted in increasing order, best being last.

HelmetDementia Helmet
Lvl 70
Chizoar Helmet
Lvl 110
Thin Veil of The Troll Helmet
Lvl 180
Magma Core Headdress Helmet
Lvl 210
Skulled Helmet of the Divine
Lvl 300
Marbiglass Headdress Helmet
Lvl 360
Crown of the Gods Icon
Lvl 510
ChestDementia Body Armor
Lvl 70
Chizoar Bodyplate Armor
Lvl 105
Trollish Garb Armor
Lvl 190
Magma Core Wavemaille Chest Armor
Lvl 220
Serrated Chest of the Divine
Lvl 280
Marbiglass Tunic Chest Armor
Lvl 350
Robe of the Gods Chest Armor
Lvl 500
LegsDementia Shins Pants
Lvl 70
Chizoar Scaled Leggings
Lvl 100
Twisted Scales Legs
Lvl 180
Magma Core Battleskirt Legs
Lvl 225
Spiked Leggings of the Divine
Lvl 260
Marbiglass Legplates Pants
Lvl 350
Tatters of the Gods Pants
Lvl 500
ShoesDementia Boots
Lvl 65
Chizoar Walkers
Lvl 95
Soles of the Troll Shoes
Lvl 185
Magma Core Lavarunners Boots
Lvl 230
Devious Slippers of the Divine
Lvl 240
Marbiglass Soles Shoes
Lvl 350
Drip of the Gods Shoes
Lvl 500
PendantPolished Bludgeon Pendant
Lvl 40
Chizoars Blankie Pendant
Lvl 100
Chizoars Caustic Scarf Pendant
Lvl 120
Strung Tooth of the Divine Pendant
Lvl 250
The Divine Scarf Pendant
Lvl 425
RingsDeath Wish Ring
Lvl 55
Neutron Ice Ring
Lvl 95
Tenacity Ring
Lvl 120
The Emperors Opal Ring
Lvl 150
Demented Emperor Opal Ring
Lvl 500
CapesBlighted Chizoar Shard CapeEaster Egg Backpack CapeCascading Scaled Cape of KriegMolten Cloak CapeRiftwalker Wings CapePhoenix Wings Cape
Key-chainCactus Chain (Keychain)Star Blobulyte Galaxy Chain (Keychain)Mmm Donut Chain (Keychain)Relic Chain (Keychain)
TrophyFrost Prince TrophyBeach Bro TrophyLuckier Lad TrophyOne of the Divine Trophy
WeaponThe Stingers Weapon
Lvl 6
Magnifique Godcaster Staff
Lvl 525

When it comes to capes, Molten Cloak is great if you want better drop rate, but the others are better if you still need increased damage to one-tap enemies.

For keychains, the first two give you more damage, while the Donut Chain increases your Wisdom. The Relic Chain increases drop rate.

Finally, for the trophies, Beach Bro is the best if you are looking to farm more money, while Luckier Lad is great for drop chance. The other two are better damage-wise.

Moving onto other World 1 related boosters, stamps being the first one. There are a few stamps that improve alchemy related stats.

There are also tons of different damage stamps but we won’t add them here as you should be leveling them up regardless of Cranium Cooking.


Alch Go Brrr
+% Alchemy SpeedCrystal Crabal Monster Animation
Crystal Crabal
All World 2 Maps

+% Alchemy Exp GainWellington World 2 NPC
(Hidden Platforms Quest)
World 2
Sands of Time

Drippy Drop
+% Liquid Regen Speed in AlchemyMimic Monster Animation
World 2
The Mimic Hole

Higher Cap for all Liquids in AlchemySand Castle Monster Animation
Sand Castle
World 2
Shifty Sandbox

For cards, there are always plenty of options depending on what you’re looking for, but for Cranium Cooking the only important cards are Crystal Monster spawn chance cards. This is because crystal monsters also count for CC progress which means you will have more monsters on the map at once.

The other 6 cards can simply focus on increasing drop rate, damage or whatever else your lacking in. In most cases you will want the highest possible drop rate, especially if you’re actively farming a map for a long time, so you get more materials, statues and coins.

The cards we chose below are optimal from crystal mobs and drop rate, but only the first two cards are crucial for this build, the other 6 cards can be whatever you need.


0 Stars: +10% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
4 Stars: +50% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
 +60% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
(Place in top left for lab chip)
Poop Monster Animation
World 1
Poopy Sewers

Demon Genie
0 Stars: +15% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
4 Stars: +75% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
 +90% Crystal Mob Spawn Chance
(Place in bottom right for lab chip)
Demon Genie Monster Animation
World 4
Outskirts of Fallstar Isle

King Doot
0 Stars: +6% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +30% Total Drop Rate
 +36% Total Drop Rate
King Doot Boss Monster Animation
Check our
Doot Guide

Mister Brightside
0 Stars: +6% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +30% Total Drop Rate
 +36% Total Drop Rate
Mister Brightside Monster Animation
World 5
The Killer Roundabout

Bop Box
0 Stars: +3.5% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +17.5% Total Drop Rate
 +21% Total Drop Rate
Bop Box Monster Animation
World 3
Overpass of Sound

Mr Blueberry
0 Stars: +3% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +15% Total Drop Rate
 +18% Total Drop Rate
Summer Cooler Event Drop
Summer Event

Crystal Carrot
0 Stars: +5% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +25% Total Drop Rate
 +30% Total Drop Rate

World 1
Any World 1 Map

Giftmas Blobulyte
0 Stars: +3% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +15% Total Drop Rate
 +18% Total Drop Rate

Christmas Event

Minichief Spirit
0 Stars: +8% Total Drop Rate
4 Stars: +40% Total Drop Rate
 +48% Total Drop Rate
Minichief Spirit Monster
World 6
Chieftain Stairway

We will explain the Lab in detail later in the guide, but for now it is important to note that you must place the crystal cards in the top-left and bottom-right slots in order to double their bonus from the Omega lab chips we will be using.

Let’s move on to the various alchemy bonuses from World 2.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Required Alchemy Boosts to Speed Up Cranium Cooking

There are plenty of Alchemy Bubbles that boost damage, wisdom and other useful stats, but Cranium Cooking is one of the few talents that even has its very own bubble.

Here’s a list of the most useful bubbles to optimize your Cranium Cooking (CC) and alchemy gains, that are not just more damage and more WIS, which are already obvious ones that you should level up.

Purple High IQ Bubble 8
Cookin Roadkill
(Bubble #8)
Increases CC duration, progress per CC kill, and alchemy EXP. Decreases CC cooldown.Level 1: +1.69%
Level 50: +50%
Level 100: +70.59%
Level 200: +88.89%
Purple High IQ Bubble 2
Mage Is Best
(Bubble #2)
All smaller purple bubbles give higher bonuses.Level 1: 1.04x
Level 50: 2.00x
Level 100: 2.33x
Level 200: 2.60x
Purple High IQ Bubble 5
(Bubble #5)
More Alchemy EXP.Level 1: +1.64%
Level 50: +45.46%
Level 100: +62.50%
Level 200: +76.92%
Purple High IQ Bubble 9
(Bubble #9)
More Brew Speed.Level 1: +0.50%
Level 50: +16.67%
Level 100: +25%
Level 200: +33.33%
Yellow Kazam Bubble 7
Undeveloped Costs
(Bubble #7)
Reduces the material costs of all Alchemy Bubbles.Level 1: +0.56%
Level 50: +16.67%
Level 100: +23.53%
Level 200: +29.63%
Yellow Kazam Bubble 8
Da Daily Drip
(Bubble #8)
Increases the Max Cap for every liquid.Level 1: +0.30
Level 50: +10
Level 100: +15
Level 200: +20
Yellow Kazam Bubble 10
(Bubble #10)
Chance to upgrade a bubble twice.Level 1: +1.19%
Level 50: +40%
Level 100: +60%
Level 200: +80%

Aside from these bubbles, make sure to upgrade the dozens of damage and wisdom boosting bubbles from each cauldron.

Also make sure to place some characters into any cauldrons you are trying to upgrade, to speed them up even further and reach their max levels.

Maxed Out Purple Alchemy Cauldron

It’s also a good idea to place some characters into liquid cauldrons to speed up the progress on that side as well, but that becomes more important once you reach the Equinox, which is explained later in the guide.

Aside from that, there are also a few vials you should consider investing materials into.

Spore Cap (Monster drop)
Spore Cap
Increases Yellow Cauldron Brew Speed
(+3% per level)
Thread (Smithing)
Increases Purple Cauldron Brew Speed
(+3% per level)
Copper Bar (Smelting)
Copper Bar
Increases 1st alchemy liquid max cap
(+3 per level)
Iron Bar (Smelting)
Iron Bar
Alchemy bubble upgrade costs lower for all bubbles
(-1% per level)
Potty Rolls (Chopping)
Potty Rolls
Increases 2nd alchemy liquid max cap
(+3 per level)

There are also nice vials like the Goldfish and Frigid Soul vials which help with multikill for unlocking portals, and Bean Slices which increase cash drops, but those are secondary priorities for this guide.

Check out our Vial guide for more details on the other vials.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Post Office upgrades and Optimal Obols

World 2 has even more to offer aside from alchemy itself, due to a specific post office box that is dedicated boosting alchemy gains and a few obols the help with active grinding.

Starting off with the Post Office, here are the bonuses you should focus on:

BoxEffect when MaxedWhy?

+134 Base Max MP
+37.5% Max MP
+10.2% Faster Cooldowns
The extra MP boosts damage through the Overclocked Energy talent.
Faster cooldowns speed up all cooldowns, including Cranium Cooking.

Potion Package
+47% Brewing Speed
+43% Alchemy EXP
+30 sec CC duration
Boosts alchemy a lot and 30 additional seconds to Cranium Cooking is a huge bonus.

Non Predatory
Loot Box
+33% Drop Rarity
+94 LUK
+39% Crystal Mob Spawn
Higher Crystal spawn is always great for more mobs and DR is just a cherry on top.
Utilitarian Capsule
+3.33% Printer Sample Size
+9.78% Multikill per tier
+23.4% Cash from mobs
Not a very important box, but a boost to multikill and cash are always nice to have when active farming.

The Post Office is definitely more important than Obols when it comes to Cranium Cooking, since there’s nothing directly related to the talent in the selection of obols.

However, it is most common to do a Drop Rate obol setup, as this way you will get more loot while you’re farming your kills.

Here’s a good setup for the Family tab, leaving the middle ones as either Kruk obols which will benefit all your characters AFK gains more, or just use drop rate obols there too.

Kattlekruk Obol
Kattlekruk ObolKattlekruk Obol
Kattlekruk Obol

POP obols are dropped by Gigafrogs in World 1 and Dice obols are dropped by all mobs in World 2.

Use the same obols for your personal layout as well, except there you can replace the Kattlekruk obols with Drop Rate without affecting your other characters AFK gains.

Also if you’re lucky and manage to get Ice Guard obol from a Random Event drop, those are even better than the Golden Dice obols.

Premium red obols also have higher stats, so use common sense to replace any Pop obols with red ones if you see higher stats.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Prayers and Equinox to use in World 3

Moving onto World 3, there are various nice to have boosts that are obtained through the use of various prayers and the new Equinox mirror also has some nice upgrades.

Prayers don’t do anything to help with Cranium Cooking directly, but they help with various other aspects like damage, cash, loot and experience while actively farming monsters.

PrayerMax Level BonusWhy?
Bonus Class and Skill XP Prayer
Unending Energy
+148% Class and Skill EXP
Max AFK time is 10 hours
You will be active fighting and Crystal Monsters give tons of EXP so there’s no downside to using this.

Midas Minded
+118% Drop Rate
+1,475% Max HP for monsters
Huge Drop Rate boost. Just make sure you can still one tap any enemy, otherwise don’t use this.

+236% Cash from monsters
+1,180 Max HP for monsters
Great boost to cash, but if you have to choose between this and Midas, definitely choose Midas. Again, don’t use if you can’t insta-kill all enemies with this.

Ruck Sack
+117% Carry Capacity
-88.5% AFK Gains
Can hold tons of more materials before depositing to storage. No downside if you are actively farming. Remember to take off after you’re done!

Fibers of Absence
+117% Kills for Deathnote and Portals
-88.5% Total Damage
Only use this if you can still one-tap enemies. If you can, there’s no downside.

Beefy For Real
+98% Total Damage
-49% Total Defence and Accuracy
Great boost to damage. Just make sure you can survive and still have 100% hit rate. Check our accuracy guide for more info.
Multikill Prayer
Balance of Pain
+31.2% Multikill per Tier
-58.5% Total Defence and Accuracy
Same as above. If you have to choose between this and Beefy For Real to have 100% hit rate, choose Beefy instead.

The Equinox Mirror also has various generally useful boosts to damage and drop rate, but one upgrade is especially important to our CC build and that is the Liquidvestment upgrade.

Equinox UpgradeMaxed EffectWhy?
Equinox Upgrade 4
When a Liquid Cauldron is full, 99% of excess will be invested into the Cauldrons capacity and regen rate.This will keep increasing your Liquid Cauldron levels automatically while you grind Cranium Cooking. No need to worry about remembering to use the Liquids.
Equinox Upgrade 5
Matching Scims
230% More Damage. This is multiplicative so boosts other damage bonuses too.Massive boost to damage, will help counter those monster health boosts from Prayers.
Equinox Upgrade 9
Faux Jewels
+105% Drop RateCan never have too much Drop Rate.
Equinox Upgrade 11
Equinox Symbols
+9 levels to all talents that have at least 1 point invested.Nice little increase to all important talents.

Nothing in this section is a make-or-break item, but they all add up nicely if you need to get better progress in your Cranium Cooking.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Crucial Lab, Breeding and Cooking Bonuses in World 4

Lab is one of the best boosts to all aspects of the game, but when it comes to Cranium Cooking, it’s also not a must have. However the Chips play a massive role in spawning more Cystal Mobs, so it’s going to be very difficult to achieve big CC without them.

Let’s first cover the important Lab Chips that you should be using. In the table below, the first three are crucial for this build, the rest are optional, so replace with whatever you own.

Doubles top left Card bonus
Omega Nanochip
Doubles bonus of card equipped in top left slot. (Can only equip 1)Doubles the Crystal Spawn rate card.
Doubles bottom right Card bonus
Omega Motherboard
Doubles bonus of card equipped in bottom right slot. (Can only equip 1)Doubles the Crystal Spawn rate card.

Chocolatey Chip
75% chance to spawn another Crystal Mob when one dies. (Can only equip 1)Keeps more Crystal Mobs spawning, giving huge boost to enemy count.

Grounded Processor
+60% Drop Rate if Drop Rate is under 5xUse only if you don’t have 5x Drop Rate without this, otherwise this is useless.

The other possible lab chips are up to you, in most cases the best options are Silkrode Chips as they double Star Signs, trophies, keychains or pendants. Use your own discretion depending on which of your gear is most optimal to be doubled, or simply double them all if you have all the Silkrode Chips available.

Moving on to the Jewels and Nodes in the Mainframe, these are the ones you should look out for:

Jewel / NodeEffect

Animal Farm
+1% Total Damage for every different species you have bred within Pet Breeding.

Killer’s Brightside
2x Kills for Deathnote and Portals.
Boosts stamp bonuses
Certified Stamp Book
All Stamps (except MISC stamps) are doubled.

Pyrite Pyramite
All players deal (1.10x/1.15x) more damage.
This bonus is applied TWICE if all 4 Orange Jewels are active.
(meaning you might want to also activate all orange jewels)
Boosts all active lab jewels
Spelunker Obol
1.50x higher effects from all active Jewels.

Fungi Finger Pocketer
+2% extra cash from monsters for every 1 million Green Mushroom kills in the Death Note.

Emerald Rhombol
Fungi Finger Pocketer gives an additional +(1%/1.5%) cash bonus per million mushroom kills.
Doubles all vials
My 1st Chemistry Set
All Vials in Alchemy give DOUBLE the bonus.

Unadulterated Banking Fury
+2% Total Damage for each greened stack in your Storage.
You can see it at the bottom left of the Storage Chest.

Black Diamond Ulthurite
Unadulterated Banking Fury gives an additional +(1%/1.5%) Total Damage per greened stack.
Boosts meal bonuses
Black Diamond Rhinestone
All Cooking meal bonuses give (1.16x/1.24x) higher bonus.

The Jewels and nodes above should be pretty self explanatory. None of them are crucial for Cranium Cooking but all of them help boost our stats in their own way.

You should also make sure NOT to have Viaduct of the Gods enabled after you get the Liquidvestment Equinox upgrade, as there will no longer be any need to worry about Liquid Caps.

Moving on to Cooking Meals, there’s not much to say about them. Just make sure everything that boosts damage is adequately leveled up. Check out our Cooking Guide for more information about meals.

Turkey a la Thank MealOctoplop MealOnion MealMassive Fig MealPlumpcakes Cooking meal+% Total Damage
Salad MealBunt Cake Cooking Meal+% Cash from Monsters
Cheesy Bread Meal+% Total Accuracy (to help with Prayers)
Pumpkin Meal+% Liquid Cap for Liquids 1 & 2
Kiwi Fruit Meal+% Liquid Cap for Liquids 3 & 4

Finally, let’s go over a few Shiny Pets from Breeding, which give useful bonuses:

Shiny PetsEffect
Squirrel PetPiggo PetGlublin Monster AnimationSir Stache PetPenguin Monster AnimationBop Box Monster AnimationMore Infinite Starsigns
Frog Monster AnimationNutto Monster AnimationPincermin Monster AnimationPanda Monster AnimationGelatinous Cuboid Monster AnimationMore Total Damage
Slime Monster AnimationXylobone Monster AnimationChoccie Monster AnimationHigher Drop Rate
Baby Boa Monster AnimationRat Monster AnimationBloque Monster AnimationDedotated Ram Monster AnimationMore Multikill per Tier

Especially the Infinite Starsigns are important so you can get every single Starsign bonus for your character instead of just three. Read more about them in our Rift guide.

Remember to select some useful ones even if you have Infinite Starsigns, in case you are using Silkrode Nanochip from Lab, which doubles all active Star Signs. Without the chip, selected Star Signs covered by the infinite symbol wont have any extra effect.

Alchemy Cauldron Animation

Sailing and Divinity in World 5

Finally we get to World 5, which is not a case of best for last, as there are no Alchemy or Cranium Cooking related bonuses in this world. However, there are a few Sailing Artifacts that boost your damage and cash from monsters by a lot.

Here are the most useful artifacts to try and unlock when it comes to CC:

Sailing Artifact 2
+% coins from all monsters per class level of your highest leveled character.Island 1 Normal Loot
Safari Island (#1)
Sailing Artifact 3
Ruble Cuble
+% Total DMG for every 10 items found after 500, as shown at The Slab.Island 1 Normal Loot
Safari Island (#1)
Sailing Artifact 9
Fun Hippoete
+% Total DMG per power of 10 Construction Build Rate.Island 3 Normal Loot
Isolated Woods (#3)
Sailing Artifact 26
Crystal Steak
+% Total DMG per 100 main stat (STR/AGI/WIS/LUK)Island 12 Normal Loot
Crystal Enclave (#12)
Sailing Artifact 27
Trilobite Rock
+% Multikill per TierIsland 13 Normal Loot
Petulent Garage (#12)
Sailing Artifact 28
Opera Mask
+1% total damage per power of 10 gold bars owned in sailing.Island 14 Normal Loot
Isle of Note (#14)
Sailing Artifact 30
The True Lantern
+15% total dmg per power of 10 Particles owned in atom collider.Island 15 Normal Loot
The Edge (#15)

Finally for Divinity, the optimal God choice depends on if you have the Doot pet or not.

If you don’t have Doot yet, your best bet is to use Arctis, so you can still have your character in the Lab while you are fighting, since the lab bonuses are pretty great not just for your Bubo, but your other characters too.

Bear God
You are always active in the Lab, but don’t gain any Lab EXP.

If you have King Doot already, then you don’t need to link to any gods, as all the major and minor bonuses are automatically active.